So Old It’s New set list, Monday, Sept. 10/12

Song, artist, album:

1. Fly Tomorrow, John Mayall, Blues from Laurel Canyon
2. Cherry Red, Groundhogs, Live At Leeds
3. Blind, Deep Purple, Deep Purple (third album, Mark I lineup)
4. Plastic Fantastic Lover, Jefferson Airplane, Surrealistic Pillow
5. Lather, Jefferson Airplane, Crown of Creation
6. Crazy Mary, Pearl Jam, Sweet Relief: A Benefit for Victoria Williams
7. Gotsta Get Paid, ZZ Top, La Futura (new release)
8. Chartreuse, ZZ Top, La Futura
9. Consumption, ZZ Top, La Futura
10. Over You, ZZ Top, La Futura
11. Heartache in Blue, ZZ Top, La Futura
12. Master of the Universe, Hawkwind, Masters of the Universe
13. Prelude to Aire/Aire, Chicago, Chicago VII
14. Memory Motel, The Rolling Stones, Black and Blue
15. Duquesne Whistle, Bob Dylan, Tempest (new release)
16. Soon After Midnight Bob Dylan, Tempest
17. Narrow Way, Bob Dylan, Tempest
18. Long and Wasted Years, Bob Dylan, Tempest
19. Roll On John, Bob Dylan, Tempest
20. Stormy Monday, The Allman Brothers Band, The Fillmore Concerts

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