Amanda Knapp of Women of Waterloo Region aka WOW on Coral FM


Women of Waterloo Region is an Annual Recognition Event that celebrates women doing extraordinary things, often making a difference in the lives of others. While there are other organizations within Waterloo Region that recognize women for their outstanding achievements, WOW is unique. In addition to recognizing individual women for their inspiration and contributions, WOW recipients in turn pay it forward, by recognizing an individual who has been a leader in her life, someone who has inspired and mentored her in her career or along her journey.

I spoke with WOW founder Amanda Knapp (now in its fifth year!)  about some of Waterloo Region with the WOW factor.

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Peter Ulrich speaks about The Painted Caravan – The Peter Ulrich Collaboration on Coral FM

Painted Caravan


From England.. I had the chance to speak with Peter Ulrich who I have kept in touch with since his released his debut CD Enter the Mysterium. I always loved Dead Can Dance so I was thrilled to interview Peter for Sound FM years back.

Since that interview, Peter and I have kept in touch by email, and imagine my surprise when one day he sent me a Christmas present and a card.

Painted Caravan which has received rave reviews since its UK release. Recently it was released in the North America again to rave reviews. Here is a three part discussion with Peter Ulrich where we chat about many things from stories which inspired The Painted Caravan to his exciting new collaboration with New York based label City Canyons. Part Two Tempus Fugitives is about to be released. And now there is talk of a live performance!!!  I hope to go to NYC and see this show in May of 2015. Stay tuned!

Peter Ulrich 2014


Acclaimed Canadian Singer /Songwriter Lynn Jackson on Coral FM

 aLynn 3

An authenticity runs through Canadian singer-songwriter Lynn Jackson’s music that reflects a deep commitment to telling stories that ring true with listeners.  Combine this with her gentle voice, rich instrumentation and sweet melodies and you get a sound that is roots-Americana with a hint of folk-pop.

Having shared stages with Ron Sexsmith, Fred Eaglesmith and Jay Semko (The Northern Pikes), Jackson just finished her 7th studio album set for release in April 2014.  The Acoustic Sessions is a stripped-down rootsy retrospective of her writing since 2002 and follows up 2012’s critically acclaimed Down in the Dust (Busted Flat Records, Fall 2012). Jackson take her cues from Lucinda Williams, Kathleen Edwards and Eliza Gilkyson, using her ‘whiskey and honey’ voice to mix her timeless melodies while spinning tales about love, loss and everyday people.  

Having toured Down in the Dust through the dusty Praries to Vancouver Island in 2013, Jackson will soon hit the road again this summer with a coast-to-coast tour to support her 7th release. As audiences warm to her soulful storytelling style, Jackson is solidifying her place as one of the most original and compelling voices on the Canadian folk music scene.


Lynn is my great pal and one of my fave co hosts because she introduces me to new music all the time.  Here’s our first radio show chat. From Lynn performing live (pardon the mic for the first song) It’s all very casual, lovely and amazing.

And Lynn be soon be back because she has a new acoustic CD about to come out and another CD in the works! Yay ! ….  – Coral



Coral FM Goes To the Toppermost of the Poppermost with Father and Son Duo Dave and Chris Richmond

Dave and Chris Richmond come to visit the Sound Fm Studios


Last year, I very good friend of the family passed away – he was like an uncle to me and if it was not for him, I do not think I would have found music at all.  His name was Brian Richmond.  Brian and his brother David loved music. Brian was a brilliant bongo player and drummer. And thanks to Brian’s tap tap a tapping! Dave.. “Durd” Richmond became very famous in a British Band called Manfred Mann!

Dave and his equally famous son Chris Richmond ( who does video production for the Irish band Snow Patrol) came to visit me at Sound FM and I was chuffed. Here is a little bit about Dave!

David ‘Dave’ Richmond is a professional bass player, best known as a founder member of the 1960s pop group Manfred Mann, playing with the band in 1963.  After leaving the band in 1963, Richmond became a session player, working with, amongst others, Elton JohnBreadHank Marvin, and Serge Gainsbourg. for more on Dave –


Dave and Chris Richmond are two very talented Brits! Registry Theatre’s Lawrence McNaught and Lost and Found’s Artistic Director also met Kathleen Sheehy also met Dave and Chris as well.

In the second part of the show Chris Richmond speaks about his work with Atticus Finch. And Dave chats about working with Henry Mancini, ( known for The Pink Panther theme!) Peter Sallis (Wallace and Gromit), and David Jason (BBC TV’s A Touch of Frost). For more on Atticus Finch check out You Tube.

And this very special podcast of Coral FM is dedicated to the memory of Dave’s brother and my friend Brian Richmond. RIP Brian. I know you are snapping your fingers in perfect rhythm of the beat where’re your spirit roams. Love Coral FM.



Coral FM’s Aural Valentine Salon 2013

Coral OO!Asking that musical question – Is The Heart Really a Very Very Resilent Muscle ….. Squooches Coral FM


Rockin’ Ramzi and Jennie Rage Visit Coral FM

I am thrilled to say that Rockin Ramzi and Jennie Rage have their own radio program on Sound FM every Friday night from 8 to 10pm!

Here is what happened after they did a guest apprearance on Coral FM.  Because these two know how to get the word out!

Welcome to the Rockabilly Room!

Voted best new radio show 2013, and winner of a Golden Disc award from CKMS!

Broadcasting Rockabilly and Psychobilly music from 100.3 FM in Kitchener Waterloo Ontario Canada
with your hosts, DJ Jennie Rage and DJ Rockin’ Ramzi.

Hour 1 – Rockabilly , Hour 2 – Psychobilly Louder Hour

 I am proud to say that these two are now radio professionals.  I think they were naturals and just waiting to find the mic! – Awesomesaucesome! – Hosted by Rockin’ Ramzi and Jennie Rage every Friday night! – – Coral FM


Hosted by Rockin' Ramzi and Jennie Rage every Friday night!
Hosted by Rockin’ Ramzi and Jennie Rage every Friday night!