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Been a proud member at CKMS since 2011! As a Motorsports and Pro-Wrestling enthusiast, DJJD spends a lot of his time watching wrestling and racing from around the globe! He has been a huge Vinyl & Die-Cast collector for quite some time. Formally the host of "Up Late" which aired Saturday nights for 3 seasons, JD has come back with his podcast "The Underground Sound Project", and is now proudly pumping TUSP through the airwaves in the tri cities!

CKMS Wide World Of Motorsports EP. 13

This week in the Wide World Of Motorsports:

In Episode 13 we recap of the slew of events that happened in Daytona International Speedway this past weekend. Mayor Hinch @ Iowa Speedway surprise win, as well as Travis Pastrana’s tribute to Evel Knievel.

This week WWOM would like to ask would you get rid of, keep or adjust the no tires below the yellow line rule at superspeedways? Give us your feedback @CKMSWWOM on FB & Twitter

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Episode #12
Part 1

Part 2

CKMS Wide World Of Motorsports: CTMP Labor Day Weekend 2017 Day 2

Some moments we’d like to share from the track to the community. Go to Canadian Tire Motorsport Park today for another great day of bumper to bumper action!

This was day 2 from our coverage at CTMP. We spoke with the race winner of the Total quartz 200 Kevin Lacroix who absolutely buried everyone all weekend. Andrew Ranger finished second and we spoke with him about what he needs to do to win the championship. Also enjoy some video and pictures from this past weekend if you must!

We are also happy to announce that we will be looking into making CKMS Wide World Of Motorsports into its own thing. Who knows. Stay tuned @tusponckms

Also thanks to everone at CTMP!

CKMS Wide World Of Motorsports: CTMP Labor Day Weekend 2017 Day 1

Some moments we’d like to share from the track to the community. Go to Canadian Tire Motorsport Park today for another great day of bumper to bumper action!

In this episode we arrive on a beautiful Saturday morning at CTMP. We see some of the Trucks series as well as the Pintys Practice and Qualify. I got to talk to the front row boys Kevin Lacroix and Alex Simone for the Pintys race.

Stay tuned to @tusponckms and @radiowaterloo for more updates throughout the weekend!


Here is “Through The Ropes”, PWA’s Official Radio Correspondent and K-W’s #1 wrestling podcast! Be sure to tune in to 100.3 this Monday 2-4 PM for the rebroadcast of this episode of Through The Ropes! We will also have another follow up show this Thursday LIVE 4-6 PM.

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In this episode of TTR, we review the PWA event at the Alpine Club that was on March 11th 2017. You can check out Parts 1 and 2 down below.

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Part 1

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Part 2

We will see you May 13th at the Alpine Club!

PWA Pure Wrestling Champion and Company Owner Eddie Osbourne Interview on TUSPonCKMS: Through The Ropes

The past seven days here the Old Boemer Box building has had many huge PWA talent come by. It peaked when we had PWA Pure Wrestling Champ and Company owner Eddie Osbourne finally come by the CKMS studio.

Here is him talking some smack on his opponent he left high and dry this past weekend.

We also got to chat with him about the new PWA Trinidad & Tobago promotion launching later this month!

We were so honored and thrilled to have Pure Wrestling Association owner and Pure Wrestling Champion Eddie Osbourne drop by. Check out the parts 1 and 2 of the whole interview down below.

Part 1

Part 2

We wish Eddie the best and a safe flight back home before he flys down to T&T!

TUSPonCKMS presents: Through The Ropes from March 9th 2017

This weeks episode of TUSPonCKMS was a huge one. Probably the biggest show to date. It was a perfect final show on the 100.3 frequency as we are switching over to 102.7 March 15h. We had the commissioner of the PWA Michelle King come by the studio and sit down with us to see how she runs the show. We learned a lot from her interview and it is quite cool to learn how one of the greatest indie promotions in the country is ran.

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check out the interview here

Not only that, we had the Ace Of Spades Corey Spade come in for a LIVE debate as well as he is trying to #makePWAgreatagain. The debate was important to both candidates campaigns as the election is this Saturday night at The Alpine Cub at 7:30 PM. The questions were partially from the wrestlers, fans and the TUSPonCKMS squad. The debate was moderated by DJJD.

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At times the debate got quite out of hand as Ace Of Spades had some microphone issues causing Corey Spade to interrupt Commissioner Michelle from time to time. The winner of the debate is still unclear as the PWA fans are caught in between a rock and a hard place. We will have to find out what they have decided this Saturday.

Check out the debate here

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The TUSPonCKMS squad will see you down at the Alpine CLub at 7:30 this Saturday! Be sure to tune into our LIVE review of this event next week on TUSPonCKMS!
PWA march 11th card