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New Music Added to Airtime + Horizon Broadening Hour #6

What’s up, y’all? You know the routine by now. First and foremost, here’s what I’ve added to LibreTime since last week:

Billy Oxkidd You Got It Country CanCon
Manitoba Hal Vintage Blend Country/Folk CanCon
Ooluu Diluvian Metal Indeterminable
Danny Blueberry Isolation Alternative CanCon
The Unfaithful Servants The Unfaithful Servant Country/Folk CanCon
Natalie Macmaster Sketches Celtic CanCon
Matt Zaddy Be Rock CanCon
Brett Sangster Reverence Jazz CanCon
No Museums The Artifact is Nothing Rock CanCon
Merkules Special Occasion Rap NSFR CanCon
Foreign Diplomats Monami Indie Rock CanCon
The Black Fever Unarticulated Wants Indie Rock CanCon
Eamon Mcgrath Guts Country/Folk CanCon
Bornbroken The Years of Hard Truths and Little Lies Metal CanCon
Elisa Thorn Selenotropic Improvisational/Experimental CanCon
Deep Covers Deep Covers Electronic/Shoegaze CanCon
The Marrieds Heavy Hearts Country/FOlk CanCon
Katherine Fischer Wildflower Heart Country/Folk CanCon
Bridal Party Too Much Pop CanCon
Science is Fiction Don’t Everybody Thank Me At Once Rock CanCon
Fred Fortin Microdose Rock (presumed) CanCon
The Sweet Lowdown Low Clouds in the Morning Classical CanCon
Joanne Lurgio Crossing Jordan Religious Unknown
The New Project Alternative What You Get Other CanCon
Carter & the Capitals Carter & the Capitals Funk CanCon
Bretton Lee John Find Yourself Missing Grunge/Blues/Folk CanCon
Son Roberts Three’s a Charm Blues CanCon
Josh Ritchie Louder Rock CanCon
Ken Stead Civil War Roots Rock CanCon
Ostrea Lake Don’t Sway Above Me Indie Rock CanCon
The Bluesland Horn Band Keep It In the Shadows Blues CanCon
Adrian House Lookin Up Folk/Pop CanCon
Shotgun Jimmie Transistor Sister 2 Indie Rock CanCon
Chocolat Jazz Engage Jazz CanCon
Ajungi Ajungi Pop NSFR CanCon
Elisa Thorn’s Hue Flowers For Your Heart Other CanCon
Andre 3000 New Blue Sun New Age/Ambient No
Kevin Drew Spirit If… Indie Rock CanCon
Ani Difranco Reveling/Reckoning Indie Rock CanCon
Arih SK Hold it Together Indie Folk CanCon

And here is tonight’s Horizon Broadening Hour:


Arih SK – Lawnchairs (The Backyard Party)
Dave Debenham – Two Step
Emile Bilodeau – Petite Nature
Thierry Larose – De La Perspective D’un Vieil Homme
Luka Kuplowsky – City By My Window
Dave Cherub – Patio Nights
Satellite & The Harpoonist – Ballet in a Phone Booth
Tom Boy – How to Become a Drug Dealer
Madison Violet – Seal My Fate
No Museums – A Rotten Summer
No Museums – The Mail Train
Fools Like You – My Girlfriends Girl
Dylan Hennessy – Your Hero
Finny McConnell – a Pair of Brown Eyes
Frog Eyes – Your Boss’s Shirt
Museum Pieces – Death is Not a Destination
Hollis and the Widows – Gemini Moon
Paul Keeling – El Captain Cook
The Gloaming – The Lobster
Icicle – Trans-Siberian Express
Cares – Submerged Houses
Kent Sangster – Parisian Summer
Huttch – Zack Caught a Fish
Killing Clarence – No One Here is Saving Me
Problem Patient – ECT
Reays – Lemondrop Girl
Micah Erenberg – Sunspill

See y’all next time!

New Music Added to LibreTime + Horizon Broadening Hour #5

What’s up, y’all? You know the routine by now! First, new music I’ve added to LibreTime in the past week:

The Shang Golden Hits of the Shang Industrial Folk CanCon
Paper Beat Scissors Parralel Line Chamber Folk CanCon/KWCon
Kevin Dean and the Big City Wrangles Sunset Trail Jazz CanCon
Yes We Mystic Felsenmeer Unknown Indeterminable
Andrew Vivona 10 Other Times Other Indeterminable
Peach Pyramid Bright Blue (EP) Indie Rock CanCon
Family Video Forever Changes Overnight Pop CanCon
Pecade 7-Psalms-7-Sins Metal CanCon
Tyler Gilbert Underdog Hard Rock CanCon
Illyrian The Entity, Unknown Thrash Metal/Death Metal CanCon
Ennis Sisters Keeping Time Pop CanCon
Motherhood Dear Bongo Rock CanCon
Kathryn Ladano Masked Other CanCon
Gentlemen of the Woods The Great Unknown Other CAnCon
Pink Noise Avenue Alternative CanCon
Amy Nelson Educated Woman Country CanCon
Heather Bambrick fine state Pop CanCon
Twink Think Pink IV Return to Deep Space CanCon
The Small Glories Assiniboine & the Red Pop CanCon
Atsuko Chiba Trace Indie Rock Indeterminable
Black Mastiff Loser Delusions Rock CanCon
Chron Goblin Here Before Rock CanCon
Robert Ross It’s Never Too Late Country CanCon
Bernard Adamus C’qui Nous Reste du Texas Traditional CanCon
Frantically Atlantic Maggie in the Woods Country/Folk CanCon
David Bosma Running Beside Myself – Single Rock/Pop CanCon
Mr. Merlot City Sex, Vol. 2 Dance/House CanCon
Fly Pan Am Frontera Indie Rock CanCon
Gone Cosmic Sideways in Time Rock CanCon
Highly Distorted #Studiohouse Pop Indeterminable
Adrian Chalfour Joy Rock CanCon
Pyramids on Mars Edge of the Black Progressive Rock/Metal CanCon
Zachary Lucky Midwestern Country CanCon
The Golden Seals Something Isn’t Happening Rock CanCon
Doug Smith I Am Canadian Country CanCon
Charles Boyd Massive Success Indie Rock No
Jessica Rhaye and the Ramshackle Parade Just Like a Woman: Songs of Bob Dylan Folk/Blues/Rock/Singer-Songwriter/Covers CanCon
Garett Gunderson Constellations Rock CanCon
Vandana Vishwas Kabeera the Thinker Sugam Sangeet CanCon
Swamp Music Players Tiki Motel 2 Swamp Rock CanCon

Here’s this week’s Horizon Broadening Hour:

Here’s the tracklist:

David Bosma – Running Beside Myself
Swamp Music Players – Under New Mgmt
Garett Gunderson – No Pants Romance
Pecade – Sadistic Priest
Illyrian – The Entity, Unknown
Tyler Gilbert – Rock in the Road
Vandana Vishwas – Mann Lago
Mr. Merlot – Love’s Going to Get You Again
Kevin Dean and the Big City Wrangles – Roundup Lullaby
Lal – Wildflowers
Tetrix – Lost in Space
Bywater Call – Arizona
Whatshisface – Standards and Practices
Ponemah – Where There Floodline Goes
Ben Caplan – Student Song
Girlfriends & Boyfriends – Memento Mori
The Reed Effect – Mad Dog
The Stonehouse Band – Murdered on Stolen Ground
Taken by Sanity – Saturn Boys
Kilmore – Firestone
Evan Cheadle – Ice Water
Nick Doneff – Stick to the Plan
Great Aunt Ida – Horses
Craig Cardiff – Greyhound, SK
Bernard Adamus – Fuck You Mon amour
Paper Beat Scissors – Gun Shy

See y’all next week!

New Music Uploads to LibreTime + Horizon Broadening Hour #4

What’s up, y’all? You know the routine by now — first and foremost, here’s the music I’ve uploaded to LibreTime over the past week:

Lindsay Shaw Breathe Easy Pop CanCon
Mappe Of The Isle of Ailynn Indie Rock CanCon
A-Sirr Time Machine Rock CanCon
Fly Pan Am C’est Ca Indie Rock CanCon
Salt Horse Sick Transit Indie Rock CanCon
The Neutral States The Kitchen is Where the Knives Are Indie Rock CanCon
Joshua Gerowitz Joshua Gerowitz’s Dark Forest Theory Jazz No
Bywater Call Bywater Call R&B CanCon
Common Holly When I Say to You Black Lightning Indie Rock CanCon
Andre Wickenheiser A Happy Little Accident Jazz CanCon
Look Vibrant Cherish Everything Indie Rock CanCon
Richard Thompson 13 Rivers Rock No
Britt A.M. Psychic Knots Alternative CanCon
Jom Comyn Crawl Alternative CanCon
Hellrazer Bonecrusher Metal CanCon
Tetrix Every House Has a Light On Electronica CanCon
LAL Dark Beings Dance/House CanCon
Emile Bilodeau Grandeur Mature Pop CanCon
Moondle Moondle Rock CanCon
Greber Cemetery Preston Metal CanCon
Mark Perry Right Here Acoustic Dirt Road Ballads CanCon
Norine Braun Through Train Windows Other CanCon
Will Chalmers Missing You Unknown CanCon
The Dustbowl Daddies More Hurricane Than Rainbow Indie Rock CanCon
Andrea Petrity What If I Jazz CanCon
Deni Gauthier Quiet Town Other Indeterminable
Phil Glennie Wake Indie Rock CanCon
Michael Vlatkovich Five of Us Jazz CanCon (partially)
Page 38 Burning the Midnight Oil Rock CanCon
The Flamingos Pink Kustom Kreme Indie Rock CanCon
Icicle Provenance Electronica CanCon
Cares Control Isn’t Real Electronic/Experimental/Industrial/Ambient CanCon (presumed)
The Top Boost Dreaming Other CanCon
The Dustbowl Daddies Boom and Bust Economies of Love Indie Rock CanCon
Safia Nolan Reprises Vol. 2 Pop CanCon
Woodhawk Violent Nature Rock CanCon
Chunder Buffet Lemon Sleazy Other CanCon (presumed)
Kara Shaw The Kara Shaw Collection, Vol. 1 Classical/Singer-Songwriter CanCon/KWCon/CKMSCon
Elliott Brood Town Rock CanCon

Make sure to check out The Kara Shaw Collection if you would like to play music from one of CKMS’s very own programmers.

And here is tonight’s Horizon Broadening Hour:

Here’s the tracklist:

Kara Shaw – This Land is Your Land
Lindsay Shaw – The Struggle
Alison Hogan – Pinto Pony
100 Mile House – 1952 Vincent Black Lightening
Illa Barker – Girl I See You
Roxanne Reddy – Wilted
She & Him – How Can I Make You Love Me
Michael Vlatkovich – People in my Wallet
Andrea Petrity – Conversation in My Head
Andre Wickenheiser – Basement Suite Part 3
Joshua Gerowitz – Deanna and Lwaxana
Andrew Raffo Dewar – I
Elliott Brood – Dark Side of the Road
Babaux and the Peacemakers – Without the Medicine
By Divine Right – Smokies and Cannonballs
Frog Eyes – Scottish Wine
Packs – New TV
Bad Waitress – Manners
The Jerry Gross Organization – Racer Cinema/Sleeping Train
Thndr – Lightfromthebluescreen
Zoon – Dodem
Genevieve Racette – The Tide
The Bombadils – Records and Rent
Phillippe B – Pauline a la Ferme
Andy Penkow – 1993
Lindsey and the Lonelies – Another Cowgirl (On Your Mind)

See y’all next time!

Summary of New Music Additions to LibreTime + Horizon Broadening Hour #3

What’s up, y’all? First and foremost, here is the music that I have added to LibreTime within the last week:

Glen Foster Group Party Out There Tonight Rockabilly CanCon
Leela Gilday North Star Calling Rock CanCon
Matt Blaise In Shadow and Light Rock CanCon
Alison Hogan Songs From the Third Act “Other” CanCon
Danko Jones A Rock Supreme Rock CanCon
Del Barber Easy Keeper Country/Folk CanCon
Moths No Museums Rock CanCon
The Brothers Andretti 87 Rock CanCon
Sandro Perri Soft Landing (EP) Indie Rock CanCon
Tom Boy Nothing to Lose Indie Rock CanCon
vt1000 The Burden of Irrational Optimism Electronica Unknown
Madison Violet Everything’s Shifting Indie Rock CanCon
Paul Keeling Focal Practice “Other” CanCon (presumed)
Future Womb Babygirlgalactic Rock CanCon
Brian Paul D.G. and Friends Something New Pop CanCon
Mich Cota Kija/Care Electronica Unknown
JPOD Circadian Rhythms Electronica Unknown
Frog Eyes Violet Psalms Indie Rock CanCon
Museum Pieces Plain Sight Rock CanCon
Hollis and the Widows Saint Henry EP Rock (presumed) CanCon (presumed)
Don Brownrigg Fireworks Alternative CanCon
Mallsex Discreet Services Alternative/Darkwave CanCon
Robert Connely Farr & the Rebeltone Boys Dirty South Boys Blues CanCon
James Hill & Anne Janelle Many a Moon Indie Rock CanCon
Huttch Huttchino Rock CanCon
Killing Clarence Living Nightmare Rock CanCon
Reays Butterfly Tongue (Remastered) Rock CanCon
Pallas Athene Palla Athenee Ethereal AltPop CanCon
Micah Erenberg Love is Gonna Find You Indie Rock CanCon
Problem Patient Patient Problems Rock CanCon
Julius Sumner Miller We Teach Nothing Other CanCon
Hey Major The Station Pop CanCon
The Gloaming 3 Traditional CanCon
Shintaro Sakamoto How to Live With a Phantom Funk No
Shintaro Sakamoto Let’s Dance Raw Funk No
Shintaro Sakamoto Love if Possible Funk No
Shintaro Sakamoto Like a Fable Funk No
Shintaro Sakamoto Don’t Know What’s Normal/From the Dead – Single Funk No
Shintaro Sakamoto By Swallow Season/Don’t Tinker With History – Single Funk No
Shintaro Sakamoto The Feeling of Love/Obscure Nightclub Funk No
Shintaro Sakamoto & Eddie Corman Boat/Dear Future Person – Single Funk No
Yura Yura Teikoku 3x3x3 Psychedelic Rock No
Yura Yura Teikoku Beautiful – EP Psychedelic Rock No
Yura Yura Teikoku Dekinai/Sweet Surrender – EP Psychedelic Rock No
Yura Yura Teikoku Hollow Me/Beautiful Psychedelic Rock No
Yura Yura Teikoku Me No Car Psychedelic Rock No
Yura Yura Teikoku Soft Death/It Was a Robot – Single Psychedelic Rock No
Yura Yura Teikoku Sweet Spot Psychedelic Rock No
Yura Yura Teikoku Taiyo No Shiroi Kona – EP Psychedelic Rock No
Yura Yura Teikoku Yura Yura Teikoku III Psychedelic Rock No
Yura Yura Teikoku Yura Yura Teikoku No Memai Psychedelic Rock No
Yura Yura Teikoku Yura Yura Teikoku No Shibire Psychedelic Rock No
Yura Yura Teikoku Are You Ra? Psychedelic Rock No
Yura Yura Teikoku Yura Yura Teikoku II Psychedelic Rock No
Yura Yura Teikoku Yura Yura Teikoku I Psychedelic Rock No
Pony Girl Laff it Off Indie Rock CanCon
Booster Fawn Dreams Made of Snowflakes Heart Rock CanCon
Haymakers 100 Years of Hank Country No
Various Artists Musicworks 146 Various Genres CanCon

Also, here is this week’s Horizon Broadening Hour:

Here’s the tracklist:

Maria Chavez & Jordi Wheeler – Made Uneasy/Pluck Pluck
Vt100 – Thesia
Jpod – muggle dub
Mich Cota – Nibi/Water
David Lafleche – Training Wheels
Electric Religious – Earth & Sky
Booster Fawn – Lady on the Internet
Pony Girl – I Believe in Nothing
Future Womb – Fuck
Leela Gilday – North Star Calling
Matt Blais – Shotgun Kiss
Glen Foster Group – Rockabilly Fever
Haymakers – Howling at the Moon
Kyrah and Tully – Monarch Butterfly
M.T. Walker – Be my Guiding Light
Six Corners – Ready for the Fall
Del Barber – Ronnie and Rose
Robert Connely Farr and the Rebeltone Boys – Hard Time Killing Floor Blues
Robert Thomas & the Session Men – Twilight Jess Knights – This is 30
Last Birds – Wedding Day
Les Elles – The Player
Ryan and Friends – That Night in Toronto
Brian Paul DG and Friends – The Ballad of the Singing Pirate
Brian Paul DG and Friends – Regenerative Agree Culture
Brian Paul DG and Friends – Eye Call

See y’all next time!

Summary of New Music Added to LibreTime + Horizon Broadening Hour #2

What’s up, y’all? As promised, here is the summary of new music I have added since the last post:

Friends From Church Friends From Church Pop Unknown
Ducks Ltd. Modern Fiction Indie Rock CanCon
Ben Caplan Recollection (Reimagined) Indie Rock CanCon
Thierry Larose Cantalou Traditional CanCon
Girlfriends & Boyfriends Fallacy of Fairness Alternative No
Maria Muldaur Let’s Get Happy Together Jazz No
The Reed Effect 1973 Alternative Unknown
Mista1touch Fire Touch Ice Pop CanCon (presumed)
Finny McConnel The Dark Streets of Love Rock CanCon
Balrogath Nameless Terror Metal CanCon
Kyra and the Tully TIME Country/Folk CanCon
Osyron Foundations (EP) Metal CanCon
The Stonehouse Band Stonehouse, Vol 1: The Escarpment Sessions Other CanCon
The Jerry Gross Organization Processed Hearts Indie Rock CanCon
Taken by Sanity Saturn Days Alternative CanCon
Dylan Hennessy Dylan Hennessy EP Rock I may have mislabelled this one as CanCon, not sure, please don’t kill me if I did CanCon
whatshisface concentrated gibberish Rap Unknown
Various Artists Cover Art Various Genres CanCon
Fools Like You Fools Like You Rock Unknown
Hinterlandband Bon Echo Jazz Unknown
Dri Hiev Dri Hiev Industrial CanCon
Mo Faux Hollow Heart Dance/House CanCon
Luka Kuplowsky Stardust Indie Rock CanCon
Dave Cherub Dave Cherub Country/Folk CanCon (presumed)
Jess Knights Best Kind of Light Pop CanCon
Last Birds Last Birds Pop CanCon
M.T. Walker Horizons Country & Folk Unknown
Hyperia Insanatorium Metal CanCon (partially)
Les Elles Pamela Peacemaker Pop CanCon (presumed)
Six Corners Six Corners Country & Folk CanCon
Kylo Kylo Electro/Pop CanCon
Satellite & The Harpoonist Satellite Man Blues CanCon
Motus & Lotusts Exoplanets Psychedlic Rock CanCon
The Montreal Rock Band Man Down III (Demo) Rock All presumed CanCon
Loryn Taggart The Art of Pulling Through Folk/Jazz/Pop/Ballad CanCon
Dave Cherub Climate Songs (for Lovers) Psychedlic Rock/Americana/Power-Pop CanCon

Also, as promised, here is The Horizon Broadening Hour #2, if you can’t wait until 10:00 PM:

Here is the tracklist:

The Painters – Somewhere
Dave Cherub – Waiting for Your Cookie
Loryn Taggart – Scandal Monger
Dani Nash – Fantasy
Touching – Two Solitudes
Girlpuppy – Miniature Furniture
Lou-Adrianne Cassidy – oui le serpent nous guette
Ducks Ltd. – Eighteen Cigarettes
Kylo – Undertow
Mofaux – Heart Don’t Want to Know
Mista1touch – Protect wi Land
Phonosonics – Dark-Haired Dub
Beautiful Nubia and the Roots Renaissance Band – Itana Odede
Matt Sellick & Jesse Cook – Soot
Maria Muldaur – Some Sweet Day
Rakkatak – Forgive and Forget
Dri Hiev – Garbage for Labour
Hyperia – Unleash the Pigs
Osyron – Ignite
Balrogath – Mindslayer
Motusts & Lotusts – Avulsion 2020
Godspeed You, Black Emporer! – A Military Alphabet (five eyes all blind) [Physical CD Version]
Evelyne Brochu – Copie Carbone
Couer de Pirate – Printemps
Karen Morand and the Bosco Boys – Coffee
Barney Bentall – Upstairs Downstairs (for Penny)

See y’all next time!

The Clean Up Hour, Mix 236 (October 20, 2023)

What up, y’all? It’s ya boy, mophead, here with this week’s mix. Pretty straightforward night of music, with a few minutes of me lamenting the state of social media discourse right now.

Here’s tonight’s tracklist:

JPEGMAFIA – Lightbulbs
A7PHA, Buck 65, Aesop Rock, Why?, Self Jupiter, Dose One, & Mestizo – Many Headed (Deluxe)
Lupe Fiasco & Ab-Soul – Thorns & Horns
The Game & Wil.I.Am – Compton
MIKE – African Sex Freak Fantasy
Method Man, Funkmaster Flex, & Big Kap – True
DJ Shadow & De La Soul – Rocket Fuel
Vince Staples & LA Leakers – Made in Black America Freestyle
Weerd Science – God Bless Pepsi
Lil Wayne – Slip
The Game – Where I’m From
Rome Streetz & Joey Badass – Fire at Ya Idle Mind
Armand Hammer & Cavalier – I Keep a Mirror in my Pocket
Crownovhornz – Roadhouse (1989)
El Camino & Inspectah Deck – Victory
Cam’Ron – Dress Like Nas in 94 Freestyle
Paul Wall, Termanology, & CL Smooth – It’s Magic
Wordburglar – The Comics Section
Clear Soul Forces – Diamond Rhymin
Jay Worthy, Kamaiyah, & Harry Fraud – Pull Up
Michael Christmas – dawg called me lazy on twitter freestyle
Puff Daddy, Fabolous, & Jacquees – Pick Up
Travis Thompson, Jake One, & Erick the Architect – What If?
Nas & Hit-Boy – No Tears
Logic – Get High V3 (02.28.2015)
Skyblew & Navo the Maestro – Light Switch
A-F-R-O – Talk ov da Town
Your Old Droog – Go to Sleep
Westside Gunn, Stove God Cooks, & Keisha Plum – Babylon Bis
Drake & Chief Keef – All the Parties
Home Brew – Dedicated To

RIP to Trugoy the Dove!

Now, as I promised last week, I would also start doing “#throwbackthursdays” to mixes I haven’t posted to CKMS’s wordpress. I decided the first mix would be #49: after talking with Yenny on CKMS Community Connections this past Monday (which you can check out here: ), I found myself reminiscing on the pre-COVID world, when I was in the studio each week just playing music off of my iPod. This one was All Things Considered on Shawn Chrystopher, check it:


You and Only You
The Revoltuion
Fresh Prince
situation (feat. Dom Kennedy)
The Wood
Wildin (feat. Tahoe)
Star Align
Ashes on My Macbook
Keep Your Classroom
U Think I’m Ugly?
her thoughts.
Dinner With a Supermodel
his thoughts.
Nobody on this Earth
lauren’s story.
U Know I Ms. U
Real N***a (Interlude)
Def Jam (Interlude)
one of my homies.

See y’all Sunday with a summary of new music added to airtime + another Horizon Broadening Hour!

Summary of New Music Added to LibreTime + The Horizon Broadening Hour #1

Hi, Folks,

As promised, here is the summary of new music that I have added to LibreTime. Two weeks worth here, next week’s list will be smaller:

Artist Album Genre Additional Notes CanCon
Various Artists A Sweet Relief Tribute to Joey Spampinato Mix — Rock, Blues etc.
Ronnie Earl and the Broadcaster Mercy Me Blues
Reversals Lasabre Rock, Rap, Dubstep-ish tracks 8, 10, and 13 are sexual, but with no explicit lyrics
Steve Marriner Hope Dies Last Rock/Blues
Sue Foley Pinky’s Blues Blues
Garnett Betts Moonlight Door Country
Jane Matthew/Wood Such Perfect Lives Folk
Oakridge Ave Endless Nights Indie Rock
Fate Will Come Fate Will Come Rock Explicit
Iamtheliving & Teon Gibbs JNGL Hip-Hop/Dance Explicit
Ryan Kennedy Libertine Religious Rock
Robert Thomas and the Sessionmen Parallel Lines Country/Blues
Evelyne Brochu Objets Perdus Pop
Clinton Edgebank Unknown Album Rock No track names available
Orhan Demir Freedom in Jazz Vol. 3 Solo Jazz Guitar
The Folk Say it Again Rock
Kharytia Bilash & Sean Sonier Longing Folk
Barry Rhomberg’s Random Access Trio The Way It Is… Is the Way it Was… Jazz
The Duke Robillard Band They Called It Rhythm & Blues Blues
Jakob Rehlinger Ten Sorrows New Age
Whitney K Two Years Indie Rock Unknown
Daniel Monte Now Part 1 Rock Unknown
Craig McNair Totally Demo’d Out 2 Locked Down and Loaded Easy Listening Unknown
Jonathan Kawchuk Everywhen Electronica CanCon
Sunnsetter The Best That I Can Be “Alternative” CanCon
Pony Girl Enny One Wil Love You R&B CanCon
The Bombadils Dear Friend CanCon
Phillipe B Nouvelle Administration CanCon
Illa Barker Fool Under Water Pop CanCon
Babaux and the Peacemakers Lucky 13 Rock No
Andy Penkow Love, Lies, and Dirty Dishes Country Unknown
Kilmore From the Inside Pop CanCon
Roxanne Reddy Jaywalking Pop CanCon
Brian Paul D.G. and Friends On Our Own Together Act One of Three Pop CanCon
Ashter Dawn Hersy EP Pop CanCon
Zoon Bekka Ma’iingan Indie Rock CanCon
Sultans of String Walking Through the Fire Traditional Indigenous CanCon
By Divine Right Otto Motto Indie Rock Unknown
Frog Eyes The Bees Indie Rock CanCon
Lindsey & The Lonelies Lonely is a Dirty Word Other CanCon
Paul Manchin Master Electronic CanCon
Packs Take the Cake Indie Rock CanCon
Evan Cheadle Fault Line Serenade Country & Folk CanCon
Alexanne Stupid Love Pop CanCon
Brian Paul D.G. and Friends Deeper Far Out Love Pop CanCon
Canadian Brass Canadiana Classical CanCon
The Deadbeat Jacks Graveyard Chicks Are Easy Neo-Rockabilly Brief, Mild Profanity tracks 4, 7, and 9 No
Beautiful Nubia and the Roots Renaissance Band Huru Hara Nigerian Folk and Roots Music No
Matt Sellick Uprooted Flamenco CanCon
Rakkatak Char Taal and a Raga Rainbow Folk/Traditional CanCon
Touching Litteworlds Indie Rock CanCon
Dani Nash Dani Nash Rock CanCon
Nick Doneff The Late August Days Folk CanCon
Genevieve Racette Satellite Indie Rock CanCon
Andrew Raffo Dewar Ekphrasis Suite Jazz/Contemporary Classical No
Anyma Humans Alternative CanCon
Bad Waitress No Taste Punk CanCon
Girlpuppy Swan Indie Rock CanCon
Great Aunt Ida Unsayable Folk/Chamberpop CanCon
Craig Cardiff All This Time Running Country CanCon
Zack Kleisinger Their Symposium CanCon
Lou-Adriane Cassidy vous dit: Bonsoir CanCon
Cour de Pirate Cour de Pirate Pop CanCon
Oktoberfest Cheer Max the Axe Compilation CanCon/KWCon
Ponemah Ponemah Indie Rock No
Barney Bentall Ranch Writers Rock CanCon
Karen Morand & The Bosco Boys Ghost Hotel Country/Folk CanCon
Dave Debenham The Simple Life Country CanCon
Slightest Clue Suit Uptight/Various Other Songs Alternative CanCon
Emile Bilodeau Petitie Nature Pop CanCon
Thndr Is It Ok? Pop CanCon
David Lafleche Everyday Son Pop CanCon
Tragic Lover Electric Religious Rock CanCon
Phonosonics New Again Reggae CanCon
Michael Vlatkovich With You Jazz Cat Jazz No
Ryan and Friends Cool Side of the Pillow Pop CanCon
The Rural Alberta Advantage The Rise & The Fall Rock CanCon
Claire Coupland New Light Folk, Rock, Jazz CanCon
Little Misty Nowhere Land Folk CanCon
The Painters The Painters Rock CanCon

Please note: I am aware a few things are missing, like genre categories for a couple of albums, as well as CanCon tags for the first 20 albums I uploaded. I will try to fix these matters over time. Otherwise, though, I hope programmers might find something interesting in here to add to their programming!

If you want to hear some of the selections, check out the first Horizon Broadening Hour:

Here’s the tracklist:

Slightest Clue – Suit Uptight
The Rural Alberta Advantage – Plague Dogs
Reversals – The Real Pretty Boy Floyd
The Deadbeat Jacks – Scary Truck
Fate Will Come – Time Stomps On
Steve Marriner – Coal Mine
Oakridge Ave – 66 Knots
Paul Manchin – King
Ponygirl – Age of Anxious
Johnathan Kawchuk – Athletes
Jakob Rehinger – Four Sorrows, IV. Ships Who Pass in Darkness
Orhan Demir – Ocean Blue
Canadian Brass – I Remember
Michael Vlatkovich – bob, the fish who discovered water
Sultans of String & Duke Richard – Our Mother the Earth
Alexanne – Another Friday night
Little Misty – Alma
Claire Coupland – Rain
Jane Matthew/Wood – Go
Sue Foley – Two Bit Texas Town
Garnet Betts – Ten Years From Tonight
Kharytia Bilash & Sean Sonier – I Need a Cat
Whitney K – Trans Oil Canada Boom Blues
Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters – Coal Train Blues
Barry Rhomberg’s Random Access Trio – Vodka 7
The Duke Robillard Band – Eat Where You Slept Last Night
Sunsetter – The Whole World That Turns around Itself
Ryan Kennedy – See You There
The Folk – When I Go Away
Craig McNair – The Gods

Kitchener Electronic Music Open Mic

This is the first of it’s kind in the KW area. It is starting up after the recent success of The Modulation Club events that were held at the KPL library which featured techniques on synthesis exploration.

Now it is time to check out the music of the region!

Sign up to perform or just show up and see what cool  electronics people in the KW region are making music with.

The Tri City Synthesizer Society

The Robot might even make an appearance at a future open mic!

AWH Takeover 7 featuring Jason Sharp & FREE COFFEE!

First the podcast, where I chat about what you can expect at the KPL Modular meet-ups that were happening monthly throughout the winter and about how once you get into modular you start to notice it everywhere like with this feature artist that I went to see.

The featured solo artist is Jason Sharp Check out their Bandcamp page and support their music here:…


Here are the clues for you to find your FREE COFFEE it is at this location. One of the first stops of the Robot’s summer tour was here:

CKMS is one of the 9 wonders of the KW Region! If you are unfamiliar with the area and the station a comment in the next video (another Robot performance) will give you a Google Maps Plus code to get you to the right area.

Note: The Robot Apocalypse chip and coffee card is not in the CKMS station. You do not need to try and get in. It will be accessible to the public. If it is not easily found it probably means someone has already found it. There will be another coffee hidden next weekend.

Good Luck!


Little Payne – Listening Party & Concept Album Hall of Fame Induction

A week or two ago we did our first listen to the newly released Limblifter album. We made a scary discovery during the listening party that this could be the last Limblifter album. Maybe we interpreted the wording wrong. Join us, take a listen to this album. Give it a purchase – We were right, it is fantastic!

To see all the other albums that make-up the Concept Album Hall of Fame Collage visit our site here:

Play It Forward

In this Experimental Radio Podcast Series each episode will feature a different band who will select three other bands that they enjoy.

Mano A Mano will contact all the selected bands and if they reply, a continuation branch from this episode will be created with that band as the feature along with their three selections and so on and so forth….

A branch dies when a band does not reply, chooses an already selected band or the mentioned band cannot be found.

Hosted and produced by Mano A Mano. DJ’d and directed by bands.

Mano A Mano with Gary Cain

DJ Steel of the Mano A Mano show met virtually with Gary Cain. It was previously established and proven on the Mano A Mano show that Gary Cain is the 4th best guitarist in the WORLD! Here is the raw interview where we talk about how Gary got playing Blues guitar, his influences and how to get to the next level with your guitar playing and more

Radio podcast available at


CKMS Community Connections for 11 May 2020

Bel-lig-er-ent | belijerent / (adjective) 1. hostile and aggressive (album cover by Kwazzi) I would have had Toronto Hiphop artist Kwazzi in the studio today, but we’re still closed for the Covid pandemic. So I’m playing a brand new track Handouts, as well as some tracks from his Belligerent album. Say it with me: “Kwa-Zay”! He’s addicted to Instagram, so check him out at @therealkwazzi.

Attract Hazard | Sam Nabi (album cover) Sam Nabi  crouches in front of some plants an dhis stereo I’m also featuring local Kitchener Hiphop artist Sam Nabi, with some tracks from his new album Attract Hazard. You can find Sam and his music on Bandcamp.

And to round out the hour, there’s a bunch of new (to me) CanCon music from Indigenous artists in the Nikamowin catalogue.

Time Title Artist Album
00m00s Theme for CKMS Community Connections Steve Todd CKMS Community Connections
00m26s Handouts (feat. Txnic) Kwazzi/Txnic
04m09s Wut It Look Like Kwazzi Belligerent
07m37s Ego Kwazzi Belligerent
11m45s My Worst Nightmare Kwazzi Belligerent
16m43s Port City Sam Nabi Attract Hazard
20m56s Together (radio edit) Sam Nabi Attract Hazard
25m49s Faking It Sam Nabi Attract Hazard
29m46s Happy Place (radio edit) Sam Nabi Attract Hazard
34m34s Pow Alan Syliboy and the Thundermakers
38m31s I Lost my Talk Alan Syliboy and the Thundermakers
42m35s Wemotaci Arthur Petiquay
48m36s Weckat kenin e awaciwiian Arthur Petiquay
51m35s The Dream Adam Morris
56m26s Prodigal Daughter (Not Alone) Lady & Gentleman Prodigal Daughter

CKMS Community Connections Hour One airs on CKMS-FM 102.7 on Monday from 11:00am to Noon, and Hour Two airs on Friday from 2:00pm to 3:00pm.

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In a Coma, Vehicles Beyond, Lizard Tree, Still Life Fast Moving

Check out our weekend podcast above where our sub-theme was “Green” albums – to add as leaves on our #ConceptAlbum mosaic. We might record our podcasts this way moving forward….still experimenting! If you have a preference let us know:

Album:  In A Coma
Artist: Matthew Good
Year: 2005
Notes:  Probably one of Canada’s best musicians! Between the years of 1995-2005 Matt Good could do no wrong! Check it out here!

Album: Vehicles Boyond
Artist: Kitchens & Bathrooms
Year: 2003
Notes:  These guys were a fantastic band from Hamilton. I picked up this album years ago at one of their show before I ever knew about “Math Rock” I saw them perform a few times….great album. Might be hard to find! Check it out in the podcast above!

Album:  Lizard Tree
Artist: Green Tree Frogs
Year: 2018
Notes:  Enjoy a day at the lizard tree with the Green Tree frogs! You can download this album free here:

Album: Still Life Fast Moving
Artist: Mean Red Spiders
Year: 2003
Notes:  I found out about these guys when we played in Toronto. Possibly opened for this band. They were classified as alternative, shoegaze. I found them to be awesome! I have a few of their albums. In playing this album I found out they had released an album in 2014 that I’ve got to check out!

Elevated Tracks

Album: Elevated Tracks
Artist: Cyanide Kiss
Year: 2018
Notes: Each track from this album was taken from one of the limited edition Cyanide Kiss album from the years 2002-2009, remastered and made available online.

If you have an album that you think should be added to the mosaic contact us on twitter or instagram: @mamradio