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Rebel Time Radio Episode 2016-07-06

RebelTimeRadioIt’s been about forever, but here it is – an official podcast coming at ya from Rebel Time Radio! Exciting! Maybe we’ll make this a regular thing? Ha ha. Haaa.

Rebel Time Radio brings the best punk rock, ska,  and oi right to your earholes over the radiowaves and internet tubes.  We’re unabashedly political and like to have a laugh too (often at the expense of the capitalists and politicains).

On this episode, listen to some new tunes from Les Partisans, Action Sedition,  DOA, and more! Bonus: Listen to Rebel Time Dan mispronounce practically every French thing he says! Embarrassing!

Download the episode here (right click and save link as!)

Here is this episode’s set:

  1. D.O.A. – Fucked Up Donald
  2. The Epoxies – My New World
  3. AFTERBOLTXBIKE – Pavilchenko
  4. Final Four – Us Against Them
  5. Les Partisans – Mauvais Garçon
  6. Les Trois Huit – Jeunesse Fichée
  7. Action Sedition – Sous La Branche
  8. Bull Brigade – Motorcity
  9. The Selecter – Breakdown
  10. Subsistance – Police State
  11. Section 4 – Police is Cops
  12. Moral Crux – Revolution (Shouldn’t Be So Hard)
  13. Future Theft – I Picked the Wrong Day to Stop Sniffing Glue
  14. The Nefidovs – Night Shift
  15. Broadcast Zero – Fear Culture
  16. The Adicts – England
  17. The Rebel Spell – Solemn Eyes
  18. Pogomarto – En tant fils de prolo

Here’s the poster for the upcoming Quebec/Ontario tour of Les Trois Huit:


Pre-order and listen to a few tracks from Rebels Sing – A Tribute to Todd Serious and The Rebel Spell here

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Rude Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2016-07-02


Welcome to the second episode of Rude Rebel Time Radio. This time we mix in some old with the new and bring you tunes from Canada, Great Britain, Spain, and Jamaica. These tunes get into all sorts of themes including love, broken hearts, police brutality, and breaking the law. So get yer dancing boots out and get ready to do the rocksteady!

Listen to the show live every Saturday night at midnight, or download the podcast below. Let us know what you think and check out our previous episode for more rude tracks.

On this week’s episode:

  1. The Pioneers – Jackpot
  2. The Pepper Pots – My Little Girl
  3. Los Aggrotones – México
  4. The Aggrolites – Prisoner Song
  5. Jimmy Cliff – One More
  6. Satélite Kingston – Al final
  7. The Baudelaires – Audubon Ballroom
  8. Peter Tosh – Downpressor Man
  9. King Prawn – Racist Copper
  10. The Hempteadys – Judas Priest
  11. The Autonomads – Coppers in the House
  12. Section 4 – Rudy Got the Know
  13. The Offbeaters – Last Time
  14. The Bodysnatchers – Let’s Go Rock Steady
  15. Bluekilla – Horseman Style
  16. Steady Ups – Melany
  17. Los Granadians – No Puedo Vivir Sin Tu Amor

Right click and save this link to download the podcast

If you have any song requests or you’re in a band and like to send us your music, email to get your tunes on the air!

Rude Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2016-06-25

RebelTimeRadioWelcome to the first episode of Rude Rebel Time Radio! Basically we take the no-bull politically-charged-and-angry attitude of Rebel Time Radio and put it to the ska! Expect lots of horns, grooving baselines, upstroke guitars, and offbeat drums for you to pick it up!

We air every Saturday evening at midnight to provide some top notch dancing tunes. You can also download our podcasts directly from the Sound FM website every week.

Check out the first episode below. Let us know what you think in the comments.

On this week’s episode:

  1. Blackstar Dub Collective – Leviathan
  2. Conscious Youth – Prison Abolition (feat. Daman)
  3. Dynamite Express – Sound System Souvenirs
  4. The Piranhas – Tom Hark
  5. Laurel Aitken – Skinhead
  6. Los Fastidios – Reggae Rebels
  7. The Selecter – Big in the Body
  8. Desmond Dekker and the Ages – Israelites
  9. The Maytals – Monkey Man
  10. The Specials – Too Hot
  11. The Skatalites – You’re Wondering Now
  12. The Toasters – One Mind
  13. The Wedgewoods – Wasting My Time
  14. Skainhead – 1969
  15. Skankin’ Pickle – Gates of Steel
  16. Spanner – Autonomous Spaces
  17. Madness – The Prince

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If you have any song requests or you’re in a band and like to send us your music, email to get your tunes on the air!