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Robot Apocalypse

Check out the #1 release of 2017! Stream the whole album here on YouTube! This album is also the original soundtrack of the Radio Waterloo Documentary that will be out this year!

This album features collaborations by:
Steve Bays of Hot Hot Heat, The Mounties
Elsa Jayne (local KW)
Parker Bossley of The Gay Nineties, Fur Trade
Ian Somers of Limblifter, Isomers
Sasha Chornyy of Life in Vacuum (local KW)
Ulysses Coppard of Smash Boom Pow
Ryan Stanley of Cursed Arrows (local KW)
Cara Leigh (local KW)
Chelsea McBride of Koopa Troop
Brad Weber, Angus Frasier & Dan Robers of Pick A Piper (local KW)
Colin Fisher & Steve Ward of Caribou
Iuls Dragomir (local KW)
Gary Cain of the Gary Cain Band (local KW)
Brad Merritt of 54-40
Moses Bogart (local KW)
Matt Kras of Cyanide Kiss (local KW)
Adam Kras of the Kras Country Experience (local KW)
Jeff McKenna of Audio Boffins (local KW)
Rob McKenna of McKenna’s All Weather Haulage (local KW)

Golden MP3 Awards!

Hi Programmers,

It is that time of year again! GOLDEN MP3 AWARD voting time! Here is the history of the awards! Submit your votes! votes for your own show are never a bad thing! 😉

If you are new to the station I will provide the history of the award and each year it seems a new award is added to the bunch. If you have a new award they are also welcome. Please only reply to me so that we don’t flood peoples email with the dozens and dozen of votes:

Best Community Oriented Show
2013 – DJ Zach Highbrau
2014 – Moses Bogart 
2015 – DJ Carmelo
2016 – Underground Sound Project
2017 – ???

Local Liason – similar to above
2013 – Non-Toxic Airwaves
2014 – Coral FM
2015 – Coral FM
2016 – Interzone
2017 – ???

Freshest Beats (shows within their first 3 years)
2013 – Friday Night Rockabilly
2014 – The Electrifying Sessions
2015 – The Lost Indie City
2016 – Ska Party

SoundFM Soldiers – 2 awards for behind the scenes station work
2013 – Dan Keller & Nat Persaud (station move)
2014 – Mark C. & Dan (CRTC license renual)
2015 – Mark C & Nat (station move)
2016 – Nat & Cam (station events)
2017 – ??? & ???

Best or Worst Moustache
2013 – DJ JD
2014 – DJ Jeff E Jeff
2015 – Interstellar Sam
2016 – Uncle Doobie
2017 – ???

DJ AdRock Memorial Award for exceptional DJing
2012 – DJ Steel
2013 – DJ Saviour
2014 – The Nattyphysicist
2015 – DJ Jeff E Jeff
2016 – Moses Bogart
2017 – ???

Best Classic Show (3+ years running)
2013 – Mano A Mano
2014 – Mano A Mano
2015 – Mano A Mano
2016 – Mano A Mano
2017 – ???? ? ????

Most Original Program
2014 – The Agriculture Show
2015 – Blue Sky Horse Radio & Thanks for Listening to our show
2016 – Radio Absurdica
2017 – ???

Best Show Graphic (poster)
2015 – Audio Tsunami
2016 – Street Hop & Souljah Session
2017 – ??? (new 102.7 logo year)

FUNdraiser of the year
2016 – DJ Moses Bogart
2017 – ????

Best Culturally Diverse Show
2016 – Caribbean Spice
2017 – ????


Anyways, submit your votes! We will release the results in January!

I'm also going to be counting down the best releases of the year! If you know of something good that was released this year please let me know!

Rob "DJ" Steel – 100.3 SoundFM
CKMS Board Member

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Old Android Devices

Hey Programmers,

We are getting a lot of new programmers interested in various new times!
It is more important than ever to keep on top of your show fees and or contact me about them….I feel like I'm drowning a little with respect to contacting back right now but I am trying to get caught up!
Also, if you have any old android phones that you arent using and don't mind donating them (even if they have a cracked screen please add them to the drop box! I'm looking to set up some app development and possibly end up setting up that Radio Waterloo App.
Talk to you soon! And Keep up the awesome programming!

Rob "DJ" Steel – 100.3 SoundFM
CKMS Board Member

283 Duke St W, Unit 114b
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
N2H 3X7

Gary Cain – Twangadelic Bluesophunk

Image result for Gary Cain new album

Not only did we have the album in advance of it release and play some choice tracks, we actually had Gary Cain, the 4th best guitarist in the Universe on the Mano A Mano show to talk about this twangadelic album.

Check it out in the podcast below and then go get your face melted off at Cork Hall May 13th at 8:00pm.


Pick a Pipers new album is available now!!

Image result for Pick a Piper Mano A Mano

The picture above is from a few years ago when Pick a Piper released their first untitled album. They came to CKMS the day of the release and celebrated the album.

Fast Forward to now and Pick A Piper is releasing their follow up album called “Distance” and it is Amazing! I was lucky enough to be at their Waterloo show where they blew the top off the starlight.

In the interview that can be heard here I thought I heard Brad wrong when he said that they play stand up drums….but it was amazing! We will get a video clip up soon on our Mano A Mano Youtube page but for now check out some choice tracks and stories about the albums here:


Pick A Piper New album: Distance

Image may contain: 4 people

Pick A Piper is back with a new Album: Distance. This new album takes their work to a new level! Check out this podcast that spans various different era’s of work by this great band with ties to the KW community!

Then get your stuff together and meet us at Starlight! April 13th for Pick A Piper live in concert. These guys always put on a great show switching from synths to percussion to whatever else they can to produce the electro-rock vibes!

Top Songs of 2016

Based upon votes by the Mano Amigoes, CKMS Board members and Mano A Mano DJ’s here are CKMS’ Top Rock Releases of 2016.
#1 – Hot Hot Heat – The Kid Who Stays in the Picture
#3 – Holy F – Tom Tom
#4 Radio Head – Burn the Witch
#5 Smash Boom Pow – Listen to Me
#6 BadBadNotGood – Confessions Part II Featuring Colin Stetson
#7 The Pack AD – Fair Enough
#8 The Wet Secrets – Quelle Supreme
#9 Royal Canoe – Somersault
#10 Isomers – All Failures
#10 Pup – If this tour doesnt kill you, I will