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Tony’s Progressive Chill

This Sunday From 12-1pm

  1. Camel                                           Sasquatch
  2. Flying Colors                           Better Than Walking Away
  3. Eric Johnson                            Manhattan
  4. Eric Johnson                            Song For Lynette
  5. Mike McClintock                  LOST IN A DREAM
  6. Mike McClintock                  Due East
  7. Emerson Lake & Palmer   C’est La Vie
  8. Anderson Stolt                       Invention
  9. Anderson Stolt                      We Are Truth
  10. Deep Purple                            Uncommon Man
  11. Eric Johnson                           Once Upon A Time In Texas
the best old and new Progressive Psychedelic and Rock and so much more


Tony’s Progressive chill Sunday May 21


Tony’s Progressive Chill


This week on the Show we feature Music on the Passing of  Chris Cornell one Of  Rocks most Iconic voices He will be dearly missed.

This week my Father passed away fortunately we have music to help with the sorrow we all feel 

Hope you enjoy it

Every Sunday 12 1pm

The best of Old and New Progressive ,Psychedelic , Rock

and so much more

“Tony’s Progressive Chill” April 30th 2017


This week we feature four recent albums from from these  four Bands

The Steve Morse Band :  The Similitude of a Dream

this double concept album features intricate melodies and it’s a must listen

David Gilmour:  Rattle that lock

Pink Floyd’s front man does not disappoint with his latest offering

From intricate guitar on 5 am to a jazzy melancholy sound of Faces of stone.  Give this album a listen it shows why he’s still a true performer who’s in it for the love of music

Opeth : Sorceress

Opeth continues to build there progressive sound in there latest offering.   Some may consider this album to be among there best  work to date.

The Pineapple thief : Your Wilderness

Featuring drummer  Gavin Harrison from Porcupine Tree


Every Sunday 12-1pm 11pm                                                                                         The best old and new Progressive Psychedelic and Rock


This Sunday 12- 1 pm A Special Episode this April 23rd

Tony’s Progressive Chill


Special 4-20 Episode Song list

1. Black Sabbath Sweet Leaf
2. Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze
3. Rush A Passage To Bangkok
4. Steve Wilson Belle De Jour
5. My Morning Jacket Wordless Chorus
6. Pink Floyd Cymbaline
7. Pink Floyd Echoes
8. Steve Miller Band The Joker
9. Tom Petty Mary Jane’s Last Dance
10. Tom Petty Roll Another Joint
11. Little Feat Don’t Bogart That Join

Every Sunday 12-1pm the best old and new progressive and Rock


Tony’s Progressive Chill

Every Sunday 12-1pm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Song list April 16 2017


  1. Steven Wilson      The Watchmaker        11:41
  2. Joe Satriani            If I Could Fly                   6:31
  3. Dream Theater    Chosen                            4:32
  4. Sothern Empire   How Long                    11:21
  5. Fling Colors           Everything Changes     6:42
  6. Genesis                    Supper’s Ready           14:47
  7. Priam                        Sign Beyond                  3:11


The best old and new progressive Rock  and  Other great Tunes

With your Host DJ Tony