14 thoughts on “Blue Sky Radio Interview with Retired CFIA Veterinarian, Dr. Maureen Harper regarding Horse Slaughter in Canada and Live Shipping of Horses for Slaughter in Japan”

  1. This is a Human disgrace a Shame of Humanity to treat an animal like this The Horses need to be treated with respect they are gentle Giants that are amazing animals they do not deserve to be shipped like potatoes to Japan let the Japanese eat their own ,stop sending Canadian Horses to Japan or any where in the world STOP THIS INSANITY AND GREED HORSES NEED TO LIVE TO BE HORSES NOT FOOD THEY DO NOT DESERVE TO BECOME JAPANESE SHIT PLEASE HAVE SOME DIGNITY AND RESPECT THE ANIMALS THEY ARE NOT FOOD ANIMALS HAVE EYES AND HEARTS AND BRAINS EVEN LOVE AND FEAR NOW THEY ARE FEELING THE TERROR HUMANS THAT EAT MEAT FLESH CARCASSES ARE TERRORISTS FOR THE ANIMALS ,,STOP SENDING THE HORSES SHIPPING THEM LIKE BRICKS ..STOP THIS CRUELTY NOW .

    1. I so hear you and agree fullheartedly. It is a sad disgrace. Thank you for your comment. Have you seen Jann Arden is involved is anti live shipping of horses? The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition is a great resource and are inspirational when it comes to work against horse slaughter and the transportation for such purposes. And of course Maureen Harper is phenomenal.

    1. The needless suffering of any animal is unnecessary and cruel. Have had on Anne Griffin from Canadians For Ethical Treatment of Farmed Animals. Also Vicki and Maureen from Canadians Against Live Export (YYC). The aim of this program is to raise awareness for the purpose of change towards better. Where money is involved it is very difficult to make better for the animals, unless we as people demand changes. People suffer needlessly also as greed and corruption is rampant. The environmental impact of humans onto this earth is staggering. We are all connected and have to find a way to live meaningfully, peacefully, hopefully sustainably.

      Our attempt with the horses is to raise the public debate to a standard where we discuss treatment of horses in humane terms. That is, no shipping to Japan, actually, our goal is the end of horse slaughter and the transportation for such purposes. It is up to each and every one to stand up for what they believe in. This is what I believe in. Horses are special to other animals, if you have spent time around horses, you know this. Horses are interested in who you are, and this has meaning to people. I support horses for mental health. That is maybe the biggest thing I am about. In our response to horse slaughter, we seek to give jobs to horses, so they are needed. For example in therapeutic riding stables, Equine Assisted Learning, as well as Equine Therapy programs. We are utterly stupid for slaughtering a being such as the horse. I would like to see communities supporting and putting together their own stables, where people in the community can come out to, for a meaningful country experience. Something we can be proud of. Horses differ from all other animals humans have domesticated. To the degree which we permit suffering and cruelty to others-you are right-our capacity as humans is limited. I urge you to, if you aren’t already connected, to reach out to the groups above. Your passion for animals will be most appreciated.Thank you for your comment. The horse pulled us, carried us, literally, without the horse, our lives would not be the same. However, the severity and abuse to that animal is all over history. We sacrifice the most valuable, horses are included. We ought to look after each other much better, as so many others also suffer. Children and elderly especially. So, this segment is heart of this program really. The reason I wanted to start a radio show was to do with helping horses. But we don’t live in a bubble, so soon after I was able to speak with other animal advocates also. Have also had live music guests, environment topics, Ojibway Horses/Lac La Croix Indian Ponies information, African Canadian history, nonviolence themes, accessibility regarding people with disabilities. Event information as well. Lately using video podcasting to get images out there. Blue Sky Radio will have videos on YouTube in near future. So far have been on Facebook on page for Blue Sky. Even though I say horses are special, I do not mean the diminish the meaning or value of other animals. I just mean, not even the dog, who we say is Man’s/Woman’s best friend-we can’t ride a dog. The horse has had such a special relationship with people and still does. But lets raise standards for all animals. However, the one to really aim your questions to is to your M.P. & P.M. also. There is a discrepancy in the definition for meat animals. Horses are not considered meat animals per se. Most of the horses slaughtered was somebody’s pet, workhorse, racehorse, or in some less frequent cases they are bred for slaughter. Then there are some wild and feral horses going for slaughter. Unless wild/feral, or bred to be food, horses have medications in them that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency don’t permit in animals going for human consumption. Stolen horses go to slaughter, and fraud is committed.

    2. The big difference being, horses are not traditionally raised as “meat” animals. And as such, they are often treated with drugs which are not allowed to be present in meat for human consumption.

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