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AW@L Radio – 2019-10-04 – Continued Violent Attacks on A Kitchener Tent City

This episode features a press release from the Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs demanding a CGL stop work in their territory. The remainder of the show is a discussion with Julian Ichim and Jamie on the recent attacks on tent cities in Waterloo Region as well as the opioid poisoning epidemic.

To listen to the full episode click here.


Today’s show starts with a quick notice about the Friends of CKMS fundraiser (, then goes into a press release from the hereditary chiefs of the Wet’suwet’en who called for an immediate stop work order of for the coastal gas link project, due to the continued destruction of cultural heritage sites.

The rest of the episode is a discussion with Julian Ichim and Jamie on the epidemic of violence facing street involved folks ranging from the opioid and drug poising crisis and the links with homelessness and social based solutions.

Julian reports that the tent city they have been helping to organise was again attacked by reactionary hooligans on the night of October 2nd while a workshop was taking place at the site. Approximately 12 goons, armed with bats and knives destroyed several tents and assaulted many of the people living in the tent city, with 2 residents ending up in the hospital.  Since the assailants did not war masks, Julian was able to confirm the identity one of the attackers as local nationalist (nazi) party member gordon stewart (who is friends on facebook with white supremacist josh peyton of kitchener who is the legal surety of violent homophobe chris vanderwiede). This is the confluence of anti-anti poverty activists and anti-anti-fascists.

also noted in the show is that after years of activism from residents and Julian’s efforts, and years of delay from government, a safe consumption site will soon be open across from city hall in kitchener.
we also note that police budget goes up by millions every year (>160 million $ now) which has a significant negative impact on the ability to fund social issues.

Radio Waterloo Fundraising drive:

Links for Wet’suwet’en resistance:

Wet’suwet’en press release calling for stop work order against CGL:,_2019_CGL.pdf

Unist’ot’en resistance camp:

Links to Julian’s webpage:

Public meeting on lessons from Tent City and presentation to City Council a Success

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AW@L Radio – 2019-06-21 – Oshkimaadziig camp and the National Indigenous Peoples Day blockade of Awenda Park.

listen here: MP3 – AW@L Radio – 2019-06-21 – Oshkimaadziig camp and the National Indigenous Peoples Day blockade of Awenda Park.

“Why Should we have to purchase back our stolen land with compensation that is our money anyways?” – John Hawke

In this episode we speak with John Hawke, and Indigenous man from the Beausoleil First Nation and long time activist, who on June 21st, 2019 – a day the Canadian state has proclaimed to be National Indigenous Peoples day – set up a blockade outside the entrance to Awenda provincial park as part of campaign to raise awareness for Indigenous rights and particularly land claims, treaty responsibilities, and the federal policies of extinguishing Indigenous title.

John invites people to visit the blockade and the Oshkimaadziig camp and organize resistance to colonial policies.

You can support the camp by donating donate for camp maintenance and supplies (ex.  chainsaw needs repair, camp cabin needs maintenance) – Send e-transfer

For more information visit:

Go on facebook – Oshkimaadziig Camp-,  June 21 Resistance day of action:

John Hawke on facebook:


To get to: Awenda provincial park – 670 Awenda Park Rd – Tiny, Ontario. Google Maps: North of Toronto.


Also a few seconds of byron’s “Here’s to the land” as we connected the call for the interview.

AW@L Radio – 2019-03-01 – A Toronto winter with unreliable heat, power, and water in Timbercreek owned apartments

An interview with Louisa, a person working to support residents of  103-105 West Lodge Ave in Toronto as they have faced intermittent heat, power, and water service in their apartments from at least February 2019. The two high rise apartment buildings were recently bought by the multinational asset management firm Timbercreek who have focused on evicting residents through the landlord tribunal while letting the buildings fall further into disrepair.


Listen to the podcast here: AW@L Radio – 2019-03-01 – A Toronto winter with unreliable heat, power, and water in Timbercreek owned apartments

In the interview we hear about frozen sewage filled pipes bursting and leaking through ceilings and walls, people stuck in unreliable elevators as power fluctuates, food spoiling in inconsistently powered fridges, and long walks up dark stairways with bottles of water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning.  Through all the issues, Timbercreek is not compensating people for their losses, while the ignore much-needed repair work and shamelessly continue to evict residents.

Louisa notes you can call the Timbercreek office in charge of rentals (647-951-5498) and demand fair treatment and fair compensation for existing tenants, ending eviction actions against tenants, and immediate repairs to the building.


Background information about the resistance in Toronto’s West Lodge towers:


Timbercreek has a history of similar behaviour through Canada and around the world. Check out this in-depth article “The battle for Heron Gate”, which looks into Timbercreek and their assault on the Heron Gate neighbourhood and community in Ottawa.


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AW@L Radio – 2019-03-01 – Pop-Up Overdose Prevention In KW

Focusing on the ongoing war on drugs and the resultant public health emergency, this episode opens with the trailer for the new podcast “Crackdown” which features “Drug user activists covering the drug war as war correspondents”, and continues with an interview with organisers of a “Pop-Up Overdose Prevention Site” in Kitchener-Waterloo.

Listen here: AW@L Radio – 2019-03-01 – Pop-Up Overdose Prevention In KW

Focusing on the ongoing war on drugs and the resultant public health emergency, this episode opens with the trailer for the new podcast “Crackdown” from Vancouver based host and producer Garth Mullins which features “Drug user activists covering the drug war as war correspondents”. This monthly podcast is “about drugs, drug policy and the drug war led by drug user activists and supported by research”.

Shifting from the west coast to Waterloo region, the show continues with an interview with Kyle Wall and Julian Ichim, 2 organisers of a pop-up overdose prevention site campaign in Kitchener-Waterloo. This new campaign is has two main goals. The first is to prevent deaths of drug users by creating a place where they may more safely consume drugs. Many of the deaths triggered by fentanyl and other opioids would be avoided if the drugs were taken in a setting where someone else was present to administer naloxone and emergency breathing if needed. The second goal is to put pressure on the government in the Region Waterloo to take action to open the much needed supervised injection and consumption sites that have faced long delays in their approval and funding.


On February 28th 2019 at 5pm, members of the “Alan Ryan People’s Community Defense Brigade” organised a gathering in downtown Kitchener and marched to the Region of Waterloo headquarters to set up the first pop-up overdose prevention site in a new campaign to prevent deaths of people who use drugs, and to put pressure on the regional council who have been dragging their feet on establishing much-needed supervised consumption and injection sites.

At least 10 people died in the region in January alone from opioid overdoses, with February death toll similarly high, with at least 2 additional deaths in the final days of the month.

The group set up a tent and stocked it with necessary supplies, like clean needles, water, blankets, disposal bins, and most importantly, naloxone kits, which when administered to someone experiencing opioid induced respiratory depression, can help stabilise their breathing.  After several hours, the group packed up for the eve, announcing that they will be setting up this operation daily in different spots around the downtown until official supervised sites are established.

Today we are joined by organisers Julian Ichim and Kyle Wall To talk about the grassroots overdose prevention site campaign and the larger public health emergency brought forward by the manufactured opioid crisis.

The show closes with the song “Mutiny in Heaven” by The Birthday Party.

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CKMS’s Annual Friends of SoundFM Funding Drive – Sept 22nd-Oct 6th


From September 22nd to October 6th CKMS will be hosting our annual friends of SoundFM funding drive, and today I’m asking you to support Waterloo Region’s community and campus radio station as we head into our 40th year.

If you have the means please visit to find out how you can financially support the station, and become a member of the CKMS radio community.

Thank you for continuing to tune in to and supporting 100.3 SoundFM!


Honduras, Canada’s free trade, and assassinating the opposition

Download Audio:


This episode is an Interview with Raul Burbano of Common Frontiers on the group’s role in researching and exposing Canada’s ongoing role in supporting the post-coup governments in Honduras, including the horrific situation faced by Indigenous people and others opposed to the government’s environmental, economic, and social policies.

Raul discusses the ongoing resistance of people in Honduras, including many Indigenous communities to the corrupt post-coup governments despite being violently repressed, including the March 2016 targeted assassinations of Berta Cáceras and Nelson Noé García Laínez from the Civic Council of Popular …read more

From:: Daily GRRR

Grassy Narrows River Run 2016: Healthy river, healthy people!

To all land defenders and indigenous justice allies,

Please join us in Toronto at Queen’s Park on Thursday, June 2, 2016 at 12 noon to join Grassy Narrows in demanding Kathleen Wynne take action!
The Anishnaabe community of Asubpeeschoseewagong (Grassy Narrows) has asserted its sovereignty over its traditional territories (north of Kenora, ON) for time immemorial. The Women’s Drum Group in that community has successfully maintained the longest-running blockade of illegal logging in Canadian history, all through the leadership of grandmothers and women.
Grassy Narrows, as many of you will know, is well known for something …read more

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Canadian Delegation to Participate in the International Gathering Celebrating the Life of Berta Cáceres in Honduras

Press Relase April 12, 2016

Mining Watch Canada


(Ottawa/Montreal) Today, the ‘Canada Honduras Delegation for Justice, Land and Life’ is traveling to Tegucigalpa for the International Peoples Gathering ‘Berta Cáceres Lives’. First Nations women leaders, lawyers, filmmakers and solidarity activists make up the delegation that has been organized in the wake of the murder of Berta Cáceres’ on March 3rd, followed closely by her colleague Nelson Garcia’s murder on March 14th.

Berta Cáceres was a Indigenous, feminist and environmental activist and winner of …read more

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Dozens of Civil Society Organisations Demand Canadian Government Take Action on

from Brent Patterson’s blog on the Council of Canadian’s

The Council of Canadians has joined with MiningWatch Canada, Rights Action and numerous other organizations in sending a letter to the Canadian government following the murders of land defenders Berta Cáceres and Nelson Garcia, ongoing threats against the Council of Indigenous and Popular Organizations of Honduras (COPINH), and the precarious situation of Mexican activist Gustavo Castro, who witnessed Berta’s murder.

The letter says it is imperative that the Canadian government press publicly, and use every other means available, to demand Honduran authorities:

– Guarantee the security of all of the members …read more

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Supreme Court Grants Chippewas of the Thames First Nation Challenge to Line 9

The Supreme Court of Canada has set November 30th, 2016 to start hearing the appeal of the Line 9 approval.


Supreme Court Grants Chippewas of the Thames First Nation Challenge to Line 9: Community Hopeful of Meaningful Consultation with the Crown

MUNCEY, March 10, 2016 – the Supreme Court of Canada has granted the Chippewas of the Thames leave to appeal a decision of the Federal Court of Appeal relating to an Application before the National Energy Board to repurpose the Line 9 Pipeline.

At issue is whether the Crown exercised its duty to meaningfully consult …read more

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Justice For Beau Baker!!!!! End Police impunity!!!!!!

Listen to Audio: :


This episode of KW Radio Basics we talk about police impunity. Topics explored include the murder of Beau Baker by police, as well as Waterloo Regional Police Services screening police complaints of the so called independent body overlooking policing known as the OIPRD in the case of Thornton.



…read more

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Discussion with Badee Dwaik

Listen to Audio: :


Badee Dwaik, a hum rights defender in Palestine sits down and talks with us about the occupation of Palestine, g4s, the Oslo agreement and the need for Palestinians to control their own destiny. Badee Dwaik is the coordinator of Human Rights Defenders, and they can be contacted at



…read more

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Sing Hey! Love, Struggle, and Community with Janice Jo Lee

Download Audio::


Kitchener based artist Janice Jo Lee joins AW@L Radio in studio for a discussion on her new album Sing Hey and the cross Canada tour she is embarking on. Janice also shares her thoughts on building artistic communities and fostering healthy music scenes and we discuss some of the themes in her new album which cover a breadth of interconnected social justice issues.We also play several tracks from Sing Hey:1 – All the times you were silent, 2 – Rising, 3 – In the Breeze, 4 – Resilience From <a class="colorbox" …read more

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Press Release – Land Protectors Shut Down Enbridge’s Line 9 Near Aamjiwnaang!

This morning individuals have shut of the flow of oil on Enbridge’s line 9 pipeline. At 7:30 this morning, individuals used the manual hand wheel at a valve site to shut off the flow of oil through line 9 as an act of protest. They have locked themselves on site to prevent the operation of the pipeline.Line 9 is a highly contested tar sands pipeline that began shipping crude earlier this month between Sarnia and Montreal. Those involved assert that the operation of line 9 is a violation of indigenous sovereignty and treaty rights. “It’s clear …read more

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podcast: Criminalisation and Harassment of LGBTQ Prisoners in Kitchener’s Federal Prison.

Download Audio::

In early November 2015, the “Being Queer Is Not Illegal” campaign was launched by prisoner solidarity group GVI Watch. The group, acting in solidarity with the prisoners held at the Grand Valley Institute (GVI), a large federal prison for woman in Kitchener Ontario, was asking people to phone into the prison after prisoner reports of surging harassment , discrimination, and criminalisation of LGBTQ prisoners by guards.

In a November …read more

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LSPIRG’s “I Am Not A Costume” Campaign on Cultural Appropriation

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As Halloween approached, the Laurier Students Public Interest Research Group activated their “I Am Not A Costume” campaign, which included posters being put up around campus seeking to challenge students into thinking about the appropriateness and impacts of wearing stereotypical, racist, or culturally appropriative costumes while celebrating the eve. In addition to Vandalism of the posters, there was also a wave of aggressive and oppressive online backlash.

Today we speak with Mohammed Akbar, a staff member of LSPIRG, to get details about the campaign and reaction to it as well …read more

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An Evening for This Changes Everything – Support Indigenous Rights – Fight Line 9

Before the Friday 7pm showing of the This Changes Everything documentary at Princess Cinemas, hear Chippewas of the Thames band councilor and educator Myeengun Henry speak about resource developments and the line 9 pipeline, and Indigenous rights. 5:30pm at Waterloo Town Square.

from press release: Join Chippewas of the Thames Band Councillor, and respected Elder Myeengun Henry for the opening of Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein’s film “This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate” on October 9 at 5:30 PM at Waterloo Town Square. After a short rally we will march to Princess Cinemas where Myeengun will say a few …read more

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Indigenous women Shut Down Energy East Pipeline consultation hearing.

First Nations vow to protect lands and waters stating no consent means no


Montreal — First Nations women and supporters sent a clear message to TransCanada this Wednesday evening that the Energy East pipeline is not welcome through First Nations lands. “What we want TransCanada to understand is that no means no. This is Kanien’ke, this is Mohawk Land and we are tired of occupation, we are tired of environmental disaster.” said Amanda Lickers at Wednesday night’s hearing. “This is our land and we are going to protect it.”

Amanda Lickers and Vanessa Gray were 2 of several …read more

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Enbridge Line 9 Work Disrupted as Demonstrators Demand an End to Tar Sands, Fracking

Port Hope — Opponents of Enbridge’s Line 9 Tar Sands and fracking pipeline
are in Port Hope at the site of testing operations of the controversial
pipeline. Enbridge is conducting newly mandated hydrostatic testing on
three segments of the 40-year-old pipeline before the company can be
permitted to pump bitumen through it. Activists maintain that this testing
in no way mitigates Line 9’s impacts.

“Running water through a few spots in this aging pipeline doesn’t mean it
won’t break, and moveover it does nothing to address the devastation
wrought by the tar sands and fracking fields,” says demonstrator Niloofar
Gol. “We are opposed to Enbridge’s …read more

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