2019 Jukasa APC 200 Spring race

Day 1

As we had left Kitchener, the Sun was out but as we got closer to Cayuga the clouds started to roll in and it was slightly spitting out. As the squad arrived to the track qualifying had just started. The #27 Mopar Dodge Andrew Ranger got the pole. But the looks of a race happening Saturday night were looking less likely by the minute.

Pole winner Andrew Ranger

Some of the practice sessions and the Modifieds race was postponed due to the Wizard Of Oz like storm on the way. We had run into one of our former guests “Cookie” of the Just Give’r Eh? Podcast who was helping out CBRT for the day, Once the storm had finally hit we had to help hold a tent down for awhile.

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road….

Holding down a tent with Collin Cookie Butcher of Just Give'r Eh? podcast at Jukasa Motor Speedway.

Posted by CKMS Wide World Of Motorsports on Saturday, June 1, 2019

During this NASCAR had called all Crew Chiefs to the NASCAR Hauler to discuss the storm and when the race should happen. There was a lot of speculation between the people in the tent with us. Some crew, Shantel Kalika and Jason White had already guessed they wouldn’t be racing tonight. The only thing Jason was worried about at that point was the $1000 dollars he had spent on Raptors tickets the following day.

(From Left) The CBRT crew, Jason White and Shantel Kalika

The PA had announced that the race would be postponed until 1 PM the next day. Which would mean this would set up for the 1st day race at Jukasa ever. New tires and you can’t tell who’s gonna take the checkers at the end of this!

Jukasa takes about 2 hours to dry

The squad went home and rested up for the following day of oval racin’.

Day 2

Upon arrival at Jukasa, the new parking area in the grass in front of the track was not accessible as the torrential downpour had made it into a swamp. For today the track were going to go with the old ticket booth and entrance as they were directing spectators to park along the gravel pathway to avoid any vehicles getting stuck.

Once you walk in, the NASCAR Pintys Series drivers were all on picnic tables signing autographs for fans as they walk into the track.

The NPS Drivers meeting fans

The Modifieds had their race rescheduled for 12 so i went into “Gilligan’s Island” to get ready for the NPS race. Being on Gilligan’s Island at a oval track means you are unable to leave the infield as the only way back into the grandstands area is to cross the track.
Next thing you know its 1 PM and the drivers are called to the grid for the start of the race! The national anthems were spectacular! Now its time for what everyone came for! Some bumper to bumper, side by side action!

The Pit Crews standing for the national anthems
The NPS cars on the Grid

Its Green flag and the #17 Castrol Edge Dodge DJ Kennington leads the race for the first 25 laps. #24 Circuit Acura Dodge Donald Theetge and the #28 OneLove Dodge Julia Landaurer battled for 4th but Theetge gave Julia a chrome horn and moved her. This gave her a bit of tire rub.

Ranger and Kennington jockey for position

The #43 AGI Dodge Shantel Kalika spins in 4 luckily however with no heavy damage. Julia Landaurer has a fast car. She had led some of her first Pinty’s series laps. The guys were racing her hard just like they would anyone else. She was even up to 2nd and gaining on DJ.

Shantel spinning her car around

With 140 to go the top 7 cars were all nose to tail. The #27 Mopar Dodge Andrew Ranger had been holding onto the top 5 nearly the entire race. The #7 National Exhaust Pete Shepherd also making moves proving he has a car to potentially win this race. Some good close racing here in the opening stages of the race.

Ranger and Shepherd battle for position

With 132 to go, Shantel Kalika spins in 3 right in front of us. After the 2nd restart, Tags went back to tenth from the top 5. Theetge takes the top spot. Ranger working his way back up with 117 to go.

Theetge leading the race

Shepherd doing a good job staying in the top 3. With 105 to go Shantel spins in again 4 brining out another yellow flag. Cross flags under 3rd yellow meaning the race has been run at its halfway point.

Ranger, Shepherd and Dumoulin racing hard

Pete comes out as leader over the #3 Kubota Chevy Jason Hathaway. Shantel gets the free pass to be able to get back onto the lead lap. Landauer back in the top 5.

With 50 to go Ranger, DJ Kennington, Theetge, Lacroix, Tags and Anthony Simone. Lap 175 and Ranger out In front making ground lapping cars. With 15 to go and DJ spins in 3 and 4. 10 cars on lead lap with 10 to go. Landauer wrecks with 6 to go and kinda hit the wall hard in 1-2.

Even with one of the fastest cars, Julia Landaurer recorded a DNF

With the final restart, it came down to Ranger, Lacroix with Pete Shepherd just behind. However the latter 2 couldn’t hold up and Andrew Ranger earns his first win of the 2019 season and his second podium performance along with Kevin Lacroix who got p2 with Pete Shepherd in p3.

Ranger and Lacroix playing nice for the 2nd race in a row

The winner of the 2019 APC 200 @ Jukasa Motor Speedway Andrew Ranger

#27 Mopar Dodge Angrew Ranger
Ranger adding his 1st of many Race Win stickers to the “T-Post” of his car

CKMSWWOM will have the Top 3 finishers as well as Shantel Kalika at 3-4 PM EST

Davor Cvijic & Dave Tidd – In Conversation with Rashmi













In Conversation with Rashmi, brings you early Father’s Day special with stories of two proud and strong dad’s who will share the paths that transformed them into who they are today. Tune in Saturday, June 1st, 9AM (EST) on @ckms102.7fm
With a wife who was 5 months pregnant and an almost two-year-old, life was incredibly busy in the Tidd household, they didn’t have time for a brain tumour, however it quickly consumed their lives. From having told he could be home within 3 days and back to work in a few weeks, to spending 6 weeks in hospital before he was able to go home. Followed by months of rehab and radiation therapy to treat the remainder of the tumour and then heading back to work after 7 months, Dave Tidd will share his toughest journey, the challenges and the warning signs that he didn’t really pay attention.
Today almost 5 years later, he still faces challenges with day to day activities that we all take for granted

Imagine having the freedom to move without restriction
Imagine having the confidence to move without hesitation or injury
Imagine having a strong and mobile body with ‘bulletproof’ joints
Imagine being able to MOVE STRONG

A single and proud dad to a 14 year old daughter who he says is an absolutely incredible human being to begin committed to helping build better humans through nutrition, strength and movement. Davor Cvijic believes we have created environments for ourselves that while comfortable, have in many ways cost us our mobility. One of the main areas of focus in the Move Strong method is to create mobile bodies that allow you the freedom to move in the way humans were designed to move

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Into the Void – May 31st 2019

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Ever After Music Festival Pre-Party coming this Thursday!!!

This Thursday, June 6th marks the kick off to the 5th annual Ever After Music Festival in Kitchener, Ontario! And the first year a pre-party is added to the festival extending it to 4 days total.
This year the festival features some of the best in bass music and headliners from all around the world. Specifically the pre-party featuring sets from local talent and international DJ’s such as Zia, Moody Good and headliner Yellow Claw, an elite world wide known DJ teamed with a production recording duo originating out of Amsterdam, Netherlands in 2010!
Since 2010, this trio (downsized to a duo in 2016) has put out multiple hit singles, multiple hit albums, many that have hit #1 charts and has rocked some of the biggest main stages of music festivals around the world such as Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Tomorrowland in Boom, Belgium, Electronic Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, Coachella in California and New Year’s in New York City’s Madison Square Garden. Needless to say we are thrilled to have them come to Kitchener, Ontario’s Ever After Festival this coming week; and you should be too!!
And YES I am excited to get confirmation to get a quick word in and interview with the the men of Yellow Claw themselves, Jim and Nils, before they take the stage at Bingeman’s!

Tickets to this very exciting show and whole 3 day festival are still available at: Get Tickets!

For more info. on Yellow Claw visit Ever After’s Website at:
Yellow Claw at Ever After

Yellow Claw

For more info. about the artist Zia visit Ever After’s website at:


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Rebel Time Radio – May 29, 2019

  1. Nausea – Here Today
  2. Crucifix – Steelcase Enclosure
  3. Kalashnikov Collective – Cani
  4. Lost Cherrees – Living in a Coffin
  5. Subhumans – Germ
  6. Aus-Rotten – Fuck Nazi Sympathy
  7. Oi Polloi – Boot Down The Door
  8. Pisser – Willing Victim
  9. Witch Hunt – Sugarcoated, Yet It Festers Inside
  10. Ballast – But After The Gig (Reprise)
  11. Adictox – Matalo
  12. BB and the Blips – Lucky Country
  13. Shitrat – 9 To 5
  14. Bad Egg – Ghostface Crowd Killah
  15. Autonomads – Our Elizabeth
  16. Disaster Strikes – In The Age of Corporate Personhood
  17. Econochrist – Withdrawl
  18. Born Against – Nine Years Later
  19. Alien Boys – Dogs
  20. D.O.A. – You Need an Ass Kicking Right Now
  21. The Fallout – Raise Your Flag
  22. Jeunesse Apatride – Hochelaga
  23. 7 Seconds – If The Kids Are United (Sham 69)


So Old It’s New set list for Monday, May 27, 2019

1. The J. Geils Band, House Party (live)
2. Cheap Trick, Need Your Love (live)
3. The Stooges, Little Doll
4. Motorhead, Shut It Down
5. T. Rex, Hot Love
6. The Kinks, No More Looking Back
7. Fabulous Poodles, Bionic Man
8. Pretenders, Bad Boys Get Spanked
9. Ry Cooder, The Very Thing That Makes You Rich (Makes Me Poor)
10. Carole King, Corazon
11. Steve Miller Band, The Window
12. The Rolling Stones, Melody
13. Mountain, My Lady
14. Bryan Ferry, The ‘In’ Crowd
15. Buddy Guy, Sit And Cry (The Blues)
16. Atlanta Rhythm Section, Doraville
17. Power Blues, Nothin’ But A Tease
18. Neil Young, Opera Star
19. Queen, The March Of The Black Queen
20. John Phillips, Oh Virginia (featuring Keith Richards (acoustic guitar), Mick Taylor (electric guitar), Ron Wood (bass), Mick Jagger (backing vocals)…from Pay Pack And Follow, recorded during the 1970s, released 2001
21. Jethro Tull, Rare And Precious Chain
22. Groundhogs, Cherry Red
23. Metallica, Fade To Black

CKMS Community Connections for 27 May 2019 with Cait Glasson, Tim Louis, Riani de Wet and Jim Stewart

On the way into the Radio Waterloo studio I dropped into the Spectrum Community Space to see if someone would like to talk about the tri-Pride festival. Cait Glasson was there, and KW jazz musician Tim Louis was too! They both joined us in the first hour, and in the second hour we spoke with Riani de Wet and Jim Stewart from the Waterloo Region Health Coalition.

Show Notes

Cait Glasson at the microphone
Cait Glasson

Cait Glasson

The interview with Cait starts at 05m25s.


Tim Louis at the microphone
Tim Louis

Tim Louis

Tim Louis joins us at 26m23s.

  • Terry Fox: On The Road is a CD released by the Wilmot Terry Fox Run (WTFR) to raise funds for the Terry Fox Foundation for cancer research. Information about the CD is available from Please contact the Wilmot Terry Fox Run for details or to order a CD. Mail order is not available, but the WTFR will deliver orders in person within Wilmot. Nigel Gordijk (Wilmot Terry Fox Run Co-organizer) can be reached at and +1‑519‑569‑9551.
  • Concert Schedule

    • Sunday, 9 June 2019 from 1:00pm to 4:00pm
      Prelude Picnic & All That Jazz
      at “From the Potting Shed”, 11261 Dundas Street South, Cambridge
    • Wednesday, 10 July 2019 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm
      Rockin’ it at Rockway
      Rockway community centre Kitchener
    • Friday, 19 July 2019 at 7:30pm
      Waterloo Jazz Festival
      Uptown Waterloo, Ontario
    • Sunday, 21 July 2019 at 7:00pm
      Rockway Gardens
    • Saturday, 27 July 2019 from 11:00am to 1:30pm
      Terry Fox Concert
      St George’s Anglican Church, 3 Byron St, Wilmot
    • Thursday, 15 August 2019 at 7:00pm
      Castle Kilbride


Jim Stewart and Riani de Wet at the microphone
Jim Stewart and Riani de Wet

Riani de Wet and Jim Stewart

The interview with Riani de Wet and Jim Stewart from the Waterloo Region Health Coalition starts at 1h03m34s.

Many thanks to Riani and Jim for the extensive interview. They have provided their briefing notes:

Briefing Note

May 23, 2019

List of Cuts, Closures, Restructuring

& Major Health Policy Changes to Date


  • Cut OHIP+ so families with sick children will have to seek private coverage first and pay deductibles and co-payments. (June 2018)
  • Cut planned mental health funding by more than $330 million. (July 2018)
  • Canceled all new planned overdose prevention sites. (autumn 2018)
  • Cut funding to the College of Midwives of Ontario. (December 2018)
  • Cut funding for the dementia strategy.
  • Let surge funding run out for hospital overcrowding. Surge beds are now closed without replacement, despite overcrowding crisis. (Fall/Winter 2018/19)
  • Cut and restructured autism funding. (Winter 2018/19)
  • Set overall health funding at less than the rate of inflation and population growth, let alone aging. This means service levels cannot keep up with population need. (2019 Budget)
  • Set public hospital funding at less than the rate of inflation. This means real dollar (inflation adjusted dollar) funding cuts and serious service cuts. (2019 Budget)
  • Introduced Bill 74, which gives sweeping new powers to the minster and Super Agency to force restructuring of virtually the entire health system. (February/March 2019)
  • Municipalities revealed Ford government plan to cut and restructure ambulance services, down from 59 to 10. (April 2019)
  • Leaked document reveals plans to cut half a billion dollars in OHIP services. On the chopping block are sedation for colonoscopies, chronic pain management services and others. Plans will be made this spring/summer. (April 2019)
  • Cut OHIP funding for residents travelling out of Canada. (May 2019)
  • Cut 44 positions at the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) –provider of video medical services — which previously employed 265 people. In other words, 1 in every 6 telemedicine staff positions are being cut. The official dollar figure has not yet been released, but, OTN received $42 million in provincial funding 2017-18, nearly all came from the Ministry of Health. (May 2019)
  • Set 2019 land ambulance grant funding at less than the rate of inflation. This means real dollar cuts to ambulance services. The City of Toronto has calculated the value of these cuts to amount to $4 million for Toronto alone. (April 2019)
  • Plans to reduce the number of Public Health Units from 35 to 10. Cut 27%, or $200 million, of provincial funding for public health. Toronto Public Health has been particularly hard-hit. The city of Toronto has calculated the cuts to amount will amount to $1 billion over a 5-year period. Ford government disputes these figures. (April 2019)
  • Cut more than $70 million from eHealth’s budget. (May 2019)
  • Cut almost $53 million from the Health System Research Fund, a fund dedicated to research relevant to provincial policy and health-care system restructuring. (May 2019)
  • Cut $5 million in annual funding for stem-cell research at the Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine. (May 2019)
  • Cut $24 million in funding for artificial intelligence research from the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence as well as the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research. (May 2019)

Serious Threat of Health Privatization

In Bill 74 the Minister of Health has given herself and the Super Agency vast new powers to order and otherwise force the privatization of most of our health care services. Opposition parties have asked direct questions about private surgery clinics bidding to close down and take over our local hospital services and neither the Premier nor Health Minister will say that they will not privatize. In documents being circulated from municipalities, Ford’s plans may include privatization of parts of ambulance services. In the leaked documents from the Ontario civil service in February, plans were revealed to privatize eHealth, laboratories, air ambulance, long-term care inspections and other services. At no time, under questioning by media and opposition parties, will this government clearly promise not to hand over ownership of our public health care services to private for-profit corporations. The signs of impending privatization are serious.

Ambulance Cuts/Restructuring

Ford’s plans, revealed by municipalities, include cutting the number of local ambulance services from 59 to 10 as well as the number of local dispatch services. These cuts will be particularly devastating to rural and smaller communities which are already suffering from a shortage of services. The Ford government’s restructuring plan does not address any of the causes of too-long EMS response times;  it does not ameliorate services even where there is evidence of significant need. The current EMS system in Ontario was created by Mike Harris’ restructuring in the 1990s. The evidence from that round of restructuring is that costs grew dramatically post-restructuring. Ford’s plans for further centralization of ambulance services and cuts also threaten to deepen inequalities between rural and urban communities:  “Cutting and centralizing the ambulance services down to ten giant regions means that smaller rural and northern communities will be lesser priorities and risks their service levels,” warned OHC executive director Natalie Mehra.

An EMS vision-Ontario 2050 Report came out after the 2018 provincial election, penned by owners of a private, for-profit, ambulance company. The report set out a map towards privatization of land ambulance services. It suggested Ontario could “save” $200 million by consolidating over 50 provincial paramedic services into only 10, run by a single Commission. The fact that the government announced that 59 provincial paramedic services will indeed be consolidated into 10 as the report suggested has led to concerns that the privatization of EMS services is part of Ford’s agenda. The report has also mentioned a plan to reduce the number of Public Health Units from 35 to 10 – a plan that is being implemented by the Ford government.

Public Health Cuts/Restructuring

Severe cuts amounting to almost one-third of provincial funding for public health threaten vital local services including food and water safety, infectious disease tracking and prevention, immunizations, prenatal training and safety, overdose prevention, safe needle and biohazard programs and many others.


In the 2019 Provincial Budget it was revealed that the Ford government plans to cut provincial funding for Public Health by 27 per cent and cut the number of local Public Health Units from 35 to 10. In early May, the government made public their plans for the closures/takeovers/mergers of local public health units. There has been no public consultation on this major change even though municipalities match provincial funding for public health, thereby providing half of public health funding. Municipalities were not consulted, public health experts including nurses and doctors who specialize in public health were not consulted, nor were affected communities or Ontarians who fund and rely on Public Health services. The plans that have been revealed to date follow here. In response to pressure, the Ford government is now saying that these are not finalized. However, there is no public process, no written plan that measures or mitigates the impact on the people of Ontario, no plan for consultation, no clear timeline. In fact, no normal processes for public health care planning are being followed whatsoever.


The following will be the results of the planned takeover/mergers/closures of Public Health Units if they are forced through by the Ford government: 

  • Middlesex London Health Unit, Southwestern Public Health Unit, Windsor-Essex County Health Unit, Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit and Lambton Public Health Unit will be forced into a single regional Public Health Unit covering 1.3 million people.
  • Bruce Grey Health Unit, Huron County Health Unit and Perth District Health Unit will be forced into a single regional Public Health Unit covering 300,000 people.
  • Public Health Sudbury and Districts, Algoma Public Health, North Bay-Parry Sound District Health Unit, Timiskaming Health Unit, Porcupine Health Unit, and Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit will be forced into a single regional Public Health Unit covering 625,000 people.
  • Thunder Bay District Health Unit and Northwestern Health Unit will will be forced into a single regional Public Health Unit covering 228,000 people.
  • Waterloo Public Health Unit, Halton Public Heath Unit, Peel Public Health Unit, and Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health Units will be forced into a single regional Public Health Unit covering 2.94 million people.
  • Hamilton Public Health Services, Niagara Region Public Health Unit, Brant County Health Unit, and Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit will be forced into a single regional Public Health Unit covering1.4 million people.
  • Ottawa Public Health Unit, Eastern Ontario Health Unit (Prescott-Russel, Cornwall), Smith Falls Health Unit, and Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington (KFL&A) Public Health will be forced into a single regional Public Health Unit covering 1.6 million people.
  • Peterborough Public Health, Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge (HKPR) District Health Unit, Hastings Prince Edward Health Unit, and Durham Region Health Unit will be forced into a single regional Public Health Unit covering 1.2 million people.
  • York Region Public Health and Simcoe County District Health Unit will be forced into a single regional Public Health Unit covering 1.7 million people.
  • Toronto Public Health will serve 2.9 million people.

Overall Cuts/Restructuring

The Ford government is now clearly embarking on the most aggressive and radical health care restructuring that Ontario has ever seen. Previous large-scale restructuring in Ontario undertaken by the Mike Harris government involved province-wide hospital restructuring, including hospital mergers and closures of dozens of local hospitals. It ultimately did not reduce administrative costs as was promised. In fact, it cost $3.9 billion. That is $3.9 billion, according to the Provincial Auditor General, to cut $800 million from public hospitals. The restructuring costs were made up of laying off staff, moving buildings, renovating and rebuilding, re-hiring staff, renaming services, re-doing letterheads and communications systems and so on. The evidence is indisputable that those cost were lost to health care and were never recouped. Moreover, restructuring led to for-profit privatization and new user fees for an array of services. The costs were never recovered and many of the current problems that we face in health care can be traced back to the last two rounds of restructuring.


Bill 74  – Most Radical Restructuring in our Province’s History


In the last few months plans have been revealed that expose the Ford government’s intent to undertake the most radical health care restructuring in our history. Bill 74, the so-called “People’s Health Care Act” has been passed through the Legislature by the majority Ford MPPs against strong opposition. It does not improve a single health  care service. What it does is create one mega-merger of 20 agencies into a Super Agency and give extraordinary restructuring powers to the government. This new law launches restructuring for hospitals, long-term care, home care, community mental health and addictions, community care, cancer care, palliative care, labs, eHealth, air ambulance, community health centres, home care, non-profit primary care and more. The Health Minister has revealed her plan is to restructure 1,800 health service providers down to 30 – 50 conglomerates. That’s not all though. In the Provincial Budget, plans to cut Public Health by almost 1/3 of provincial funding (27%) and reduce Health Units from 35 to 10 were revealed. Then, municipalities revealed the Ford government’s plans to restructure ambulance services from 59 down to 10.



Sweeping new powers to force mega-mergers, transfer services from one community to another, close services, privatize services

The new law gives sweeping powers to the Minister and the government appointees in their new Super Agency to force through mergers, mega-mergers, amalgamations, transfers of services, closures of local services, and entire closures of service providers. In five separate areas in the legislation these restructuring powers enable the government, its appointees, and health service providers to transfer our public and non-profit health care services to for-profit companies.  Already for-profit hospital companies are making bids to take over surgeries in London Ontario.


Unfettered powers to force health care providers to restructure, close, privatize

The legislation allows the Minister and the government appointees that run their new Super Agency the power to order, direct and coerce (using their funding power) local providers of service to comply with these restructuring edicts and pressures. It does this in multiple sections of the legislation. In most of these sections there is no fetter on these extraordinary powers and no public process. It takes away any last

vestiges of local control over health care. They can close a hospital with the stroke of a pen, move a service to another town or close it entirely, order the privatization of all labs or all surgeries, for example. It is truly shocking.


No public interest protections, no appeals, no access to information, no clear rulings: worst ever

There are no public interest protections in the legislation. There is no public notice at all for most of the sections that give new restructuring powers. There is minimal public notice in one section. There is no right to appeal anywhere in the legislation. There is no public access to documents anywhere in the legislation. The new Super Agency is not subject even to the conflict of interest rules of the Ontario Public Service. There are no principles to guide restructuring. There is no requirement that any one, not the Minister, not the Super Agency, no one, actually measure and plan to meet population need for health care, protect any local health services at all, ensure that patients have access to care,  worry about the workforce that will be subject to massive upheaval. There are no procedural protections whatsoever.

Who’s Who:

A primer on Doug Ford’s insiders and the pro-privatization forces

in government


Charles Lammam, formerly of the extreme right wing Fraser Institute, is now the Director of Policy (2nd highest staff position) in the Health Minister’s office. The Fraser Institute has spent years trying to dismantle Canada’s social programs and one of their prime targets is health care. The Fraser Institute has been funded by the American Koch brothers (funders of the Tea Party) among others.


Shelly Jamieson, one of Ford’s appointed board members of the new Super Agency, is the former president of Extendicare, a for-profit long-term care home giant. She was on the Mike Harris government’s Restructuring Commission that ordered the closure of >40 hospitals and thousands of hospital beds. After this she moved to Extendicare which gained from the subsequent expansion of long-term care. Now she is on the new Super Agency, this government’s health restructuring board.


Elyse Allan is on the board of Brookfield Assets Management and the right-wing pro-privatization C.D. Howe institute and was recently on the pro-corporate Board of the Conference Board of Canada, the Chamber of Commerce and more.

Other board members include people from banks and private corporations including Real Estate Investment Trusts and others with direct interest in health care privatization.

In July, Doug Ford appointed Rueben Devlin, former president of the Ontario Conservative Party to be the Chair of a new Premier’s Council on Improving Health Care & Ending Hallway Medicine and Special Advisor on Ending Hallway Medicine. The positions come with a $348,000 per year salary for the Conservative stalwart who was president of the party during the Mike Harris era during which the government spent $3.9 billion closing and merging hospitals in an attempt to cut $800 million from their budgets. That was the most radical restructuring of public hospitals in the country’s history at time. Rueben Devlin is also the former CEO of Humber River Hospital where he presided over the closure of three hospitals. The three were replaced with one privatized P3 hospital at an eye-popping $1.76 billion due to the exorbitantly expensive P3 financing and privatization model. In so doing, Devlin closed down a hospital in one of the poorest neighbourhoods of the city. The new P3 hospital did not have enough capacity to serve its population and last fall the former Liberal government reopened one of the closed-down sites in order to deal with patients waiting on stretchers in hallways for care.

Gordon Campbell: Not only does he have an abysmal record on financial matters, but the former B.C. Premier, whom Doug Ford appointed to lead Ford’s fiscal inquiry in Ontario, is perhaps the biggest enemy of public health care in Canada. It is now apparent that Campbell’s model of health cuts and privatization may be the model that Ford is copying here. Campbell set the stage for the biggest growth in for-profit privatization of hospital care in Canada, private clinics in BC openly charge patients thousands of dollars in violation of the Canada Health Act as a direct result of his policies, he cut and closed local hospitals, systematically appointed pro-privatization health board people, fired thousands of hospital support staff and privatized their services. He routinely supported private for-profit interests in pharmaceutical policy and health care against the public interest. The extreme right-wing Fraser Institute loves him, but his record on finances is terrible. Not only did he do all these terrible things in health care, he wiped out a $1.5 billion surplus he inherited when he took government, then went on to post the largest deficits in the B.C.’s history up to that time, and added $20 billion to the province’s debt.

Printable version: (PDF file)

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~ Protecting Public Medicare for All ~

Ontario Health Coalition
15 Gervais Drive, Suite 201
Toronto, ON M3C 1Y8

Music List


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Bonus Footage!

YouTube: Community Connections for 27 May 2019
…worse than watching paint dry is watching radio…

Show notes and podcast interview content is Copyright © 2019 by the participants, and released under a CC BYCreative Commons Attribution Only license. Attribution to Radio Waterloo. Music selections are copyright by the respective rights holders.

Dana Marie & Andrea Taplin – In Conversation with Rashmi












Dana Marie from Dana Marie Music believes that music is another language that we can not only express ourselves, but also learn about ourselves. It can energize & calm at the same time, build confidence, creativity, social skills, memory, emotional & physical development, and language. She has released two full length independent albums as a Christian Pop Artist & has travelled across Canada performing & leading worship at many churches. Currently, she is involved at her home church & teaches from her home studio in Kitchener, Ontario

After 12 years in a toxic workplace Andrea Taplin reached a whole new level of unhealthy. She struggled with weight, depression & anxiety all her life. She changed her focus & life style completely to transform herself physically & mentally. In 11 months she lost 100 pounds 90% through nutrition & was able to reduce her medications from 10 pills to 4 pills. Today she feels empowered, stronger, more fit & healthy both physically & mentally. She has learnt to push past her comfort zone & started her own business called The Health Equation as well as joining an amazing wellness clinic called Encompass Health & Wellness. She also experienced the loss of a dear friend to suicide & regrets if only she had shared her story. Today she shares her experience so she could reach out to others just like her that need a little help

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Radio Free Palestine Marathon

Radio producer Hadeel Al-Biss wanted to make her work make a difference. “We were asked to participate in a radio marathon for Nakba Day, and I figured that the best way to do that was to carry as many voices of Palestinian refugees as possible,” she told Arab News.

Al-Biss, the producer of the “Talet Sobh” morning show on Amman’s Radio Al-Bald, asked her team to report from various Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan. “People spoke freely and honestly about their desire to return, and the fact that hardships will not deter them from pursing their rights.”

The radio marathon is taking place over a 24-hour period on May 15, and is being broadcast over 28 stations in Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Tunis, Morocco, the US, Canada and over Pacifica Network stations.

Laith Marouf, Radio Free Palestine’s international coordinator, who began the idea of a radio marathon back in 2006, says that the project has grown a lot in recent years. “This year we were able to transmit Palestinian voices from Lebanon and Jordan, and bridge them with Palestinians in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Gaza.”

Marouf says that he hopes that next year, the 24-hour broadcast will be available in four languages. “If Palestine is not free by next May 15, we will be able to broadcast the marathon live in Arabic, English, Spanish and French,” he told Arab News from Beirut.

George Rishmawi, head of the Rapprochement Center in Bethlehem, told Arab News that they have been involved in this project for 10 years, and it has been gradually gaining importance. “It is important that we can get Arab and international voices all on the same day because it shows the solidarity with the Palestinian people,” he said.

Rawan Jayyousi, anchor on “Talet Soboh,” told Arab News that the reaction of the program was huge. “I felt from the reaction I got on social media and personal contacts that despite the difficulties facing Palestinians, there is a hidden strength that came out and a feeling that Palestinians are not surrendering but are strong and resilient.”

Radio Free Palestine Marathon airs in hour-long episodes, Wednesdays at 11:00pm on CKMS-FM 102.7, on the Internet.

Welcome To Night Vale

Logo: Welcome To Night ValeWelcome To Night Vale is a twice-monthly podcast in the style of community updates for the small desert town of Night Vale, featuring local weather, news, announcements from the Sheriff’s Secret Police, mysterious lights in the night sky, dark hooded figures with unknowable powers, and cultural events.

Welcome To Night Vale currently airs every other Tuesday Night at 11:30pm.

CKMS Community Connections for 20 May 2019 with Senator Kim Pate

Show Notes

  • 0h22m00s: New Hamburg Mennonite Relief Sale
  • 0h35m00s: Waterloo Region Electric Vehicle Association (WREVA)
  • 0h44m35s: Theatre on the Edge Presents: The Benefit Show for the Ride to Conquer Cancer

The Honourable Kim Pate, Senator for Ontario

The Honourable Kim Pate



Download: ckms-community-connections-2019-05-20.mp3 (109 MiBytes, 1h59m58s)

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Bonus Footage!

YouTube: CKMS Community Connections for 20 May 2019

Photo of the Honourable Kim Pate by Patar knight, CC BY-SA 4.0

CKMSWWOM @ Mosport Day 1

Nothing like the smell of burnt rubber and race fuel in the morning. It was about 8:22 when we arrived at Mosport. The boss’s name is Chris, my partner’s name is the PehPeh. My name is James Jordan.

It was May 18, it was fair in Bowmanville. The cars are just about to enter the racing surface for practice. The weather of course a factor this weekend. Through the week the forecast has changed. It’s supposed to be overcast all weekend with warmer temps than usual. Track is “green” as they say. This means that the track surface doesn’t have much rubber build-up and heat. It’s been a long winter and this track is pretty fresh. Lots of cars out today from the other series so there is a greasy build-up of rubber in some turns.

Practice didn’t even start when the #02 TJ Rinomato had some sort of mechanical issue. There are word of some issues out of the LP Dumoulin camp despite a decent practice time of 1:23:38 which was 5th fastest. Ranger 4th with a 1:23:35, Tags 3rd with 1:23:18, Kevin Lacroix 2nd with a 1:22:89 and M.A. Camirand P1 with a solid 1:22:45. These practice runs will give us an idea of how qualifying will go down in a couple of hours. Notable runs today is Alex Labbe who is returning this season full time after giving the Xfinity series a try for the 2018 season. He ran 6th with a 1:23:78. Which was almost nearly as good as the defending champ LP. But Labbe will have a run for his monies worth trying to trim some time for qual.

Interesting to note that we may or may not see Andrew Ranger and Kevin Lacroix run around each other tomorrow as there is about a 1 second difference between the 2 driver’s. The last spring race here at Mosport, we saw a last lap fuel between the drivers, resulting in them wrecking each other and giving the lead away to the #47. But don’t count out the possibility of some old school payback.

Stay tuned here or @CKMSWWOM on Facebook and Twitter for more updates throughout the weekend!

Here are some more shots from around the track.
@CKMSWWOM Full gallery

6:30 PM Update
Track hasn’t changed since practice.
Klutt broke track record by 6 tenths of a second. The only driver to get into the 1:21 in qual. His own Dad had a faster lap which made him go a little faster. As discovered by one of our compadres Bryce Turner, Klutt’s last Pole at CTMP was in 2015 in which he earned his first win.

Here is our interview with Gary.

Our interview with pole sitter Gary Klutt .

Posted by CKMS Wide World Of Motorsports on Saturday, May 18, 2019

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Victoria Nicholas – In Conversation with Rashmi

Copy of Concert - Made with PosterMyWall.jpg











After a series of major & very difficult life events, she found herself addressing some serious mental health & nutritional needs in her life. A profound journey of consciousness found herself drawn to birth work, nurturing & supporting families. I am very excited to introduce you my next guest Victoria Nicholas from Victorian Wellness, a Doula who has an extensive knowledge with pregnancy, nutrition, fitness & pelvic muscle care in pregnancy & birth. Also a placenta specialist who loves aromatherapy, herbs & natural way of living. She began her Doula training in 2014, and supported many families over the years with birth & postpartum care. Those who know Victoria say she is nothing less than spectacular, a gifted listener and they felt safe, calm and more confident with her around.

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Into the Void May 17th 2019

Tonight’s show features independent music from Canada

10 pm!

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So Old It’s New set list for Monday, May 13, 2019

1. Deep Purple, Burn (live, from Made In Europe)
2. The Amboy Dukes, Loaded For Bear
3. Jesus Christ Superstar Soundtrack (1970 version), Simon Zealotes/Poor Jerusalem
4. Jesus Christ Superstar Soundtrack (1970 version), Pilate’s Dream
5. Alice Cooper, Halo Of Flies
6. Roxy Music, Like A Hurricane (live)
7. Neil Young, Fuckin’ Up
8. UFO, Love To Love
9. The Rolling Stones, Hide Your Love
10. Pink Floyd, Interstellar Overdrive
11. Bruce Cockburn, Mighty Trucks Of Midnight
12. Steely Dan, Midnight Cruiser
13. Dead Kennedys, Holiday In Cambodia
14. Elton Motello, Jet Boy, Jet Girl
15. Pretenders, Private Life
16. David + David, A Rock For The Forgotten
17. Bob Dylan, One More Cup Of Coffee
18. Jimmy Reed, You’ve Got Me Dizzy
19. ZZ Top, Thug
20. Bruce Springsteen, Drive All Night

CKMS Community Connections for 13 May 2019 — Brian Doucet and Matt White

Some links for the Show Notes still to come!

On the CKMS Community Connections for Monday, 13 May 2019 Yenny Stronge and Bob Jonkman spoke with Brian Doucet, Canada Research Chair in the School of Planning at the University of Waterloo in the first hour, then in the second hour with Matt White, the Artistic Director at Green Light Arts.

Show Notes

Brian Doucet
Brian Doucet

Brian Doucet

Brian Doucet is an Associate Professor in the School of Planning at the University of Waterloo, and the Canada Research Chair in Cities. He came to talk to us about gentrification and the LRT, but our conversation wandered a little.

The interview with Brian starts at 14m00s.

  • 14m00s: Part One
  • 37m07s: Part Two

Matt White
Matt White

Matt White

Matt White is the Artistic Director for Green Light Arts, which is putting on the play Guarded Girls from now until 19 May 2019.

  • Tue. Wed 14, 2019 | 7:30pm
  • Wed. May 15, 2019 | 7:30pm
  • Thurs. May 16, 2019 | 7:30pm
  • Fri. May 17, 2019 | 7:30pm
  • Sat. May 18, 2019 | 2:00pm
  • Sat. May 18, 2019 | 7:30pm
  • Sun. May 19, 2019 | 4:00pm

The Registry Theatre
122 Frederick St
Kitchener, ON


The interview with Matt starts at 1h13m30s.

  • 1h13m30s: Part One
  • 1h34m40s: Part Two
  • 1h58m44s: Part Three

KW Peace Calendar

The KW Peace events list starts at 1h50m41s.



Download: ckms-community-connections-2019-05-13.mp3 (110 MiBytes, 2h00m48s)

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Kaleena Schultz – In Conversation with Rashmi

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Every day is a chance to start again. We are not defined by our mistakes or missed opportunities. There are things that I wish I could have done differently, or that I could take back. I’m not perfect, but there is grace. It is there with me in my coming and going…everyday. When I sleep and when I wake. My past is for yesterday and my present shapes the future. Today, I choose grace.
I’m amazed that I can look back at where I was, even just a year ago, and see a huge difference in my self-confidence and perseverance”
Being true to herself and sharing her honest experiences so someone else will feel encouraged, Kaleena Schultz will tell it all…. In Conversation with Rashmi

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Into the Void May 10th 2019

Tonight’s show features alternative music from California! Another groovy trippy night in the VoiD! Be sure to tune in!

10 pm!

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*NEW Upload on CKMS Youtube!!! CKMS Live On-site at Ever After Music Festival 2018

NEW CKMS VIDEO ON YOUTUBE! CKMS Live On-site at the Ever After Music Festival 2018!

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CKMS-FM is Live On-site with Cameron Matthews and Joel Marshall at Ever After Music Festival 2018!
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CKMS Live at Ever After Music Festival

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Ever After Music Fest!!! Kitchener’s largest electronic and bass music festival! Be sure not to miss it this year on June 6, 7, 8, and 9th 2019 !!!

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Tickets available at

2018 Festival Map at Bingeman’s Kitchener.

Rebel Time Radio – May 8, 2019

  1. Citizen Fish – Talk About The Weather
  2. Nausea – Here Today
  3. Whorehouse of Representatives – Die On Your Knees
  4. Naked Aggression – Ode To A Fucked Up World
  5. Wipers – Alien Boy
  6. Alien Boys – Dogs
  7. Bad Cop/Bad Cop – Womanarchist
  8. War On Women – Divisive Shit
  9. Bad Religion – New Regime
  10. L7 – Stadium West
  11. The Specials – The Lunatics
  12. The Selecter – Frontline
  13. La Gachette – Guerre de Religion
  14. Subsistance – Police State
  15. The Rotten – I Say
  16. Crass – Punk’s Dead
  17. The Ruts – Something that I Said
  18. The Adicts – Smart Alex

Radio Waterloo