Unicorn Popcorn

Want to play some good music to listen to with the kids but hate the junk that is pitched as kids’ music? Unicorn Popcorn is here to help.

Each week Mr. Sparkles and his daughter Little Miss Sparkles, bring you a crazy-fresh mix of the dopest tracks from so many genres. So many genres. Indie rock, pop, hip hop, funk, punk, cartoon themes, etc. Unicorn Popcorn!

The show livestreams (that’s right live!) each Sunday night from 6:30 – 7:30 pm right here on CKMS Radio Waterloo. On-demand archive versions of an episode go up online usually within 24 hours and are available on our website, iTunes Podcasts, Google Play and elsewhere.

Keep up with the show on our super-karate website at gounicornpopcorn.com! We’re also on the Instagram (@gounicornpopcorn) and the Facebook (@gounicornpopcorn).


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