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Blue Sky Horse Radio meets Craig Downer, Wildlife Ecologist/Wild Horse Advocate Extraordinaire

Craig Downer has spent his life working and advocating for wildlife. He travels the world to be an effective voice for the voiceless. He is an conservationist & environmentalist. And well known amongst horse warriors internationally. He has recently been to Australia, and saw the Brumbies (wild horses). His website is

For those who know of Wild Horse Annie, Craig knew her, and describes her as “an amazing woman with a lot of grit and compassion for horses.” As we ran out of time on this episode of BSHR, Craig promised to come back soon!


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6 thoughts on “Blue Sky Horse Radio meets Craig Downer, Wildlife Ecologist/Wild Horse Advocate Extraordinaire”

  1. Sir, please we Need your voice to Speak up for the Wild horses! We must make their plight visible ASAP. WHLM! With all the CHAOS, their existence is on the back burner.While the BLM is relentlessly in favor of the BEEF industry. Thank you for all you do and your knowledge of these national treasures💕

    1. Yes I agree. By the way. Craig is coming back on Blue Sky on the 8th of August. He brings to the conversation film maker Tom Porter, who helped Craig make The Mustang Man & Maverick Mustangs. 1 PM EST

    2. You’re welcome, Patti. yes I am not giving up on this. The ranches have grown drunk with power and are destroying the public lands and their puppets in government are going along with this. We very much need a drastic but wholesome change today
      I will be on Blue Sky radio again this coming Saturday at 1 PM Eastern, 10 Pacific along with the filmmaker who works with me Tom Porter. We will further expose the wrongdoing and chart a solution out of this mess.

    3. You’re welcome, Patti. I keep up the effort every day and am hopeful now with the new administration that we can restore the herds and their habitats. 2021 is the 50th anniversary of the WFHBA. Take good care and greatly appreciate your support

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