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Coral Andrews is a Kitchener, Ontario based writer whose by line has appeared in many publications... for over three decades including national magazines – 
Saturday Night, Take One, Graffiti, The New Quarterly, Canplay,Performing Arts and Entertainment in Canada, and Harrowsmith. Regional Publications include: Grand Magazine, Most Magazine, Green Magazine, Taste Magazine, Own Magazine, Proud Magazine and many others, in addition to digital publications - Start Arts and Culture, Suite and Favourite interviews include: Lynn Redgrave, Phyllis Diller, Cynthia Lennon, and Graham Chapman from Monty Python. She recently won the 2012 Special Jury Award from the Waterloo Reion Arts Awards Currrently Coral contributes to weekly art magazine Nightlife for Waterloo Region Record.

Bob Blue’s Playlist – One Coooolomundo Truck




This is one Cool Truck. He is part of the Enbridge Ride to Cure Cancer Fundraiser and he gave me his own playlist!
This is one Cool Truck. He is part of the Enbridge Ride to Cure Cancer Fundraiser and he gave me his own playlist!

Bob Blue and his very good friend Bryan Charles Peter decided to put together a playlist and I had a wee chat with Bryan and Bob who are promoting a very special event at Rhapsody Barrel Bar.

Bob is going people a ride around the area as part of a silent auction – and for a $2 donation people can have their pic taken with Bob  for Enbridge Ride to Conquer  Cancer. On May 27th, 2016, we will be hosting an amazing evening at the Rhapsody Barrel Bar in downtown Kitchener, filled with entertainment, prizes, a silent auction and more. This event is a precursor to the annual Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer, a grueling 200 km bike endeavor from Toronto to Niagara Falls that raises money to support local cancer treatment centers. This year the brave rider’s taking on this challenge are Melissa Becker, Ryan Becker, Brandon Becker, Brayden Eghoetz-Martens, Riley Eghoetz-Martens, and Brock Roth. In November of 2015, the Becker family suffered the passing of their loving mother, Alison Becker, who fought a long battle with ovarian cancer for 6 years. The team of six brave individuals is riding in remembrance of her while supporting the foundation that has helped them in so many ways. This year, the team’s goal is to raise $15,000 for the Princess Margaret Cancer Center in Toronto, and the proceeds from our evening at Rhapsody will also be going towards this cause. Headlined by musician Alex Price + Pocket City and organized by Ashton Adams and associates, this evening will be one of excellent music, great food, exquisitely crafted drinks, remembrance,  and support. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. and the night will begin promptly at 8:00 p.m. Don’t miss your opportunity to contribute to this fantastic cause, have a splendid night out with friends, and help us all conquer cancer.  Friday, 27 May from 8:00 PM to 11:30 PM

It’a all for The Enbridge Ride to Conquer  Cancer. On May 27th, 2016, we will be hosting an amazing evening at the Rhapsody Barrel Bar in downtown Kitchener, filled with entertainment, prizes, a silent auction and more. This event is a precursor to the annual Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer, a grueling 200 km bike endeavor from Toronto to Niagara Falls that raises money to support local cancer treatment centers. This year the brave rider’s taking on this challenge are Melissa Becker, Ryan Becker, Brandon Becker, Brayden Eghoetz-Martens, Riley Eghoetz-Martens, and Brock Roth. In November of 2015, the Becker family suffered the passing of their loving mother, Alison Becker, who fought a long battle with ovarian cancer for 6 years. The team of six brave individuals is riding in remembrance of her while supporting the foundation that has helped them in so many ways. This year, the team’s goal is to raise $15,000 for the Princess Margaret Cancer Center in Toronto, and the proceeds from our evening at Rhapsody will also be going towards this cause. Headlined by musician Alex Price + Pocket City and organized by Ashton Adams and associates, this evening will be one of excellent music, great food, exquisitely crafted drinks, remembrance,  and support. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. and the night will begin promptly at 8:00 p.m. Don’t miss your opportunity to contribute to this fantastic cause, have a splendid night out with friends, and help us all conquer cancer.  Friday, 27 May from 8:00 PM to 11:30 PM

Rhapsody Barrel Bar – 179 King Street West, Kitchener,


In Memoriam – Nash The Slash – March 26 – May 10 2014

(Nash The Slash in his bandages stage costume playing his white electric violin)
In Memoriam Nash the Slash

This week on Interzone a three-hour tribute to one-of-a-kind musician Nash the Slash who passed away two years ago on May 10  2014.

In this podcast  there are snippets of chats that he did for the various shows we worked on together from Thrash, and Nosferatu to Two Artists – with his good pal Toronto surrealist artist Robert Vanderhorst.  I have countless golden and silver ink autographed CDs and other presents that he gave me over the years.  We had a lot of laughs working on those shows.

It took me two years to do this because I guess it was hard to hear Nash’s voice once more along with so much of his music from covers like The Who’s Baba O’Riley and The Animals’ It’s My Life and Iron Butterfly’s In a Gadda Da Vida  to timeless originals like Vincent’s Crows, Swingshift and his masterful rendition of Wolf from Peter and The Wolf.

He did many chats over the years at CKMS and was always a champion for campus/community radio.

I went to Nash’s memorial which was held in one of his fave places Stratenger’s  where he loved to eat the curry and play his famous Halloween Show .

There I spoke with Cam Hawkins and Mike Waite from FM, plus many of his friends and finally Nash’s brother Tom Plewman. I miss my bandaged pal, like so many do.  I hope that he has been reunited with beloved doggles Roxy and Digger, and found many a musical friend to  rant with.  Never fear Nash. I always Listen in Safety. Hugs Squeekee

interzone-2016-05-11-Nash-The-Slash.mp3, 174.8 MB, 3h02m04s

Selina Martin – Aural Visionary


Selina Martin courtesy of Jason Schneider Media
Selina Martin courtesy of Jason Schneider Media

A Wide-ranging Fun Fone Chat with Toronto- based singer/songwriter/ aural visionary Selina Martin from her early Send In the Cows Daze to her latest album “Caruso’s Brain”.. what do Selina and Caruso know that we don’t? 

Tune in and find out.

On today’s playlist – Selections from Selina’s latest album including ; My Heart Ticks On, Hawaii, Your Secrets Sleep With Me, Bike, Living in a Window, Lay Down Your Arms. Wish List, plus just for fun Five Hole – Tales of Hockey Erotica, (Nate Mills ( RWTK)  cult classic gem) The Orillia Song, and some Run with the Kittens songs (because Nate Mills and Run with the Kittens are also performing with Selina in concert tonight at The KW Boathouse).

Listen this Wednesday from 4 to 7 pm as Interzone presents a three- hour feature with more great music inspired from this chat.  Squeekee. 

Interzone – David Bowie Part 2 – From L to Z, Blackstar and Beyond

Bowie Part 2Interzone is on every Wednesday afternoon from 4 to 7pm. And it is brought to you by Far Out Flicks, Encore Records, Lookin’ for Heroes, Starlight, The KW Boathouse, Cafe Pyrus,  The Blue Moon Restaurant and The Guitar Corner with all the latest January info!

Today – David Bowie Part 2 – From M to Z  Blackstar and Beyond… Squooches to all the Bowie fans from Squeekee Subversive.




Interzone with Squeekee Subversive



David Robert JOnes aka David Bowie Jan 8 1947- Jan 16 2016

Hello Everyone.

Wecome to “Interzone” with your host  Squeekee Subversive – same bat channel, same sponsors with music and interviews.

In lieu of this past very sad week, I decided to do a career retrospect of David Bowie from A to Z as I have most of his musical catalogue.

I begin with A to L, and I will leave Blackstar and Lazarus til the end. Just like he did. This is my way of saying goodbye  to an artist who is as dear to me as John Lennon. I hope they are hanging out together now as Blackstars.

Goodbye David Robert Jones Jan 8 1947 – Jan 10 2016.


Squeekee Subversive

A Christmas Coral 2015

Scrooge 2

I am sorry this is a wee bit late this year. I am behind my time. I was Making Rather Merry these past few days. This podcast is for all of my family here in Canada  and also my cousins Mary and Jane and their families in England. And for all of my amazing friends!!!

Here are songs and sounds of the season from sing-along faves to Xmas movie bytes galore.  I wish all of you a Bombilating 2016!


Slainte! – Coral FM

Happy New Year



Coral’s FM’s Crazy Christmas Show 2015!

Coral's Crazy Christmas Show 2015! Here is my 2015  Christmas Show with Songs, and Sounds, of the Season  ….. and my very  special guests Bev Finnegan, of The Blue Moon Resturant, Rai Madge, of the KW Boathouse,  Glimmer Twin/Partner in Creative Crime,  Joyce Domingo,  plus Musicians Extraordinare – Lynn Jackson, Jesse Webber, Cory Williams and Mike McDonald.  Plus Mr. Hankey!

Lynn talks about Busted Flat Boxing Day Party at The Boathouse tonight! and her upcoming Western Tour.

Bev and Rai talk about New Year’s Eve at The Blue Moon with The Beggar’s Banquet !!! and more events for 2016,  Rai chats about The KW Boathouse, NYE’s bash with Third Coast Kings,  and Jesse chats about the latest news  with Pink Floyd Songbook Band  – Crazy Diamonds,  plus Mike McDonald’s Monster Jam every second Sunday at the KW Boathouse ,  and much more.

Just Like Ye Olde Radio Days,  we had One Mike and everyone gathered all around it. There were toasts to those we lost from Jesse’s **Uncle Mark Webber, to our pal musician Steve Toms.**

Special thanks to all my sponsors this year – Far Out Flicks, Lookin’ For Heroes, Cafe Pyrus, Encore Records, Starlight, The Guitar Corner. The Blue Moon Restaurant, and The KW Baothouse!

Thanks to the quick wits of these Magnificent Seven general silliness often ensured because … having fun with your closest friends is what Christmas is all about!

Krimble Merry and Cheers!

Coral FM!

Music includes Christmas faves from Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden, Billy Idol., The Pogues, David Bowie and Bing Crosby, Danny Elfman,  The Nutcracker Suite, and ELO.

Robert Reid – “Reid Between the Lines” discusses The 2015 Stratford Festival Season

Reid Between The Lines Arts Writer Robert Reid recently retired from The Waterloo Region Record. He has transcended into Blogger Extraordinaire writing about all of his “creative passions and everything in between” be it the latest fly fishing antics through Armchair Fly Angler, Books and Literature, Visual Arts, Celtic Spirituality, Music  (from preferred Blues, Roots, Folk) and of course, Theatre.

From Rob’s sumptuous take on a fine Single Malt to his insightful, informative theatre reviews, “Reid Between The Lines” – is a joyous read.

It was my great pleasure to invite Rob back as my co-host. During the program we discussed the 2015 Stratford Festival including season opener, “Hamlet” plus other Shakespearean plays “Taming of the Shrew,” “Pericles,” and “Love’s Labour’s Lost,” Musicals; “Sound of Music,” and “Carousel,” plus other Festival productions including “The Alchemist,” and “The Physicists.” We also discussed Rob’s latest fly fishing triumph, and played some of his fave folk artists including David Wiffen, Guy Clark, Jesse Winchester, John Gorka, and Willie B. Bennett.

Here is my chat with Robert Reid from The Coral FM All Theatre Extravaganza. Tune in soon for Part 2 in which Rob speaks about the 2015 Blyth Festival Season.

Sit back, grab your fave libation, and listen to us Wax Theatre in Abundance! Thanks again Rob – Slàinte!

Robert Reid - Fly Fisher! One of his many passions.
Robert Reid – Fly Fisher! One of his many passions.



The Grand Rivers Blues Camp – 2015!

Alexis plays the Grand River Blues Camp Showcase at The BIA Stage Friday Aug 7 between 2:10 and 4:10 pm.
Alexis Boudreau plays the Grand River Blues Camp Showcase at The BIA Stage Friday Aug 7 between 2:10 and 4:10 pm.

“This show is remarkable and it really is what kicks off the Bluesfest. Families are there. People who getting started at the Festival are there. And it is a packed house. What a great experience it is to witness this.” – Claude Cloutier, Artistic Director,TD Kitchener Blues Festvial. 

The Grand River Blues Society has adopted a mandate to educate young people about the blues.  Since 2008 they have run this annual Grand River Blues Camp, a day-camp experience for young musicians from 12-18 years of age. For many years now, Blues Campers have benefited from instruction by and performance experience with local, working blues musicians.  This is a unique learning experience for young musicians and a mentoring opportunity (providing additional revenue) for local blues musicians.
The Eighth Annual Grand River Blues Camp is planned for the summer of 2015, from August 4 to August 7;  the week leading up to the Kitchener Blues Festival.  The 2015 Camp will be held at Courtland Public School, Kitchener, ON.

Braydon Kains plays "Under a Blue Moon" July 31 and The Bluesfest Mainstage Sat Aug 8 at noon with Youth Legacy winners Box Man Groove.
Braydon Kains plays “Under a Blue Moon” fundraiser at The Blue Moon Friday July 31 and The Bluesfest Mainstage Sat Aug 8 at noon with Youth Legacy winners Box Man Groove.

Young musicians who play guitar, drums, bass, vocals, keyboards, horns or harmonica will find this a wonderful opportunity to learn about blues and meet other young musicians. Grand River Blues Camp will be of particular interest to young musicians who want to perform.  During this exciting week campers will learn learn licks, a full set of blues tunes, how to jam and perform on stage.
The most exciting feature of Grand River Blues Camp is the Grand River Blues Camp Showcase.  This will be a culminating performance by our Blues Campers on Friday afternoon, August 7, between 2:15 pm and 4:15 pm on BIA stage (downtown Kitchener at King and Benton Streets) at the 2015 Kitchener Blues Festival – an amazing opportunity to participate in the Festival and to perform for friends and family.

There is nothing I like doing more than writing about promising new musicians. It was KBF Mel Brown Award Recipient Cheryl Lescom who first spoke to me about this amazing concept several years ago. I remember seeing the Blues Camp show last year at the BIA stage with a capacity audience – one of my fave parts of this three day event.

GPP Blues Camp

It was my great pleasure to have both the students and several of the instructors from The Grand River Blues Camp (now in its eighth year) as my very special guests. Students Alexis Boudreau, Joshua David, and Braydon Kains performed several songs live in the Sound FM studios.
They were joined by Grand River Blues Camp instructors (all locally based working professional blues musicians) Cheryl Lescom, Mike McDonald, Alana Leonard, (2015 head instructor) Don Featherstone, plus Grand River Blues Camp co-director Dennis Cuomo.

Joshua David (far left) plays the Festival Mainstage Sat Aug 8 with Box Man Groove. He is also working on aa acoustic album with musician/vocal coach Ray Lyell.
Joshua David plays the Festival Mainstage Sat Aug 8 with Box Man Groove. He is also working on an acoustic album with musician/vocal coach Ray Lyell.

Other teachers of the Blues Camp include John Lee, Chris Latta, Colin White, (former student) Matt Weidinger (former student), John McKinley, David Rodenburg, and Andy Gingerich, plus organizer Janet McKerron Wendell and Blues Camp co-director George White.

The Grand River Blues Camp show is Friday Aug 7 between 2:10 and 4:10 pm at The BIA Stage at King and Benton streets.

Blues Camp Podcast music – “Next to You” – waterstreet blues band – Got Mojo 2 – Grand River Blues; Conor Gains Band – “Lazy Boy” from Got Mojo 2 – Grand River Blues; Braydon Kains; “Pride and Joy” (Stevie Ray Vaughan cover); Joshua David; “I’ve Got Dreams to Remember (Otis Redding cover); Alexis Boudreau – “Little by Little” (B.B. King cover); Colin White – (former Blues Camp student) “Vacation to Nowhere” from Got Mojo 2 – Grand River Blues; Johanna Pavia (former Blues Camp student) and SoulDrive “Work It On Out” – from SoulDrive; Cheryl Lescom “Soul Shakin’ Romance” from 1953; Braydon Kains (Eagles Cover) “Witchy Woman” Joshua David; (original song) – “Am I Being Naive”; Alexis Boudreau, Braydon Kains, Joshua David – “The Letter” (Joe Cocker cover); Matt Weidinger – “Stick It Out for More” from Got Mojo 2 – Grand River Blues.

For more info go to 

For more on “Under a Blue Moon” go to 

**To the Grand River Blues Camp students … Go get Em! To all the Blues Camp teachers – Bravissimo! Thanks for encouraging and enlightening these artists and bringing them one step closer to their dream of playing the stages of tomorrow. – Coral FM.**

Here is my Grand River Blues Camp podcast.


TD Kitchener Bluesfest Artistic Director Claude Cloutier profiles the 2015 Bluesfest Line-Up! Yowser!


Claude Cloutier - The Artistic Director of TD Kitchener Blues Fest.
Claude Cloutier – The Artistic Director of TD Kitchener Blues Fest.

From August 6 to 9 Waterloo Region will be resonating with the Blues from Rock and Roll, Roots, Americana, Vintage Blues, Chicago’s West Side Blues, Rockabilly, R&B, plus Soul, Gospel, and the young players of tomorrow through the Grand River Blues Camp and The Youth Legacy Winners.
It was my great pleasure to have TD Kitchener Blues Festival Artistic Director Claude Cloutier as my special co-host as we profiled some of the incredible acts that will grace three stages during the days and heat up the local bar scene at night. Claude also premiered selected tracks from the official TD Kitchener Blues Festival 2015 “Burnin Up the Blues” Volume XIV!

Claude’s playlist – Surrender – Cheryl Lescom – 1953, Shakin House Blues – catl – from The Official KW Bluesfest XIV Compilation,  I’m Feelin’ Lucky – Poppa Chubby – I’m Feelin Lucky, Nikki Hall – I’ve Got A Man – Here’s Nikki Hall  *For Claude from Coral FM – On the Wall – David Johansen and The Harry Smiths – S/T – Rollin’ – Current Swell – KW Bluesfest XIV Compilation and Claude’s wishlist act – Jack White – Lazaretto!

I also added some of my personal faves to this list. These artists are also playing The 2015 TD Kitchener Bluesfest. Watch for them on the stages in the workshops!

Work It Out – Johanna Pavia and Souldrive – S/T – Souldrive, Lynn Jackson – Poker Face – Down in the Dust, Road Outta Hell – Big Rude Jake – Quicksand, Guardian Song – Charity Brown ( this year’s Mel Brown Blues Award recipient) – Wings of Time, Hobo Flats – Mel Brown – Chicken Fat Hot Tub Mambo – Mo Kauffey – Dig It – Right or Wrong – Soul Mission-  S/T,  Ain’t Too Pleased – 24th Street Wailers – Wicked and Ginger St. James – Boom, Boom, Room
 For the complete schedule of the TD Kitchener Bluesfest please go to
(Please pump of the volume when you listen to this one!)

Happy 15th Anniversary! See you in the Bluesfest Aisles!  – Coral FM 


Glenn Buhr and The Button Factory Band wrap up the Elora Music Festival Starlight Series Sat July 25

Gleen Buhr and The Button Factory Band
Gleen Buhr and The Button Factory Band


Glenn Buhr, guitars/piano/vocals

Glenn Buhr has a broad and various musical life. He’s a singer/songwriter; a powerful performer his own songs, and he’s also developed a reputation as creator and performer of unique remixes of classic blues, rock and popular songs, giving them all his own peculiar compositional voice.

Recently he’s worked with Madeleine Peyroux, Ron Sexsmith, Kiran Alhuwalia and Sarah Slean as arranger, producer and composer. He won the Genie Award for best song from the film Seven Times Lucky in 2005, and he’s the winner two recent SOCAN awards for his music.

Buhr is also a composer of concert and stage music for symphony orchestra’s, ballet companies, string quartets and various chamber ensembles. He became well known in Canada in the mid-80’s when the Toronto and Montreal Symphony Orchestras first championed his work, and in the mid-90’s as front man – with conductor Bramwell Tovey – of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra’s New Music Festival. Visit

Mike Anderson, guitar/laptop/vocals

A musical jack of all trades, Mike Anderson performs professionally as a jazz keyboardist, laptop artist, singer-songwriter, and virtuoso guitarist. Mike’s musical skills and interests range from the populism of his songwriting and improvisation (especially with his work in the indie band Blind), to the experimental, especially his celebrated performances of his own electronic compositions in various clubs in southwestern Ontario.

Victor Bateman, bass/guitar/vocals

Victor Bateman has spent the past 32 years playing music in, around, and outside of Toronto. During this time he’s had the good fortune to perform and record with many excellent musicians in a variety of styles and situations. They include country music with The Good Brothers, Sylvia Tyson and Quartette, blues with Amos Garrett and Chris Whiteley, improvisatory music with CCMC, Jean Derome, and Lori Freedman, jazz with Reg Schwager and Laura Hubert, folk music with Murray Maclauchlan, Ken Whiteley, Jackie Washington, and Eve Goldberg, pop music with Jill Barber and Big Sugar, klezmer music with the Flying Bulgars. as well as contemporary concert music and opera by Anthony Braxton, Wende Bartley and Nic Gotham.

Brandon Miguel Valdivia, drums/percussion

Brandon Miguel Valdivia is a percussionist, mbira-ist, flautist and composer. He studied composition and percussion performance at Wilfrid Laurier University and has studied West African percussion, Mbira Dzavadzimu, Javanese Gamelan and Latin American percussion. He is involved in the experimental folk band Picastro, the improv/world music/psych duo Not the Wind, Not the Flag and punk/psych/folk band Pachamama, and his solo project Mas Aya. He has appeared on releases for local and international labels such as Barnyard Records, Medusa Editions, Bug Incision Records, Healing Power Records, Alien8, Polyvinyl, Spool and Constellation Records.

He has also composed and performed music for theatre groups such as MT Space in Kitchener, IXOK’ Theatre Collective, Aluna Theatre, Clay and Paper Theatre in Toronto, and the Red Snow Collective. Brandon has performed throughout Canada, the United States, China, Europe and in Colombia.

For more info –

Glenn Buhr was recently my special guest on Coral FM. Here is a little podcast we did regarding his latest project Glenn Buhr and The Button Factory Band! – I decided not to play Jackhammer at the end of Glenn’s chat! This piece is best experienced live!!! Excelsior – Coral FM.




A Christmas Coral 2014

This my 15th year of doing  A Christmas Coral….. tune in between 4 and 6 pm Christmas Eve for songs and sounds of the season ….. for when I think of Christmas this quote is always in my mind ….

Scrooge was better than his word.  He did it all, and infinitely more; and to Tiny Tim, who did not die, he was a second father.  He became as good a friend, as good a master, and as good a man, as the good old city knew, or any other good old city, town, or borough, in the good old world.  And it was always said of him, that he knew how to keep Christmas well, if any man alive possessed the knowledge.  May that be truly said of us, and all of us!  And so, as Tiny Tim observed, God Bless Us, Every One!….. The Christmas Coral Merry Xmas


The Adventurer’s Guild Board Game Cafe and Tavern is now open!

The Adventurer's Guild Board Game Cafe and Tavern!
The Adventurer’s Guild Board Game Cafe and Tavern!

Ryan Leandres From Adventurer’s Guild Board Cafe and Tavern –  is no stranger to CKMS – (He had a late night early am show called Molten Medal Madness!).

Cj Allen of Circus Music was my special guest co-host I played local bump and grind metal boyz Hawkeyes! Ryan dropped by to chat about the NOW OPEN Adventurer’s Guild Board Cafe and Tavern right in Kitchener’s downtown core! Eat. Drink. Roll the Dice and Be Merry with your Friends Face to Face! Follow their antics and updates at  My turn to play. – Coral FM


Jordan Patterson’s High Energy Blues – Electrified, Funkified, Rocked Out and Amplified!


Bobby Thompson (left) Darryl Romphf (middle) and Jordan Patterson (right)
Bobby Thompson (left)
Darryl Romphf (middle) and Jordan Patterson (right)

About Jordan Patterson…

After spending nearly the last decade and a half forging a highly

successful career in artist tour management and concert & event promotion for artist Britney Spears, and as a Concert Production Manager/Promoter Representative for House of Blues Concerts Canada, renown Blues vocalist/harp player Jordan Patterson has returned to his first love and passion; playing and singing the blues.

Influenced by such blues harp legends as James Cotton, Paul Butterfield and Mark Wenner of The Nighthawks, Patterson’s incendiary live performances have led him and his band D.C. Hurricane to play at such premier festivals as the Tampa Bay Blues Festival (where he stole the show in 1996), Canada’s Tros Rivieres Blues Festival, the Montreal Jazz Festival, the UK’s Burnley National Blues Festival, the London Blues Festival, Helsinki, Finland’s April Jazz Festival and many more. Patterson has also performed at venues throughout North America and Europe with some of the music industry’s true legends, including James Brown, Barbara Morrison, Carlos Santana, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Mick Fleetwood, Robert Cray, Son Seals, Savoy Brown and Texas bluesman, U.P. Wilson, with whom he recorded the JSP Records released album, “Whirlwind.” Patterson subsequently toured Europe as a double bill in support of that release. In addition to his festival appearances, during his time in the U.K., Patterson and the D.C. Hurricane performed to sold-out crowds at famed London nightclubs Ronnie Scott’s and The 100 Club, and had the amazing opportunity to record sessions for the BBC Musical Archives, which were broadcast all throughout the European continents; amassing him many more fans in the process.

In 1996, Jordan released his debut album ‘Give Me a Chance’ on JSP Records with The D.C. Hurricane. The solid offering featured guest performances from blues legends Bobby Rush and Bobby Parker. It also garnered Patterson critical acclaim and worldwide press from notable publications as Living Blues Magazine (USA); Blueprint Magazine (UK); All Music Guide (USA); Juke Joint Magazine (UK), and countless newspapers throughout the globe. Blueprint Magazine was especially enthusiastic about Patterson’s live performance exclaiming, “Blessed with a voice that many performers would die for, Patterson has the wit and personality that guarantee him success. This man is a class performer and a major star in the making.” ‘Give Me a Chance’ also earned Patterson rotation on blues stations throughout the globe, including XM Radio and with Bill Wax, Program Director of B.B. King’s Bluesville, who still remains a fan to this day.


Group shot on ye olde Sound FM couch. The boys liked the studio!


Patterson is currently in the studio with his fresh new Canadian line up; The Jordan Patterson Band. With Patterson on harp, the group features bass player Darius McKinley, drummer Benjamin Rollo, guitarist Darryl Romphf and Washington DC-based, guitarist Bobby Thompson. “The Back On Track” recording project has now been released as an EP; a 4-track tease to the full-length album set to debut this winter and available for listen at Three of its songs were showcased via Youtube and garnished over an impressive 40,000 hits on Patterson’s various social pages. It is a welcome return for this most galvanizing, exciting songwriter and performer as he takes his rightful spot as one of the leading practitioners of blues harp on the scene today.

I cannot believe that these three talented musicians spent over an hour with me at the Sound FM studios. All of them are high calibre players able to play anywhere in the world. Jordan has quite a pedigee. His mother, Professor Nancy-Lou Patterson – published Author, Fine Arts Professor, is a renowned artist / art historian and founder of the Fine Arts department at the University of Waterloo. His father, Dr. E Palmer Patterson is a published Author and History Professor at the University of Waterloo, with a focus on the history of the First Nations People .
Jordan is the youngest of nine kids, and years back Emmanuel Patterson or Manny as I called him was one of my main media contacts for concerts in Waterloo Region. He is now Promoter/ Director of Festivals for Live Nation Canada. So this is one high achieving family!

I sat like a sponge taking in every word Jordan, Darryl, and Bobby said about “The Back on Track Recording Project ” from Jordan’s backstory behind the each of these vibrant songs on the EP, and their immediate musical chemistry, to the actual performance “shorthand” of the band… And Jordan’s special high five to The Ultimate KW Blues Concert Curator Glenn Smith!
So grab a drink, and a snack, and have a listen to three mega talented musicmen Jordan Patterson, (acclaimed producer/songwriter/ guitarist) Darryl Romphf, and Bobby Thompson as they talk about how this project came to be and the kick ass show that is happening tonight at Cork Hall.
KW is sooooo glad that Jordan is going to bring it on home with his special brand of high energy harp n blues – Electrified! Funkified! Rocked Out and Amplified. – Coral FM


Listen here for the interview witrh Jordan Petterson, Bobby Thompson and Daryl Romphf.

The Lyrical Honesty and Multimusic Genre Savvy of Toronto’s Young Running


Young Running 4

Conjoining the complimentary genres of indie, folk and roots to create a unique aural drive that is as captivating as it is distinct.
Young Running’s take on amalgamating the finer elements of influences including The Beatles, Radiohead, The Beauties, Iron & Wine,  Death Cab For Cutie and Neil Young begets an unparalleled  purity. Young Running’s fresh perspective is illustrated on their sophomore release, an independent five-song EP dubbed Coming Home.  
Recorded over four days with producer Derek Downham (The  Beauties) and engineer John Dinsmore at esteemed Hogtown facility Lincoln  County Social Club, Moss is elated at how sublimely it showcases the band’s solidity.

Highlighted on tunes such as the simple and  honest title track via its provoking thoughts on returning to a small  hometown with romance on the mind, breezy “Quiver Of Smoke” relating the sentiment of a former spark potentially set to rekindle—as conveyed in a momentous albeit breezy tempo—and “Ohh My” utilizing an easy, virulent groove to set the stage for a bar fight, 
Coming Home is surely on a straight and narrow path fuelled by confidence, dominance, subtlety and originality.
Young Running recently made their Waterloo Region debut at The Galt Club’s Vinyl Cafe House Concert Series at Cafe 13 in Cambridge. They are currently on a cross Canada tour.  
No doubt they will soon be back!
For more info on Young Running – Liam Kearney, James Moss, Kevin Braun and Spencer Irvine go to – Cheers Coral FM 

Listen here for my interview with Young Running’s songwriter Liam Kearney


It’s BAAAAACCCCK! – DINE HER – A Guy…. A Girl…..An UPRISING! For a Limited Halloween Engagement!

Dine Her
Jennifer Cornish and Trevor Smith Diggins star in the smash Zombie Romance Dine Her @ The Harmony Lunch.

Since it opened way back in 1930, the legendary Harmony Lunch restaurant in Waterloo has survived the Great Depression, a global war and a growing fast-food chain frenzy. This summer, the iconic eatery takes on show business for ten performances of DINE HER, a romantic comedy with a meal  and a zombie apocalypse on the side.
Written and directed by veteran Second City comedian Bruce Hunter, DINE HER offers  a frighteningly funny twist on the traditional dinner theatre concept. The 60-minute show premiered last year in Toronto earning rave reviews from critics and audience alike.
“Diner theatre is similar to dinner theatre, only it’s faster, cheaper and you still get a belly full of
laughs,” says Hunter, who performed in the original show. “It’s more like casual, comfort food, up close and personal in a cozy old diner, and then the show starts and all hell breaks loose.”
Winner of two Gemini awards and two Canadian Comedy Awards, Hunter has been featured in dozens of TV shows and films, including Atomic Betty, Kid’s CBC, Degrassi, Good Will Hunting, Mean Girls and Puppets Who Kill. Hunter’s company, RealSpace Theatre, expands the performance space beyond the stage to explore how audiences and performers interact with their environment to create a unique theatre experience.
DINE HER was written specifically for diners just like Harmony Lunch. “Not only is it a local landmark with a long, rich history,” says Hunter, “it also offers the perfect setting for this particular style of in-your‐lap comedy.”
DINE HER is co-produced in Waterloo with PrACTical TheACTrics and stars prominent local actors Jennifer Cornish, Trevor Smith Diggins, and Lisa MacNeil. 


The show includes a themed menu with three meal options for $40.00. Dinner at 7:00 pm. Showtime 8:00 pm. Tickets available online at

Visit or phone 519-804-2133 for information and group sales. Recommended for mature audiences. Dine Her opens Wed Oct 22 and runs to Friday Oct 31.


It was my severe pleasure to chat with the cast of Dine Her – Jennifer Cornish, Lisa MacNeil, and Trevor Smith Diggins. And to see if my special guest co-host Circus Music’s CJ Allen could finally vanquish his Zombie fears.

Also featured in this podcast The Official Dine Her Music Soundtrack. Special thanks to my good pal JavaJoy aka Joyce Domingo (who is also part of Dine Her Cast) for helping me put this special undead music collection together. To all in the cast – Break a Leg – Don’t Lose One!
Squooches and Brains – Coral FM. 



The Mahones – Coral FM Get Shamrocked Part 2

The Mahones are currently on tour and play the Ottawa Jazz Festival June 30
I had a chance to chat with tin whistle virtuoso Michael O’Grady about All Things Mahones.
And I also had a crazy wee chin wag with Finny, Katie, and drummer Dom “The Bomb” Whelan about their fave Shane MacGowan and The Dropkick Murphys yarns which inspired Mahone songs Great Night on the Lash on Black Irish and Pass the Pint of No Return on Angels and Devils!
Check The Mahones out at a shindig near you and find out about their latest shenanigans

Slainte! – Coral FM

Listen here for the the chat.

Craig Cardiff – Always Telling The Book of Truths

Craig Cardiff
Craig Cardiff’s latest double CD Love is Louder (Than All This Noise) is one of my favourite new releases in 2014.

For the past two and a half years, Craig Cardiff has been passing around a Book of Truths during his shows and asking his fans to share something truthful in it – a story, a confession, a hope, a secret.

The book gives fans a chance to write down something they might  be too afraid to say out loud, and it gives Cardiff an opportunity to connect  with the people who come to his shows.

Those entries aren’t always easy to read. The stories can be heartbreaking, and they can leave Cardiff wanting to do something, to find the person who wrote in his book and tell them to hold on for tomorrow, that things will be OK. Cardiff’s new album, Love Is Louder (Than All This Noise) Part 1 & 2, has turned into a response to those stories. This double album, which was released Nov. 19, 2013, offers 21 tracks that are connected by an underlying sense that there are better days to come. 

The Arnprior-based folk singer worked with producers Ben Leggett (Faraway Neighbours, Ben Hermann) and Andre Wahl (Hawksley Workman, Luke Doucet) to record an album that is quite different than anything Cardiff has released before. Love Is Louder (Than All This Noise) is one-part boisterous group sing-along, one-part gentle lullaby. One album features full live band recordings, while the other is more subdued, with acoustic guitar, cello, clarinet and violin. This is the same team that produced Floods and Fires, the album that earned Cardiff a nomination for a 2012 Juno Award for Roots and Traditional Album of the Year: Solo and a Canadian Folk Music Award nomination as 2012 Contemporary Singer of the Year. This time, Leggett and Wahl told Cardiff they wouldn’t let him make an album like the ones he’s made before. Cardiff recorded with a live band for the first time, playing louder and harder than he ever has, and he stepped into a new role, arranging instrumental parts. Cardiff, Leggett and Wahl recorded Love Is Louder (Than All This Noise) primarily in Cardiff’s home studio in Arnprior – which he and Leggett built together during the recording of Floods and Fires – the Chalet Studio in Claremont, and the Schoolhouse studio built by Hawksley Workman outside Huntsville.

For more info about Craig and his current tour go to

Love Is Louder (Than All This Noise) is a fabulous double CD. I have most of it on my Ipod so I can have Craig’s little heartplays in my ear wherever I roam. – Coral FM

Listen here for my interview with Craig Cardiff., 44 MBytes, 48m08s

Coral FM A Christmas Coral 2013

A Christmas Coral This is my special sonic Christmas prezzie which I have been now been doing for 20 years –  Seasons Greetings to Everyone at Sound FM – Here’s to another Great Year of Broadcasting. This Christmas Coral is dedicated to all of my great friends – Mike and Therese, Therese, Kara, Mandy, Rolf, Ray, Kate, Rose and Pedro, Mum and Dad, Phil and his Families, Lauri and her Family, and especially **Malcy and Jack**  xx Coral Fm aka The Christmas Coral

Actor Sara Topham on Coral FM speaks about playing Ruth in Noel Coward’s Blithe Spirit

Sara Topham as Ruth in Blithe Spirit

“(Compared to Juliet in Romeo and Juliet) playing Ruth in Blithe Spirit is like driving a tiny tiny sports car on a highway cut into the side of an incredibly high mountain with a sheer drop to certain death on the rocky rapids beneath on your outside side. It’s a completely different experience.” Sara Topham

Pictured above – Sara Topham as Ruth in Blithe Spirit.
Photo credit David Hou courtesy of The Stratford Festival.

Blithe Spirit is directed by Brian Bedford, (an expert on all things Noel Coward to my mind!)
The cast also includes Ben Carlson as Charles, Michelle Giroux as Elvira, and Seana McKenna, as Madame Arcati.

In Part 2 of this interview, Sara speaks about playing the role of Ruth in Blithe Spirit from mastering Coward’s lovely complex text to working on a crazy special effects set (like another character itself!) in this terribly savvy and simply finely comedy. We also talk about one of her all time favorite movie roles. And …. I have put together a special music mix
just for Sara from Sergei Prokofiev to the prose of Alfred Lord Tennyson! – Coral FM.


Actor Sara Topham on Coral FM speaks about playing Juliet in Romeo and Juliet at The Stratford Festival

Sara Topham as Juliet and Daniel Briere as Romeo in William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

Juliet’s like closing your eyes and falling backwards off a huge cliff into a big rolling ocean where you know, as long as you surrender, you will perhaps end up at the bottom of the ocean but the waves will bring you up again. You feel like the ocean is okay. It’s a safe place.” – Sara Topham

“Romeo and Juliet is a blessedly traditional Elizabethan vision thanks to sublime director Tim Carroll

Sara Topham’s Juliet is reminiscent of Olivia Hussey’s impassioned performance in the Franco Zeffirelli’s 1968 film classic.” –  Coral FM

Directed by Tim Carroll, (Peter Pan for Stratford Festival) Romeo and Juliet cast also includes Daniel Briere as Romeo, Tom McCamus as The Friar, Jonathan Goad as Mercutio, Kate Hennig as The Nurse, and Scott Wentworth as Lord Capulet. 

In Part 1 of this interview Sara chats about the thrill and challenge of playing Juliet, and playing this role with the Festival house lights up! This beloved Shakespearean character was Sara’s very first speaking role in a play at high school … so she has been “living with Juliet for a long time.”

Meghan Elizabeth Weber on Coral FM

Meghan Elizabeth Weber is a singer/ songwriter who has performed at charity events around Waterloo Region over the past five years. She performed at Kitchener City Hall’s Downtown Live in 2011 and released an EP called Afterthoughts in 2012. Her song Tiny Stones is a local fave, and she often host The Boathouse’s Open Mic Nights. Meghan is also a very gifted visual artist and avid photographer.And she was recently nominated in the category of Music at The Waterloo Region Arts Awards!

To me, Meghan Elizabeth Weber has a savvy slow like honey timber reminiscent of songstress Fiona Apple. She is a savvy lyrical scribe letting her songs overtake her as audiences blissfully follow her into a fascinating sensual world.
I was so happy to finally have Meghan as my guest on Coral FM where she debuted her new song Outskirts. I predict with Kitchener wanting to become Austin Texas North, that you will find Meghan in many amazing places. She is one of a kind!
For more info on Meghan and upcoming concerts go to her Facebook page or check her out on You Tube. She is now working with her new brand Falcon Abbey. Stay tuned for their debut CD coming soon! – Coral FM.


Steve Toms from Blues Band Daddy Long Legs on Coral FM

Steve Toms playing electric bass
Steve Toms Kitchener’s fave lefty bass playing dude!

It was a pleasure to have bassist Steve Toms from Daddy Long Legs join me recently for a great radio chat and a playlist which included music from many of Steve’s personal faves. Once again, I got the chance to listen and learn more not only about the best of the blues, but more about the region’s best blues boys who have redefined the sound of the blues – to me DDL is kinda like garage skiffle blues rock rhythm with a soupcon of soul – sometimes bat ass crazy, sometimes reeeeal hurtin’ ….

Daddy Long Legs Rogue’s Gallery
Mike Elliott Guitar, Vocals
Steve Toms Bass
Junior Malleck Harmonica
Jeff Wagner Drums
For more about Daddy Long Legs (including reviews of their latest CD The Devil’s In The Details and their FINAL Daddy Longs Legs gig!) coming up in the fall of 2014 check out Busted Flat @

Kitchener’s favorite lefty bass playa! is also playing for a lot of his musical friends including Scott Wicken. Check him out at a cool bar near you. – Coral FM.

Here is Part 1 – Steve chats about his love of music and Busted Flat.

Here is Part 2 – where Steve speaks about some of his favorite music to listen to as we create his personal playlist. Steve said he is coming back sometime very soon.  – Coral FM.