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MAM: Towel Rock infused with Punk Playlist

Following the “Lost indie City” program a few weeks back we followed up their punk show with a punk show of our own, however we chose songs of the Towel Rock Genre that have been infused with a heavy influence of Punk. Here is our list!

  1. Topanga – Back against the wall
  2. Life in Vacuum – Seven
  3. Brand New – Seventy Times 7
  4. Polkaholics – Pimps of Polka
  5. Me First & the Gimme Gimme’s – Nothing Compares to You
  6. The Mark Inside – Shark Attack
  7. Dropkick Murphy’s – Bastards on Parade
  8. Hot Hot Heat – Le Le Low

Robot Apocalypse: Block Three Feature

Robot Apocalypse Evan
We recently had Evan from the Robot Apocalypse Collective in the CKMS Studio to share some Block Three Brewing Company Kind Street Saison’s, talk about new collaborations and where he gets inspiration for this exciting collaborative project. In addition to playing a few Robot Apocalypse tracks the Mano A Mano DJ’s play a throwback Song from Evans former band “Run Down Royalty” from when they were in the CKMS studio Years ago.


Frightened Rabbit: Block Three Feature

Block three FeatureDJ AdRock’s favorite band in the world is Frightened Rabbit. If you follow the Mano A Mano show on twitter @mamradio you will have probably seen how excited he is for this new album. In this podcast we feature a few of these brand new tracks and some oldies in this Block Three Brewing Company – Three Block Feature of Frightened Rabbit.

MAM: Mammal Theme playlist

For Season 10 of the Mano A Mano show we are going to be mirroring The Lost Indie City’s themes with an additional stipulation that we cannot play the same songs that they chose. Here is the Mano A Mano mammal list:

  1. The Jimmy Chamberlin Complex – Loki Cat
  2. Little Suns – Black Elephant
  3. Manitoba – Skunks
  4. The Manvils – Lions of a lost Toungue
  5. The Mark Inside – Lime Green Monkeys
  6. Melissa Auf der Maur – Lead Horse
  7. Prairie Cats – Meanest Genius
  8. Unicorns – I was born a Unicorn
  9. Ryan Dahle – Lion Piano
  10. The Wet Secrets – Animals in Disguise
  11. Holy F – P.I.G.S.
  12. HonHeeHonHee – A is for Animal

Mano A Mano’s “Going Solo” Set list

In our first ever “Case of the Mondays” Monday the Mano A Mano program celebrated it’s 10th Season on CKMS. DJ Jeff E Jeff was in the station with DJ Steel as an homage to day one season one when it was these two DJ’s who battled out “Instrumental Music”. On this first #COTM the Mano A Mano DJ’s mirrored The Lost indie City’s Theme of “Going Solo”. Without seeing the Lost Indie Cities set, Mano A Mano only had two repeat solo acts.

  1. Matthew Good (of Matthew good band) – Advertising on Police cars
  2. Dave Monks (of Tokyo Police club) – gasoline
  3. Jimmy Chaimberlan (of Smashing Pumpkins) – Life begins again
  4. Courtney Love (of Hole) – Mono
  5. Dan Auerbach (of black Keys) –
  6. Ryan Dahle (of AOE and Limblifter) – sixes and sevens
  7. Thom Yorke (of Radiohead)- The Eraser
  8. Billy Corgan (of Smashing Pumpkins) – The Camera’s Eye
  9. Rob Zombie (of White Zombie) – superbeast
  10. Melissa Auf der Maur (of Hole, Smashing Pumpkins) – followed the waves
  11. David Usher (of Moist) – Alone in the Universe
  12. Michael Jackson (of the Jackson 5) – bad

Mano A Mano Netflix selection

For tonight’s Mano A Mano theme we chose our songs based on some great Netflix programs we have been watching. Here is the list of great shows and great songs to compliment them!

Tell us your thoughts and Netflix favourites by tweeting at us: @mamradio

  1. “TV Tunnel” by Shy Child from their album: please consider our Time – generic Netflix support
  2. “Inner Attitude Gage” by Robot Apocalypse in support of the new Marvel show Jessica Jones
  3. “Spider Man 79” by Veruca Salt in support of Spiderman (Alim’s favourite superhero)
  4. “V” by 5th Project – in support of V for Vendetta, The Mindy Project and Luther
  5. “Philadelphia” by Will Curry and the Country French in support of Its always sunny in Philadelphia.
  6. “Dismantling Frank” by Bonobo in support of the the movie Frank.
  7. “Bag of Hammers” by Tao in support of Property Brothers
  8. “Wheat Kings” by The Tragically Hip in support of Making a Murderer
  9. “Karate Space Tiger vs. The Humpin Jumpmaster (swordfighting in the jungle) by The Wet Secrets in support of Blackfish, Cosmos and The Tiger and the Monk


Golden MP3 Awards and Top Releases of 2015

Check out the SFM times page here for the Top Releases of 2015 and the award winning DJ’s and shows. Although only certain DJ’s were selected for awards, as always, CKMS – Radio Waterloo has a vast variety of great programming, all of which are deserving of awards. Here is the podcast of the Top Releases and Awards ceremony.


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The Sonic Tapestries of The Alpacas

This podcast and video have been a long time in the making. This was filmed as Radio Waterloo was leaving the 108 King Street Studio Location. Because of that the audio is a bit glitchy in the podcast but as you can tell in the video above the harmonies provided by the Alpacas were unwavering.

Check out this amazing band in the video above and podcast below.