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Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2017/01/04

Holy shmoly it’s Rebel Time Radio! And we made it to 2017! Rejoice!

In this episode Mike, Elysha, and Dan spin some of their favorite tracks from 2016. You’ll hear some Culture Shock, Spectres, Discharge, and The Maras. They also discuss some super important news stories from 2016, including the devastating and hugely significant Ketchup Wars. This is the best punk rock of the year right here. In yer face Punknews.org!

So hit play and remember last year like it was pretty ok!

Download the podcast here (right click and save the link)

Tonight’s set:

  1. Leftover Crack –  Down Under (Men At Work)
  2. Nefidovs – Union Made
  3. Culture Shock – Doesn’t Work for Me
  4. Prophets of Rage – Killing in the Name
  5. Alien Boys – Anthem
  6. Dead Ending – Ivanka Wants Her Orange Back
  7. D.O.A. – Fucked Up Donald
  8. Brutal Youth – The King
  9. G.L.O.S.S. – We Live
  10. Pure Disgust – Pipeline
  11. Unsanitary Napkin – Sweet Exploitation
  12. Plastic War – BYOD
  13. Spectres – New Buildings
  14. Discharge – End of Days
  15. The Maras – Muddy Susan
  16. The Descendents – Shameless Halo
  17. There Are Four Lights – There Are Four Lights
  18. Vomito – Sombras
  19. Disaster Strikes – In the Name of Corporate Personhood
  20. Belgrado – 1000 Spektakli
  21. The Rebel Spell – Solemn Eyes
  22. Jello Biafra and the New Orleans Raunch and Soul Superstars – Working in a Coal Mine


Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2016/12/28

Tonight Rebel Time Radio proudly  presents to you Rebel Time Records’ 2016 Year of Revolutionary Tunes! Down at the Rebel Time HQ, our comrades have been working hard scoping the world for the best in politically charged punk music. This year Rebel Time has brought you tunes from Action Sedition, Bull Brigade, Atterkop, Hold A Grudge,, Les Trois Huit, Les Partisans, and a bunch of bands that cover songs for the Rebel Spell tribute album.

Elysha and Dan spin some of the best tunes from these bands plus a few more to top it off. They banter on about basically nothing but have a fun time doing it! Maybe you will have a fun time listening?

So hit play and enjoy some of the sounds of the year!

Download the podcast here (right click and save the link!)

Tonight’s set:

  1. Atterkop – Picket Fence
  2. Brutal Youth  – The King
  3. Hold A Grudge – I’ll Be Your Friend
  4. Les Partisans – Mauvais Garcons
  5. Les Trois Huit – Jeunesse Fichee
  6. Action Sedition – Sous la Branche
  7. Bull Brigade – Motorcity
  8. Propagandhi – I Am a Rifle
  9. Spanner – I See Fire
  10. The Rebel Spell – Solemn Eyes
  11. Unsanitary Napkin – Trumphole
  12. Burning Kitchen – Sickness
  13. Oi Polloi – Our Winged Sisters
  14. D.O.A. – Fucked Up Donald
  15. The Maras – MD

If ya feel like supporting the bands and Rebel Time, go purchase some albums here. It makes a good late Christmas present for yourself or your punk rock friends and family!

Look at these glorious records we put out this year:

I told you they were glorious! So what are you waiting for? Go buy some albums! Drive the underground punk rock economy forward!

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2016/12/21

Ho ho ho it’s Rebel Time Radio’s Christmas Special bringing you all the holiday cheer…errm umm not quite cheer, more like holiday malarkey!

Join professional grinches Dan and Mike as they spin all your favorite holiday tunes from  the jolly punks in The Pointed Sticks, Bad Religion and the Angry Snowmans. Plus they play a bunch of normal punk rock tunage if Christmas music makes you a scrooge.

So on Donner, on Blitzen and on whatever else there names are! Don your red suit and buckle in for one hell of a sleigh ride.

Download the podcast here (right click and save the link)

Tonight’s set:

  1. La Gachette – Rien N’a Change
  2. Knucklehead – Shelters
  3. Epoxies – Tragedy
  4. The Action – TV’s on the Blink
  5. The Pointed Sticks – Powerpop Santa
  6. Young Canadians – Where Are You?
  7. The Normals – Poseurs
  8. Bad Religion – O Come Emmanuel
  9. Angry Snowmans – Slave to Saint Nick
  10. BWC Studios – Winter Wonderland
  11. Thee Infidels – Fun Sucks
  12. Satelite Kingston – El Enemigo
  13. Los Fastidios – Ya Basta!
  14. Youth Youth Youth – Domination
  15. 7 Seconds – Not Just Boys Fun
  16. War on Women – Glass Ceiling
  17. Skarpetter – She’s Got a Knife
  18. D.O.A. – Not Gonna Take Your Crap No More
  19. Burning Kitchen – Fucked Up
  20. Bernays Propaganda – Ordinary Toy
  21. Ultra Bide – Front Line
  22. Absinthe Rose – Roots of Anarcho
  23. The Rebel Spell – You Can’t Fool Me
  24. Random Killing – Prefab Homes
  25. The Poles – CN Tower
  26. Subhumans – Inquisition Day
  27. Circle Jerks – Golden Shower of Hits
  28. Weird Al Yankovic – Christmas at Ground Zero

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2016/12/07

Rebel Time Radio is back at it with more punk rock for your face holes! Tune into this week’s episode as Mike and Dan spin the best in political tunes that are meant to get you rocking and questioning authority!

You’ll hear super fantastic bands like SNFU, Unsanitary Napkin, The Maras, and The Rotten. You’ll also hear some really important banter about meaningful issues such as Santa Claus.

Now hit play or download the podcast and Rebel Time Radio yer heart out! This is it, don’t get scared now.

Download the podcast here (right click and save the link).

Tonight’s set:

  1. Naked Aggression – Right Now
  2. Bad Religion – Robin Hood in Reverse
  3. Youth Brigade – Fight to Unite
  4. SNFU – Mind Like a Door
  5. Final Four – Working
  6. Bus Station Loonies – The Threshers (Fund the Police)
  7. The Autonomads – Dickenson Three
  8. Unsanitary Napkin – Trumphole
  9. Ultra – Condenados
  10. The Spectres – New Buildings
  11. The Maras – J.O.Y.
  12. Moral Hex – MK Ultra
  13. The Bellicose Minds – The Mask
  14. Direct Action – International Blacklist
  15. The System – Dogs of War
  16. Che Chapter 127 – The Choicelessness Parade
  17. The Rotten – No Good At All
  18. The Restarts – Outsider
  19. Nomeansno – Angel or Devil
  20. Crass – I Ain’t Thick It’s Just a Trick
  21. The Selecter – Open Goal
  22. Skainhead – Abandonaras
  23. Spanner – Quiet Life

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2016/11/30 Metal Time Radio

RebelTimeRadioWhat’s this!? A heavy metal show programmed by a couple of punks? It’s true folks! Step right up for some of the best metal music that will tear your face apart and leave your begging for more solos and longer songs!

But seriously though, Mike and Dan agree that metal is awesome so tonight they pay tribute (in blood!) to some of the best metal tunes that have graced (Middle) Earth. You’ll here rockin tunes from Anthrax, Ancst, Iskra, Razor, Girlschool, and so much more! Mike and Dan also dis National Socialist Black Metal and give props to the antifascists in Montreal that won’t give these Nazi metal peckers a place to pronounce their dumb messages!

So strap into your motorcycle and race into the sunset, kickstart your heart cuz heavy metal is the law! (ok that was bad. Just hit play.)

Download the podcast here (right click and save the link)

Tonight’s set:

  1. Iron Maiden – The Trooper
  2. Coven – Wicked Woman
  3. 3 Inches of Blood – The Goatriders’ Horde
  4. Anthrax – Madhouse
  5. Slayer – Disciple
  6. Anvil – Metal on Metal
  7. Malefaction – Right Wing Obsolescence
  8. Dark Circles – Void
  9. Ancst – No More Words
  10. Iskra – Insurrection
  11. Razor – Evil Invaders
  12. Ministry – Jesus Built My Hotrod
  13. Napalm Death – Nazi Punks Fuck Off
  14. D.O.A. – Motorbreath
  15. Girlschool – Emergency
  16. Motorhead – Rock n’ Roll
  17. Voivod – Ravenous Medicine
  18. Amebix – Winter
  19. Judas Priest – You Got Another Thing Coming
  20. Vice Squad – Enter Sandman
  21. Municipal Waste – Wolves of Chernobyl
  22. Nausea – Cybergod
  23. Budgie – Breadfan
  24. The Iron Monkees – The Trooper

Rebel Time Radio – 2016/11/23

RebelTimeRadioDon’t look now, it’s Rebel Time Radio! We got enough politically charged punk rock to encourage any youngsters to pick up radical leftist books, so strap yerself in and tear down the system with wicked tunes!

Mike and Dan tirelessly bring you the best in political punk rock week after week, and they’re at it again! You’ll hear the amazing sounds of MDC, D.O.A., War on Women and The Selecter. You’ll also hear our humble disc jockey’s talking about Green Day’s antics at the AMAs and giving the middle finger to cops fighting against the water protectors at the North Dakota Pipeline at Standing Rock. Oh that analysis hits hard against the colonialists!

So hit the play button or download this episode, and get ready to rebel!

Download the podcast here (right click and save the link)

This episode’s set:

  1. Chumbawamba – Bad Dog
  2. House of Commons – American Patriot
  3. The Adicts – Don’t Exploit Me
  4. Hockey Teeth – Don’t Belong
  5. Dead Kennedys – We’ve Got A Bigger Problem Now
  6. MDC – Greedy and Pathetic
  7. D.O.A. – Stand Up Now
  8. 7 Seconds – Rock Together, Walk Together
  9. D.O.A. – Police Brutality
  10. The Effigies – Quota
  11. Youth Youth Youth – Blue Stain
  12. Section 4 – Police is Cops
  13. Alien Boys – Anthem
  14. Infamous Scientists – Canada is Pissed
  15. Nomeansno – I’m An Asshole
  16. Subhumans – Death to the Sickoids
  17. War on Women – Glass City
  18. Tilt – Die of Shame
  19. Beyond Pink – Know Your Enemy
  20. Dead Kennedys – Hellnation
  21. Red Union – The Partisan
  22. Propagandhi – Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes
  23. Skinny Puppy – Killing Game
  24. The Selecter – Fuck Art, Let’s Dance

Catch Rebel Time Radio every Wednesday at 9PM on 100.3 Sound FM or soundfm.ca and whenever we get around to podcasting.

If you want your band’s tunes on the show, shoot an email to rebeltimedan@gmail.com

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2016/11/09

RebelTimeRadioIn these times of darkness there is but one light: the light of the politically charged punk rock tunes of Rebel Time Radio! Join Mike and Dan as they play the best anti-fascist songs and other ditties that question the legitimacy of the new American president and government in general. They also provide some fresh analysis on the election outcome cuz Mike and Dan do a good job pretending they’re smart.

You’ll hear some songs by Propagandhi, Dead Kennedys, Spanner, and more! Also stay tuned to the end because Rebel Time Radio gets taken over by the orange pimple president elect himself – say hello to Rebel Trump Radio!

So hit play and prepare for another 4 years of murderous American government and general bad policy that makes the rich richer and the poor poorer!

Download the podcast here (right click and save the link!)

Tonight’s set:

  1. Propagandhi – Speculative Fiction
  2. War on Women – Servillia
  3. The Subhumans – America Commits Suicide
  4. D.O.A. – Fucked Up Donald
  5. Propagandhi – The State Lottery
  6. Dead Kennedys – Moral Majority
  7. Chumbawamba – Always Tell The Voter What the Voter Wants to Hear
  8. Dayglo Abortions – Wake Up America
  9. Jellow Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine – White People and the Damage Done
  10. Witch Hunt – Blood Red States
  11. MDC – Patriot Asshole
  12. The Selecter – Big in the Body
  13. TSOL – Abolish Government/Silent Majority
  14. Spanner – Always Antifascist
  15. Johnny Hobo and the Freight Train – Election Song
  16. Bad Religion – Let them Eat War
  17. The Stretch Marks – Who’s In Charge
  18. The Rebel Spell – Pride and Prejudice
  19. Preying Hands – Breathe

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2016/11/02

RebelTimeRadioWell would ya look at that, another brand spankin’ new episode of Rebel Time Radio! Loaded with all your favorite toppings and sauces like a vegan taco, we got all the political punk rock to slam into your face holes. Bring a napkin or two for this one!

Tonight Mike and Dan open the gates of hell with tunes from Chumbawama, Cambridge, Submission Hold, Brutal Youth, and more! Dan goes on a fairly short rant about the Dakota Access Pipeline and how governments and corporations work together to continue to the colonial project against indigenous people – big ups to the land defenders at Standing Rock! Mike also learns how to spell “radio.” Bloody brilliant!

Time to hit play and get punk rockin’!

Download the episode here (right click and save the link)

Tonight’s set:

  1. Circle Jerks – When the Shit Hits the Fan
  2. Dog Faced Hermans – Mary Houdini
  3. Ultra Bide – DNA vs DNA-C
  4. Chumbawamba – Timebomb
  5. The Young Canadians – I Hate Music
  6. Subhumans – Behind the Smile
  7. Propagandhi – Hate, Myth, Muscle, Etiquette
  8. War on Women – Roe v World
  9. Police Funeral – 500 Years
  10. Whorehouse of Representatives – Stolen Land
  11. Cambridge – Hole in the Ground
  12. D.O.A. – Pipeline Fever
  13. Alien Boys – Anthem
  14. Submission Hold – Hawks and Doves and Time
  15. Brutal Youth – Hostile Work Environment
  16. The Rebel Spell – The Tsilhqot’in War
  17. General Rudie – So Much
  18. Skainhead – Cervasas

Rebel Time Radio – Episode 2016/10/26

RebelTimeRadioGood evening. This is the Rebel Time Radio Haunted Halloween episode. Prepare for a soundtrack of spooky punk rock sounds. Muahahaha!

You’ll hear some horror obsessed bands like The Cramps, TSOL, Nash the Slash, and Siouxsie and the Banshees, not to mention some other creepy tunes! Mike and Dan talk about some horror flicks, pumpkins, and Dan wets his pants. Scary!

Make this the soundtrack to your Halloween party, and have everyone running for their lives!

Download the podcast here (right click and save the link!)

  1. Bauhaus – Bella Legosi’s Dead
  2. The Decay – Surf Zombies Must Die
  3. Dead Kennedys – Halloween
  4. Ramones – Chainsaw
  5. The Creepshow – Zombies Ate Her Brain
  6. Boris Pickett and the Crypt Kickers – The Monster Mash
  7. Anasazie – Bone Collector
  8. Rudimentary Peni – Hearse
  9. 45 Grave – Party Time
  10. TSOL – Silent Scream
  11. Romeo Liquor Store – Terror In the Swamp/I Eat Brains
  12. The Cramps – Goo Goo Muk
  13. Ghost Stories – Halloween vs. Ghost Stories
  14. Ramones – Pet Sematary
  15. Nash the Slash – Children of the Night
  16. The Damned – Wait for the Blackout
  17. Metro Cult – The Ghost
  18. Siouxsie and the Banshees – Halloween


Rebel Time Radio – 2016/10/19

RebelTimeRadioWe’re loud! We’re angry! We’re Rebel Time Radio! And we deliver podcast to you a week after recording! Tune in for a set of heavily politicized punk rock and ska sprinkled with some oi and a dash of hardcore!

On tonight’s episode you’ll hear Oi Polloi, Atterkop, Off With Their Heads, Section 4, Crass, and more! You’ll also hear Dan go on and on about the dangers of creeping fascism. He also does a terrible impression of both Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump. You won’t want to miss it!

So hit play and get rockin!

Click here to download the podcast here (right click and save the link)

Tonight’s set:

  1. Pogomarto – Un connard, une connasse
  2. The Rebel Spell – Hacksaw
  3. Bad Religion – Oh What Can You Do?
  4. Oi Polloi – Bash the Fash
  5. Good Riddance – A Credit to His Gender
  6. Atterkop – Picket Fence
  7. This Is My Fist – Skyscrapers Gone Crazy
  8. Nomeansno – The Tower
  9. Off With Their Heads – Theme Song
  10. Propagandhi – Fuck the Border
  11. Luvdump – No Borders
  12. The Adicts – Distortion
  13. The Lillingtons – Vaporize My Brain
  14. Jeunesse Apatride – Streets of Montreal
  15. The Selecter – See Them A Come
  16. Section 4 – Take Down Yer Fuckin’ Posters
  17. Infamous Scientists – Canada’s Pissed
  18. Crass – Nagasaki Nightmare

Catch Rebel Time Radio every Wednesday at 9PM on 100.3 Sound FM or soundfm.ca and whenever we get around to podcasting.

If you want your band’s tunes on the show, shoot an email to rebeltimedan@gmail.com