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Back at CKMS after a 37-year break! I volunteered during my undergrad days at UofW (class of 1983). I now live near Dallas TX. My show is all about the music I loved back then (still do!) - retro-alternative, new wave, punk, ska, reggae. Saturdays at 10 pm - give it a listen.

81 82 83 84 Season 2 Episode 43: I Go Out on Friday Night and I Come Back on Saturday Morning

When my feet go through the door I know what my right arm is for Buy a drink and pull a chair Up to the edge of the dance floor Bouncers bouncing through the night Trying to stop or start a fight I sit and watch the flashing lights Moving legs in footless tights

81 82 83 84 Season 2 Episode 41: Right and Wrong

Stop everythingI think I hear the PresidentThe Pied Piper of the TV screenIs gonna make it simpleAnd he’s got it all mapped outAnd illustrated with cartoonsToo hard for clever folks to understandThey’re more used to words like:IdeologyThey’re not talkin’ ’bout right and leftThey’re talkin’ ’boutRight and wrong, do you know the difference?Right and wrong, do you know the difference?‘Tween the right and the left and the east and the westWhat you know and the things that you’ll never see?