Board Meeting Minutes for Radio Waterloo – 2012-05-24

6:38PM – Meeting to order
Attendance: Sam, Nat, Kelvin, Matthew Pompeo (DJ Savior/Space Committee), Zoe, Jordan, Mark Ciesluk, Dan Kellar

-Committee update
-Charity status update
-members forum:
Mold/possible moving
Annual award for DJ excellence
Discussion of censure of William Ashley

Motion to approve agenda: Mark
Second: Jordan
Vote: Pass

Motion: BIRT, barring any unresolved complaints after online review the minute of the April 30th meeting be approved – Mark
Second: Dan Kellar
Vote: pass

-Committee meeting

Finance update:

Bank account: $1200
Reimbursments to be paid: $1200
Outstanding programming fees: $3000
Reimbursement to Dan Keller of ~$600 will be paid in return for programming fees owing


Carmello will work with DJ JD to get a fundraising event in the works

Space Committee:

Everything mostly clean
Supplies needed: All purpose cleaning, sponge, rubber glove (Matt will possibly get these and be reimbursed)
Coffee cups in the recycling bin – It must stop. If there’s non-recyclable stuff then Nat can’t put out the recycling. New sign that cannot be missed could be made, preferably at a next to nothing cost
Need: Bigger garbage bin
Need: Fan
Tower was cleaned up: Squirrel kicked out, windows sealed off from sunlight, AC attended too, some new shingles

Tech Committee

Tower/transmitters have been slightly malfunctioning. Suggested we buy new computers instead of making some out of used piecemeal.
No internet to the megaseg computer and the phone wasn’t working at least last night and maybe some more (last night = May 23)
Possible solar power generation for the tower
May need new CD players, if not right away – Errors/complaints about the current performance – Carmello may be able to help out with this a month from now.


We will not be going to the NCRC conference
Request for a more convenient clipboard system for the log sheets. Requires: A clipboard
What about an update to megaseg? Need new computers first.

Promotions and Outreach

Short summary – To reach out to the community to spread awareness for long-term links with community groups
–More than emails. Putting up posters, others forms of community outreach. Jordan will take this under his wing. Currently has a poster in the works.


If one show brings in $1000 of ads, they might just use that to pay off their whole show for a few months. If we go ‘straight commission’, they get a cut of an ad they bring in, but the station gets a portion as well. Sponsors only get played on your show. Advertising gets played at all times. Sponsors can go towards your own show, ads don’t.

Policy Committee

By-laws have been updates since last AGM.
Some board members, specifically Dan, were on a Will Holiday.
Other than that, ACTION: we will be updating our advertising policy and our membership code of conduct in the next few weeks; draft at next board meeting.

Members Forum

Mold issues and potential moving:
Mold: The mold is for sure in the ventilation system. There’s no telling how long it’s been there. Fire damage from the past has laid the ground for a potential catastrophic mold situation. May not be black mold yet, but the conditions exist. There is no perfect seal between our DJ station and the damage in the next room. It could take years for symptoms to show – the danger is paramount. No word from Zack B. on any official investigation to this. Considering past experience, there is no seemingly foreseeable help directly from the landlord. Matt will be more direct with the landlord after first discussion this with other tenants, possibly taking this to the health and safety people of the City of Waterloo. Him ignoring us may leave us with having to move, us bugging him about it may result in serious work in the building which may also lead to us having to move out. *May consider looking into renter’s insurance to protect us financially. Matt recommends we leave in a couple months.
Moving: Dan suggests places on Regina, park, john, allen, duke. We can move our headquarters to Kitchener. Matt requests we look for a place where we could host live music. Possible collaboration with new community space that Dan brought up.

Member complaint about William Ashley: Dan is undergoing harassment by SoundFM member William Ashley.(calling of police onto Dan, harassing other members with emails that have a clear personal vendetta against Danthat puts said members in uncomfortable places)(Also called Mark a Nazi and the rest of the Board of Directors criminals). Dan requests some policy for removing members under certain conditions like the current level of harassment that Dan is currently enduring.

DJ AdRock Annual Award for DJ Excellence (tentative title) – Possible return of award and ceremony(or BBQ). Possible event in September (after we’re debt free) for a DJ social and award ceremony. (~$500?)

Next Meeting: Tentatively Scheduled for Sunday, 10 June 2012 (Approx. 6:30, some place cheaper)

Motion End meeting now – Mark
Second: Dan
Vote: Pass

Meeting adjourned – 8:07PM

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