4 thoughts on “81 82 83 84 Episode 050: I’m Tired of Waking Up Tired”

  1. The Diodes did “I wanna go to New York City” did they not?

    I think I saw them at “The Edge” in Toronto.

    Great set list Lee!

    1. Actually that was the Demics, Alex. Another great local band from the same timeframe – slightly edgier and angrier than the Diodes but another that was great to see live. Thanks for listening!

  2. I saw The Diodes at the Cedar Lounge in London, Ontario around 1982 on a Wednesday night, only a few people in the room drinking Labatts Blue in Quarts Bottles……….good show!

    Gary Van Osch

    1. The Diodes always put on a good show! I saw them in the K-W area several times. Not exactly sure where though – I was probably drinking quart bottles so… 🙂

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