SoundFM – CKMS 100.3

Here is our currentish schedule: If the time space is empty, then pitch a show, become a member and program a show! If it has *show name* then it is a syndicated show and we can likely move it around if you want that space. all other shows are on when they say they are on and change when the programmer chooses 🙂

* = syndicated content

2 thoughts on “SoundFM – CKMS 100.3”

  1. Hi Chris: There’s no program actually called “Maximum Rock N’ Roll”, but there are a number of good Rock’n’Roll shows on the schedule. Check out So Old It’s New (Mondays 8-10pm), Requiem For Rock (Wednesdays 10-11pm), or Wadio Wam! (Sundays 1-2pm).


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