Kaufman Arts Artistic Director Rachel Kaufman Behling on Coral FM

Kaufman Arts Initiative

Rachel Kaufman Behling – Visionary

This is an older chat but Rachel has taken the concept of Kaufman Arts Studio to the next level through the Kaufman Arts Initiative. 

We have decided to take a ‘leap of faith,’ shifting our focus from a physical studio space to an incentive and vision beyond four walls. 

The Kaufman Arts Studio will now be the Kaufman Arts Initiative; an incentive to promote and support both Professional and Emerging Artists. One of the fundamental principles for the Initiative will be working within the community, acting as a bridge between corporate, academic and artistic enterprises. We wish to mentor, support and fund artists, with a strong emphasis on training and development.
This will be an ever-evolving Project, as we still stand by our mandate to support this Community wholeheartedly with creative collaboration, support and yes- FUNDING! We want to hear your ideas for new, innovative study and creation, and will support all Artists and members of the Community who seek to become part of projects within a healthy, happy and creative spirit.
I would be happy to hear from you about collaboration or any ideas you have that would benefit our Community as we move forward with this amazing Project. Our Facebook page and Twitter address have not changed, so please follow us for all the exciting news!  – Rachel.

On the show rachel speaks about the Robertson Davies play that the collective did as well.