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Vote For Me 6-7-18

Fridays at 11am you can hear directly from candidates running in the June 7th 2018 provincial election.

30 minutes of unfiltered, uncensored content from the people looking to represent you at Queen’s Park.

What could possibly go wrong? Tune in and find out.


Did you know?

In the 2014 provincial election, only 19.5% of eligible votes were cast for the governing Liberal party.  

That means that over 80% of eligible  voters did NOT vote for the winner of the last provincial election!

This is not unique to the last election. Results have been similar for the past several elections. 

How is this possible?

We can blame the electoral system all we want and there is plenty to fix there, but the fact is that over 4.6 MILLION eligible voters did not vote in 2014. That is almost 1 out of every 2 eligible voters failing to cast a valid vote.

So what can you do? VOTE!  This is the #1 thing you can do. It’s free and it is your responsibility as a citizen. Go do it.

Start here:

What else can you do? Tell your friends and family you are a voter, and encourage them to be one too!  Voting is contagious, spread it around.

Still here? Good!  Inform yourself. Find out about the candidates in your riding. You are electing someone to represent YOU in the government. Find out what your options are, learn about the candidates, ask them questions.

Remember, if you do not vote, then you are handing your vote to whoever wins.

Vote For Me 6-7-18 airs Fridays 11-1130am starting April 27th 2018, and every Friday until the Ontario election on June 7th 2018.

A post-election recap final will air on June 8th 2018.

Tune in at, Rogers Digital 946 or locally on 102.7FM.

Vote for me 6-7-18

Attention all candidates running in the Ontario election to be held June 7th 2018.


You can access 30 minutes of free airtime to speak directly to the voters.

To apply:

Connect with all voters in your riding directly. You will have 30 minutesof free airtime on CKMS 102.7FM – Radio Waterloo.

In addition to broadcasting in Kitchener/Waterloo  on the FM band, CKMS is available on Rogers digital 946 and across all of Ontario via



Disclaimer:   Any opinions expressed during the Vote For Me 6-7-18 broadcasts are solely those of the speaker.  CKMS does not specifically endorse any candidate appearing on this show.

In Studio With Kevin

Previous episodes are available here 

Kevin converses with his guests about topics of interest to the host & relevant to the community.

Kevin takes the time to ask, to listen, to hear.

The result:

A vibrant show where guests shine and share their uniqueness with the audience.

In Studio With Kevin airs Fridays at 1230pm-130pm on CKMS 102.7FM – Radio Waterloo

Kevin’s goal is to invite people he admires or finds intriguing to be a guest on his show. If that might be you or if your name is Elon Musk or Jonathan Davis, you can email


What’s that song from O.N.-J. in the ’80’s ? “Let’s get political”?


We do just that, in our own way on In Studio With Kevin, as we have a pleasant, constructive conversation with Mike Schreiner, leader of the Green Party of Ontario.

Articulate, passionate, kind, smart. A few words to describe Mike.

Listen in to a wonderful chat about the future of Ontario. We lay to rest several myths, namely that being green means less jobs. It is the opposite.  That and much more, I think Kevin even trolls the other party leaders…..

A huge thank you to Mike for spending time In Studio With Kevin, connecting with people of the region and beyond.

Mike Schreiner is In Studio With Kevin:

Download the episode here (right click and save the link)

Find more episodes of In Studio With Kevin here:

In Studio With Kevin Presents Micah Barnes

What a show, what a show.

A treat and a half to be joined by the fabulous Micah Barnes.

Micah shares a bit about what the new album is about, we talk about his current album “New York Stories” , his work as a vocal coach and more. You gotta listen to get the deets!

A must listen for all. Be warned your ears may melt from the smooth, velvety sound of this man’s voice.

Wanna catch this cat live?            (Right click and hit save to download)

MyAudioFace gets a surprise visit


Our March 28th show started with a quick poo chat (it was scientific, really, I am not shipping you), some songs from local bands, and an awesome visit from the one and only Rockin’ Rod of  metal’s #1 podcast: “The Pit Radio Show” .

We chat about all manner of things, as we play tunes from Lutharo, Faulty Rivals, Orexin and brand new Crimson Breed.

Download the episode here (right click and save the link!)



Thank you, thank you, thank you

The Friends of CKMS Appreciation Event was a great success!

Huge thanks to all that came out to support our funding drive.

The donors, the performers, the volunteers, together you made this all happen.

Thank you to Descendants for hosting us. A great venue, great staff, greet food, great beer…. how many times can you say great in a sentence? As many times as it applies.

More details to come, so stay tuned. And keep it tuned to 102.7FM- CKMS! Radio Waterloooooooo!

We had tons of great prizes won last night. Check out this page for info on the fine organizations that generously donated items to makes this possible:

Tonight on MyAudioFace

It’s Funding Drive week…what do you think we are doing on MAF tonight (10pm EST)?

Paying tribute to the great local artists performing for us this Saturday March 24th at Descendants Beer in Kitchener!

You will be there Saturday night , ya?
A stop at will get you in.




CKMS celebrates over 40 years on air with funding drive

The Spring Friends of CKMS 2018 Funding Drive may be over however we need your help all year round. Head over to to make your donation.

Thank you for your support.
Go to to donate now! Limited time, order your very own CKMS 6 pack of locally brewed beer at Hurry, sales ends March 18th! The sale benefits the Friends of CKMS Funding Drive


While our 2018 Friends of CKMS Funding Drive officially ended with a great evening of celebration on March 24th, you still have time to get involved.

The limited edition CKMS 6 pack of locally-brewed craft beer can still be ordered for a few more days.  Get your order in now! Link above

Donations are still being accepted via our funding page for a few more days if you didn’t get a chance to donate:



For Immediate Release

CKMS celebrates over 40 years on air with funding drive

Kitchener, March 1st 2018 – CKMS recently attained a significant milestone in Canadian community radio history: 40 years on the FM airwaves. As part of the 40th anniversary celebrations, CKMS 102.7FM (Radio Waterloo) is pleased to announce the Friends Of CKMS Funding Drive (March 10-24th 2018

Starting on March 10th 2018, the fundraiser aims to raise $2500 to support the ongoing operations of the non-profit, volunteer-run, community radio station.

The fundraiser, involving on-air requests from the various shows and programmers, will culminate in an exclusive Friends of CKMS Appreciation Event on March 24th 2018.

The Appreciation Event is held at Descendants Brewery in Kitchener, with live performances from local musicians: The Jenny Howes Duo, Crimson Breed & The Faulty Rivals.

Access to the event will be offered to donors first. Many local businesses have generously contributed prizes for the event to support the fundraising and help make the event a wonderful climax to the 2 week funding drive.



Radio Waterloo evolved from the Broadcasting Club / Broadcasting Association at the University of Waterloo which was operating in the early to mid 1960’s. CRTC-licensed since 1977, CKMS recently celebrated 40 years on the FM airwaves.

Today the station is also streamed on Rogers Cable (946) and worldwide thru and the TuneIn app in addition to 102.7 FM.

The radio station is entirely run by volunteers and does not receive any ongoing funding from government or universities.

The majority of our operations are funded by programming fees paid by the on-air hosts and donations from the community.

The station provides a unique service to the KW region by being a voice for the different cultural communities and alternate content not available on commercial radio.


For further information, please contact: Dan Kellar Vice-President, Radio Waterloo Inc.



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