It is 2:25am in Radioland the morning before airtime

I’ve been hard at *cough* work, play what have you,preparing my first show in some time. I’ve actually opted to do some production on the show and except for the 5 or so bluescreens tonight things have moved ahead. You’ll have to tune in at lunch or download whatever is podcast to hear. Unless you are someone I am sending it to.

None the less the show highlights some words on thunderbolt and Huron shamanism.

I’ll say up front I was interested to notice Beta was bringing in Cosmic Gate, following the white rabbit I’ve seen about getting touch with the machine that is Cosmic and hope to at some point in the future get in some words from them on the show. Unfortunately they are on tour and will be in the US when my show airs this Friday. None the less we will listen to a couple tracks off their new album. More info on cosmics tour can be found at their website.
More tour dates were listed in their full schedule so I can’t say what extra shows are happening ormif the dates were skipped. They are due to hit a couple pkaces in Canada such as Montreal before heading back to the US and Texas. Hopefully ther will be a followup to Cosmic by Christmas.

Also ATB will have some play today as I’ve been in the Sauna with someone who looks like him sorta, a couple times this month and it was inspirational, and I’m pleased of the result.

There will be of course some music you have yet to hear me play, and likely anyone play.

So if you listen I hope you enjoy. Track suggestions always welcome.

May murphey be locked in a trunk and thrown in the sea during this show. -| +

If your name is murphey also known as Jesus Murphey, I apologize, I speak of Jesus Murphey not any old Murphey.
Topchart will be posted after the show.

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