Jesse Webber and Jack Drysdale Pender of The Crazy Diamonds chat about Mid-Winter Meltdown at The Registry Theatre – Part 1

In Part 1 the dynamic duo discuss the logistics and their raison d’etre for playing Pink Floyd, and then play A Little Live Unplugged Floyd from Wish You Were Here. They also chat their recent Friends of Sheena Benefit at the Rabbid Fox which they presented with fellow musical friends Wormwood Scrubs, and Dave Huber. For raising a significant amount of money for Sheena and her family, my leopard print lighter salutes you!
Jesse and Jack also talk about the Diamonds next Dazzler – Mid-Winter Meltdown happening Sat Feb 2 at The Registry Theatre with Joe Forster and the Country Renovators as these two bands share the stage for a great night of music!

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