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81 82 83 84 is a retro-alternative show focusing on music I loved when I was a University of Waterloo student and volunteered at CKMS in the early 1980’s.

You’ll hear a lot of New Wave, punk, ska, early goth. Some experimental stuff too, with the occasional more-mainstream tune mixed in.


81 82 83 84 airs on Saturday from 10:00pm to 11:00pm, with a replay on Wednesday from 11:00pm to Midnight.

Recent Episodes

81 82 83 84 Season 2 Episode 19: Rest Gently, Sweet Poet Sadly we bid farewell this week to the genius singer, songwriter, and guitarist Tom Verlaine. He was the founder and driving force behind the groundbreaking band Television who reshaped music as part of the late 70’s NYC scene. This week’s show features some of Verlaine’s music. Hope you’ll enjoy and look up more of his … Continue reading 81 82 83 84 Season 2 Episode 19: Rest Gently, Sweet Poet
81 82 83 84 Season 2 Episode 18: J. G. Ballard This week’s show comprises songs inspired by the writings of the masterful British sci-fi novelist and story-teller, J. G. Ballard.  
81 82 83 84 Season 2 Episode 17: Mummy, Daddy, Look at Me! Hey you, in the front row  Are you coming backstage after the show?  Because I’ve got a chaise longue in my dressing room  And a pack of warm beer that we can consume  
81 82 83 84 Season 2 Episode 16: Punk and New Wave Classics This week’s show features music not heard previously on this show, selected from the #PunkandNewWaveClassics tournament on Twitter that can be found on the “Everything 80’s” feed curated by @Oliver_Shergold.  Check it out by clicking here!
81 82 83 84 Season 2 Episode 15: Something Better Change Don’t you like the way I move when you see me?Don’t you like the things that I say?Don’t you like the way I seem to enjoy it?When you shout things but I don’t care
81 82 83 84 Season 2 Episode 14: Happy New Year! Walk out to winter, swear I’ll be there Chill will wake you, high and dry You’ll wonder why Walk out to winter, swear I’ll be there Chance is buried just below the blinding snow
81 82 83 84 Season 2 Episode 13: Into the Valley Out of concealment Blank and stark-eyed Why so uncertain? This culture deceives
81 82 83 84 Season 2 Episode 12: So Where the Hell is Memphis? I had a one-way ticket and a little radio I turned it on, heard the sound from twenty years ago Somebody smiled and said, that’s the only way to go He died at twenty-one, now nobody’s innocent in Memphis! So where the hell is Memphis?
81 82 83 84 Season 2 Episode 11: Rebel Girl(s) When she walks, the revolution’s comin’In her hips, there’s revolutionWhen she talks, I hear the revolutionIn her kiss, I taste the revolution
81 82 83 84 Season 2 Episode 10: Teenage Beer Drinking Party Hide all the antiques And put all the paintings away Now it’s my turn To heat up the RCA Open up the fridge And put all the food to the rear Make a lot of room For another couple boxes of beer

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8 thoughts on “81 82 83 84”

  1. I remember “Family Affair” and saw the Diodes live doing “Child Star.” Great song.

    Long live MRS. BEASLEY!!

    1. Mrs. Beasley made more money than any of the cast members. Oh yes…Cissy Rocked those flip-dos and headbands…a little boy’s muse vision of older girls! Yeah poor Anissa…sordid.

  2. I enjoyed your set-list tonight!

    Glad to have your show on after mine on Wednesday nights now! Good fit…..

    Best wishes.

    Requiem for Rock

  3. An excellent addition to the CKMS lineup, this show provides a nice balance of moods, tempos and themes anchored in the pivotal 81-84 period in music. In each section, Lee digs deep to showcase the more extraordinary and influential tracks from this era’s essential artists, many now sadly obscure. Enjoyable for the songs remembered fondly and even more for the standouts I overlooked. Just a couple episodes in and I can hardly wait for the next.

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