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I want to talk with inhabitants of the world, about what they care about. Play some music, talk about events & Horses of course! About me: I love horses, people & the world. Peace out. Love thyself as you do thy neighbour, fellow humans & family. Wanna give PEACE a chance once & for all. Ya man.

Blue Sky Horse Radio for 15 August 2020 with Unsheltered Residents and Karen Nelson

In the first hour Jenniefer Stronge speaks with various residents at a Waterloo Region encampment for unsheltered residents. Follow the Unsheltered Campaign at the Civic Hub WR.

In the second hour Jenniefer has a phone call with Karen Nelson to talk about animal abuse at slaughterhouses and during the transportation of animals, and talk about the death of Regan Russell, who was killed by a truck driver at an animal vigil.

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Facebook video for Unsheltered Residents

Conversations with unsheltered in Kitchener – follow Unsheltered Campaign via Civic Hub

Facebook video for conversation with Karen Nelson

Posted by Blue Sky Horse Radio on Saturday, August 15, 2020

Blue Sky Horse Radio was live.

Blue Sky Horse Radio meets Craig Downer, Wildlife Ecologist/Wild Horse Advocate Extraordinaire

Craig Downer has spent his life working and advocating for wildlife. He travels the world to be an effective voice for the voiceless. He is an conservationist & environmentalist. And well known amongst horse warriors internationally. He has recently been to Australia, and saw the Brumbies (wild horses). His website is

For those who know of Wild Horse Annie, Craig knew her, and describes her as “an amazing woman with a lot of grit and compassion for horses.” As we ran out of time on this episode of BSHR, Craig promised to come back soon!


blue-sky-horse-radio-2020-07-25-h2-Craig+Downer.mp3, 53.6 MBytes, 58m32s

Blue Sky Horse Radio meets Waterloo Region Yes in My Backyard /Unsheltered

Conversation  with Martin Asling,  Waterloo Region Yes in My Backyard, as well as Lesley Crompton, Social Development Centre Waterloo Region/Civic Hub. Joining conversation also, is Unsheltered resident, Terry Kaan, T.K.

Grassroot movement, anti poverty work & building better futures for KW residents, & people experiencing homelessness.

blue-sky-horse-radio-2020-07-25-h1-YIMBY%2BUnsheltered.mp3 51.5 MBytes, 56m14s

Blue Sky Horse Radio interviews Regan Sunshine Brussé of the Unsheltered Campaign

Shelter 4 All | Unsheltered Campaign

Regan Sunshine Brussé
Regan Sunshine Brussé
On 11 July 2020 Jenniefer Stronge chatted with Regan Sunshine Brussé of the Unsheltered Campaign.

blue-sky-horse-radio-2020-07-11-with-Regan-Sunshine-Brusse.mp3 (109.8 MBytes, 1h59m53s)

Blue Sky Horse Radio

Advocacy oriented for horses and people. show logoBlue Sky Horse Radio started out for horses, and quickly grew from there to include non equine themes. Have recently added the Facebook Live as well. Otherwise you can find Radio Waterloo online at including CKMS-FM 102.7 in Kitchener & Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Support music as well. Love to all.

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