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AW@L Radio 2018-06-01 – Conservative Corruption, and Harm Reduction Voting (for the NDP)

with a provincial election in ontario on june 7th, this AW@L Radio highlights the corruption, bigotry, ignorance, and malice represented in the candidates for the conservative party. AW@L Radio, dan kellar, also advocates for voting for the NDP as a harm reduction measure, to keep the dangerous policies of the conservatives and liberals out of power, and make life a little easier for everyone (but the rich).

From:: Grand River Community News

AW@L Radio – 2018-05-11 – Resisting Racists and Free Speech Warriors (again…)

as anti-racists plan to counter a far-right march in Quebec, anti-racists in Ontario challenge racist academic francis widdowson as she was hosted by the “laurier society for open inquiry”. also the canadian anti-hate network (CAN) has launched and will work to track far-right movements.

listen here:

From:: Grand River Community News

AW@L Radio – 2018-05-04

this quick edit of an episode of AW@L Radio has an update of the ongoing issue of the students organising under the group name “laurier society of open inquiry” (LSOI), who keep trying to host and platform speakers who support/are or racist, white nationalist, and/or anti-Indigenous rights under the shield of “free speech”. also an update on the shameful canadian government efforts to block more asylum seekers from entering canada.

From:: Grand River Community News