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81 82 83 84 is a retro-alternative show focusing on music I loved when I attended the University of Waterloo and volunteered at CKMS in the early 1980’s.

You’ll hear a lot of New Wave, punk, post-punk, ska, early goth. Some experimental stuff too, with the occasional more-mainstream tune mixed in.

81 82 83 84 airs on Saturday from 10:00pm to 11:00pm, with a replay on Wednesday from 11:00pm to Midnight.

Recent Episodes

81 82 83 84 Season 3 Episode 17: The Keys to Your Heart I found the keys The keys to your heart I got them on a chain When the doors come apart We’ll never be the same
81 82 83 84 Season 3 Episode 16: Add Your Voice to the Sound of the Crowd Get in line now, get in line now Stay in time with the rhythm and rhyme Get around town, no need to stand proud Add your voice to the sound of the crowd  
81 82 83 84 Season 3 Episode 15: Women Around the World at Work I know if I catch you it might turn out That it’s not as much fun as I hope it would be ‘Cause wishing and waiting is what it’s  about And dreams are worth more than reality
81 82 83 84 Season 3 Episode 14: You’re Everywhere That I’m Not You’re in New York, but I’m not. You’re in Tokyo, but I’m not. You’re in Nova Scotia, but I’m not. Yeah, you’re everywhere that I’m not.
81 82 83 84 Season 3 Episode 13: Essence is Laid Bare The genius sunburst finish disappears In the final glow The seed is sown the flowers grow Nirvana is so very far away A million miles of broken glass A million faces from behind Straight between the eyes
81 82 83 84 Season 3 Episode 12: Some of the Best Alternative Songs of the Year … 1978 The now-defunct UK music magazine Sounds published its list of the Top 100 singles of the year in late December 1978. I recently came across this list (shown below) and picked out several that were unfamiliar to me, or that I hadn’t thought about for a long time, and cobbled them into this week’s offering. … Continue reading 81 82 83 84 Season 3 Episode 12: Some of the Best Alternative Songs of the Year … 1978
81 82 83 84 Season 3 Episode 11: Walking in the Rain Walking down the street, kicking cans Looking at the billboard – also-ran Summing up the people, checking out the race Doing what I’m doing, feeling out of place
81 82 83 84 Season 3 Episode 10: Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animals! So whatever you say It’s all fine by me Who the f*ck anyway wants a Christmas tree? Cause the snow keeps on fallin’ Even though we were bad It’ll cover the filth We should both just be glad
81 82 83 84 Season 3 Episode 9: The Things that Dreams are Made Of Take time to see the wonders of the world To see the things you’ve only ever heard of Dream life the way you think it ought to be See things you thought you’d never ever see
81 82 83 84 Season 3 Episode 8: Fairytale of New York I could have been someone Well so could anyone You took my dreams from me When I first found you I kept them with me babe I put them with my own Can’t make it all alone I’ve built my dreams around you

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11 thoughts on “81 82 83 84”

  1. hey Lee just checking if you are still happening???? haven’t seen a new show in over 2 weeks – what’s up ??????

    1. How nice of you to notice! Just taking a bit of a breather. Replay again tonight but I’ll make a point of putting a new show together for next Saturday. It’s motivating to know someone cares. Very much appreciated!

  2. I remember “Family Affair” and saw the Diodes live doing “Child Star.” Great song.

    Long live MRS. BEASLEY!!

    1. Mrs. Beasley made more money than any of the cast members. Oh yes…Cissy Rocked those flip-dos and headbands…a little boy’s muse vision of older girls! Yeah poor Anissa…sordid.

  3. I enjoyed your set-list tonight!

    Glad to have your show on after mine on Wednesday nights now! Good fit…..

    Best wishes.

    Requiem for Rock

  4. An excellent addition to the CKMS lineup, this show provides a nice balance of moods, tempos and themes anchored in the pivotal 81-84 period in music. In each section, Lee digs deep to showcase the more extraordinary and influential tracks from this era’s essential artists, many now sadly obscure. Enjoyable for the songs remembered fondly and even more for the standouts I overlooked. Just a couple episodes in and I can hardly wait for the next.

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