Tamara Neill of Idea Exchange and Michael Gabriel’s Strings Attached.


Michael Gabriel's String Attached
Michael Gabriel’s String Attached

Idea Exchange (formerly the Cambridge libraries) is a very successful Art + Design initiative which has flourished in the city of Cambridge.

Tamara Neill, of Idea Exchange speaks about how this innovative re-branding has fosters relationships with other arts organizations in Waterloo Region, and beyond, in visual arts, cultural activities for all ages, film and music.

LA based singer/songwriter Michael Gabriel is a great example of Idea Exchange’s mandate.

He contacted them from his home base in LA regarding his traveling orchestral series “Strings Attached.”

Thanks to Idea Exchange who provided the facilities, (and also hosted these events) Michael was able to conduct a youth song writing workshop, and “Strings Attached” preview concert with cellist Trina Nadeau. He also worked with St. Benedict’s High School choral ensemble and Cambridge based adult choir The Hoot.

On Friday October 17 Michael Gabriel’s “Strings Attached” will be performed at Cambridge Arts Centre featuring these two choirs, and his mini-orchestra which includes core members Trina Nadeau, cello, and Sandy Ludwig, piano, in addition to Karen Spithoff, violin, and newest member Joy Schuster who on viola.

Or more info and tickets. Partial proceeds will go the Cambridge Shelter Corporation. http://www.cambridgesheltercorp.ca/

For Strings Attached tickets  www.cambridgecommunityplayers.com

For more about Idea Exchange  http://ideaexchange.org/

For more about Michael Gabriel  www.michaelgabrielmusic.com

Here is my chat with Tamara Neill from Idea Exchange featuring the music of Michael Gabriel including “Bye Bye So Long” (with choir accompaniment), “Penelope Rose”, and radio single “Angel Wings.” –

I think this will be  very special night for the community – Coral FM