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CKMS offers a unique opportunity for anyone to broadcast on FM radio and aims to provide a space for community voices to be heard on an otherwise profit driven medium. Aside from that, CKMS is a very innovative radio station, offering multiple modern ways to get your content on the air:

  • Make use of our studio space which includes everything you need including DJ equipment. We provide all the training with no experience or previous technical skill required.
  • If you are already producing a podcast, add a new dimension to it by being on the FM dial. You can upload and schedule your content, even for a time when you are not available to do it live.
  • Stream from anywhere through your phone live on the radio.
  • Be heard on FM radio, Rogers digital cable ch 946, online live stream, blog and podcast hosting.
  • Stream live to air from any event or your home studio through the net.

CKMS is the “Sound of the Community”. As a community station we run as a co-op where each programmer helps to fund the station. These funds are a requirement to keep the station running. Shows often use sponsors to offset the fees.  If you’re ready to start a show on CKMS here are a few simple steps to get started:

  1. Check out the Schedule and look for an open time slot. If no open slot currently works, you can still get trained and put on the waiting list for a show. You will be able to fill-in until a slot becomes available.
    *Read the Special Note below if you are having trouble finding a time that works.
  2. Complete the following information. It will be sent to our Programing Coordinator.
  3. Secure your fees:
    a) CKMS has a yearly membership fee of $25.
    b) First and last months programming fees.
Type of Membership Regular Time
Low Demand Time (weekdays 9am-4pm and all nights midnight-6am)
Community $30/month


1 hour weekly show



1 hour weekly show

Student 50% discount:



1 hour weekly show

$15 /month


1 hour weekly show

Example, a 2 hour weekly show would cost a student member $36 per month.

Please complete this form:

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Show Sponsors will be added to the sponsor page on the website. Your sponsor can make cheques payable to Radio Waterloo Inc for official CKMS issue receipts for tax purposes.

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Next Steps:

  1. Our Programing Coordinator will get back to you with your new show’s approval
  2. Get your training. We will set you up with an experienced programmer that will help your show get started.
  3. Submit your Fees.
  4. Start your show!

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