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New Music Added to Libretime

What’s up, y’all? First things first, reminder that Bob Jonkman is taking over the Horizon Broadening Hour for me throughout the month — make sure to tune into his variation of the show at 10:00 PM tonight!

I am still adding some music to Libretime when I can, here is what I added in the past week:

Dave Teichroeb Road Poets Rock CanCon
John Canning Yates The Quiet Portraits Singer-Songwriter No
Trina Chakrabarti Calling – Single Alternative CanCon/KWCon
Trina Chakrabarti Is This Human? – Single Alternative CanCon/KWCon
Funeral Lakes North American Martyrs Alternative CanCon
Salwa Flicker – Single Alternative CanCon
River Honey Billy the Bronco Alternative CanCon
Beams Requiem for a Planet Alternative CanCon
Omnivide A Tale of Fire Metal CanCon
Jay Danley Nova Jazz CanCon
Vailhalen EP001 Rock CanCon
Stritz Detuned Synchronicities Rock CanCon
Alix Firnz Bizou Rock CanCon
Brad Rushing Black and White – Single Rock No
Calvin Swyers Sweet Morning Air – Single Country CanCon
Foghat Sonic Mojo Blues No
Tammy Huggan Candle-Single Singer-Songwriter CanCon
Nutty P Beats Traffic (EP) Hip Hop/Instrumental No
Olcay Bayir Tu Guli World No
Rum Ragged Gone Jiggin Folk CanCon
Pixie Moonshine Ocean Rock CanCon
Townies Of This I Am Certain Rock No
remember whales perpetual nostalgia machine Alternative CanCon
Feed mAn is Five – Single Rock CanCon

See y’all next time!

The Horizon Broadening Hour #26

B&W illustration of people dancing, but the front centre dancer is dressed in orange.
Keep Dancing!

Most of this week’s tracks were taken from CDs submitted to the radio station, digitized and uploaded to our LibreTime software by Mophead, your regular host. He’s busy with work, and will be back in May. And some tracks were uploaded by other show hosts. Thanx, Dan and Don!


Music List

Time Title Artist Album Genre
0h00m Candle Tammy Huggan A blonde woman in a black dress playing guitar
– Single
Singer-Songwriter / CanCon
0h05m Promised Land FOGHAT The Foghat logo and album title superimposed over a graphic of a guitar and a starburst designSONIC MOJO Blues
0h08m She’s Dynamite Blues
0h12m Le moniteur sile Renonce Black and white needle-like shardsNuisance sonore Electronic / CanCon
0h14m Sweet Morning Air Calvin Swyers Sweet Morning Air | Calvin Swyers (An unmade bed in the middle of a field)Sweet Morning Air – Single Country / CanCon
0h19m Black and White Brad Rushing Black and White | Brad Rushing (black, white, and red letters on a Black and White – Single Rock
0h23m Rouge à lèvres Alix Fernz Bizou ( two mimes bending down to stare into the camera, on a bright pink border)Bizou Rock / CanCon
0h26m Crack de dent Rock / CanCon
0h30m L’étranglé Rock / CanCon
0h33m Get Right! John Orpheus Get Right! (two people standing in a stairwell)
funk, rnb, cancon, queercon
0h37m 06 Cages Strung Out Strung Out | Dead Rebellion (two skeleton robots holding a flag on a dias)Dead Rebellion Punk
0h40m Fold Stritz Detuned Synchronicities (a baby wearing a diaper laying on the beach)Detuned Synchronicities Rock / CanCon
0h43m Purple Stained Mess Rock / CanCon
0h46m Cream Soda Rock / CanCon
0h50m Taking The Fifth Jay Danley Jay Danley | Nova (illustration of a post-apocalyptic streetscape with a guitar and amp in the foreground)Nova Jazz / CanCon
0h55m JP’S Playground Jazz / CanCon
0h58m Let It Go Jazz / CanCon
1h05m Death be not Proud Omnivide Omnivide | A Tale of Fire (a person wielding a sword and holding a staff in a valley with dead trees and a burning castle in the background)A Tale of Fire Metal / CanCon
1h10m Childlike Empress Beams (a stag leaping out of a woman's torso)Requiem for a Planet Alternative / CanCon
1h14m Billy the Bronco River Honey A man wearing a white cap and holding a guitar in a wood-panelled room.Billy the Bronco – Single Alternative / CanCon
1h18m Flicker Salwa (A woman in a red dress walking through deep snow, a bare branch with only a few leaves is in the foreground)Flicker – Single Alternative / CanCon
1h22m Generals Die in Bed Funeral Lakes North American Martyrs (Redcoat soldiers marching to the right, superimposed are multiple lines of "North American Martyrs")North American Martyrs Alternative / CanCon
1h26m Eyes to the Sun (National Myth) Alternative / CanCon
1h30m Yesterday Motel Dave Teichroeb Dave Teichrob | Road Poets (Torso of a man wearing a black "Road Poets" T-shirt)Road Poets Rock / CanCon
1h34m Too Big to Fail Rock / CanCon
1h38m Your Monster Trina Chakrabarti (A woman wearing a sari and a steampunk helmet)Your Monster – Single Alternative / CanCon / KWCon
1h43m Calling A woman wearing an orange sweater standing under a willow tree)Calling – Single Alternative / CanCon / KWCon
1h46m Dreams Forgotten John Canning Yates The Quiet Portraits | John Canning Yates (a man standing on a tall rock at a craggy seashore)The Quiet Portraits Singer / Songwriter
1h50m Riches Singer / Songwriter
1h54m He Wants You Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Nick Cave | and the Bad Seeds | Nocturama (profile photo of Nick Cave)Nocturama Singer / Songwriter

The Horizon Broadening Hour is hosted by Mophead and Bob Jonkman, produced by Richard Giles (Music Committee Coordinator), and sponsored by Radio Waterloo. HBH airs on CKMS-FM every Sunday from 10:00pm to Midnight.

The Clean Up Hour Mix 261

What’s up, y’all? Here is tonight’s Clean Up Hour — the 57th All Things Considered segment! I make the case for Asher Roth, who deserves a lot more love and respect for supplying us with more than 15 years of great music.

Tracklist for part one (part two is available… elsewhere).

Lark On My Go Kart
Roth Boys
In the Kitchen
Dude (feat. Curren$y)
Black Mags Remix
Laundry (feat. Michael Christmas & Larry June)
Fat Raps Remix (Big Sean, Dom Kennedy, Chuck Inglish, Boldy James, Chip tha Ripper, & Asher Roth)
Turnip the Beet
Eggs Florentine (feat. Remy Banks & King Mez)
Trash Minutes
Cruise Ships
F**k the Money (BOB & Asher Roth)
Last of the Flohicans (feat. Major Myjah)
La Di Da
Hard Times (feat. Kids These Days & Casey Veggies)
Comin & Goin (feat. Rhymefest)
The Lounge
Tree Hunter
Y Tu
The World Is Not Enough
Good Morning View
Treat Me Like Fire
Cher in Chernobyl (feat. Lojii)
Change Gonna Come (B.O.B, Charles Hamilton, & Asher Roth)
Things Change
G.R.I.N.D (Get Ready It’s a New Day)

See y’all next week!

New Music Added to Libretime

Hi, Folks,

First and foremost, just reminding everyone that Bob Jonkman is holding down the Horizon Broadening Hour fort for the month of April; tune into his version of the show at 10:00 PM EST!

That said, even though I am quite busy, I have been able to get a bit of music added to Libretime (and have files ready for two albums that are still under embargo; if they sound interesting to you, mark the end of the embargo on your calendars):

Renonce Nuisance sonore Electronic April 12th Embargo CanCon
Northern Ranger The View From Here Jazz/Folk April 26th Embargo CanCon
Daniel Raymond What We’re Trying to Become Folk CanCon
Amanda Keeles Can’t Stop Me Now Country CanCon
DAHL That’s It Rock CanCon
Touching I Can Be Two People At Once Folk CanCon
Matthew Chaffey Hotel Texas Soul CanCon
The Oblique Mystique Cheap! Blues Ripped from 7″ Vinyl CanCon
Melody Graves and the Hokum Redemption Jazz in Meajin 009: Live at the Bearded Lady Jazz CanCon
Sam Wilson Wintertides Jazz CanCon
Various Artists On the Road – Sitsansik St. Mary’s Traditional CanCon
Mombius Hibachi Loosen Up the Noose EP Rock CanCon

That’s all for now!

New Music Added to Libretime + Horizon Broadening Hour #24

What’s up, y’all? First up, here is what I have added to Libretime since last time:

Christian Keyes Closer (album name listed as “Get Involved) R&B Indeterminable
Street Legal Modern Ruins – Single Rock CanCon/KWCon
Moving Into Tucson She Likes Me – Single Rock No
Andrew Sue Wing Muscle Shoals – Single R&B No
Marc Prochnow & Ronald Christoph Talk of the Town – Single and OVUM – Single Dance No
Shay Wolf Stay – EP (and Stay (Instrumentals) – EP) Pop CanCon
Joe Rez Feel Good Pop Indeterminable
The Brenan Brothers Valley of Silence Jazz CanCon
Todd Barrow Rockin in the city – Single Rock No
Jonny Blue In his own world – Single Rock No
Sandy Louise Good to be Free – Single Country No
Alexander Gallant Waiting Tables Blues Folk CanCon
Sons of Shanley Dirty Feet Rock CanCon
Pulse Park First Second Indie Rock CanCon
Clay Orange Deeply Folk CanCon
Sam Nabi Help Yourself Hip Hop NSFR/Radio Edits of Tracks 1 and 6 are currently available CanCon/KWCon
Jon Epworth Show Me the Fu**ing Evidence Rock Track 1 NSFR CanCon
Nova Pon & Turning Point Ensemble Symphonies of Mother and Child Modern Composition CanCon
Pranatricks Elements Of Indie Rock CanCon
Big Fancy & the Shiddy Cowboys The Legendary Loser Wins Again Country CanCon
Christopher Perry Submitted Singles Folk CanCon
Common & Pete Rock Tryin – Single Hip Hop/Rap NSFR (partial, radio edits available) No
Flavia Abadia MALA – Single/ YNQF – Single Pop/Electronic CanCon

Here is Sunday’s Horizon Broadening Hour:


Street Legal – Modern Roots
Sons of Shanley – Snack Bar
Pulse Park – Dark Empath
Pranatricks – Worlds
Jon Epworth – Manufactured Grace
Moving Into Tucson – She Likes Me
Shay Wolf – Fighting
Alexander Gallant – Waiting Table Blues
Clay Orange – Through the Motions
Big Fancy & the Shiddy Cowboys – The Man Who Faked His Own Life
Gentle Sparrow – River
Sunglaciers – Rotten Teeth
Sandy Louise – Good to be Free
Jonny Blue – In His Own World
Sam Nabi – High Tide
Es. – The Good Fight
Animal Nation – a Great Impression of a Charming Young Man
Daily – Dee’s Eyes
CrossWord – Fly’n High
Shua James – The Driver and the Passenger
Notions – Follow My Lead (feat. Cee)
Cash Cobain & Bay Swag – Fisherrrr
Nova Pon & Turning Point Ensemble – Entrancement
Kristen Miller & Alise Ashby – Notes From the Heart
Nadah El-Shazly – Adi

Finally, as I discuss at the beginning of the show, I will be putting the show in the hands of CKMS 102.7’s own Bob Jonkman for the month of April, as work commitments that month will make doing two shows a bit too difficult! I will return in May, but if you are an artist hoping to get your music added to the station, please continue to submit your music even if it might take a while to get on THBH! Until next time, then,


New Music Added to Libretime + Horizon Broadening Hour #23

What’s up, y’all? I’m finally tackling email submissions! Here is what I have added to Libretime this week (and please note two of the submissions will be added once embargos are up, I have everything ready for that):

Cash Cobain & Bay Swag Fisherrr – Single Hip Hop/Rap NSFR No
Chantel Acda & The Atlantic Drifters Silently Held Jazz No
Jared Esko Edge of the World/Let the Demons Out – Single Rock Indeterminable
Guy Plecash You Are Good – Single Blues CanCon
Mr. Henry Preludes to Nowhere Singer-Songwriter Indeterminable
Sunglaciers Mothland Punk Will not be added until March 29th CanCon
Various Artists Reaction Music Showcase 2024 Rock No
Nadah El-Shazy Les Damnes Le Pleurent Pas Soundtrack CanCon
Bryana Helena No Good No More – Single R&B NSFR (partial) Indeterminable
Common Goldfish Siren Songs – Single Pop No
Katie Foote SPRING – Single Pop No
Parkway Cinema THE MOVIE SONG (DEMO) – Single Pop-Punk CanCon
Jonathan Noel Life or Death – Single Rock CanCon
E A P Hyacinth Blue Rock CanCon/KWCon
Colin Lillie Honkytonk Southern Sky/The Ballad of Evey – Single Rock No
Spirit’n’Jazz Freedom Jazz No
Various Artists Dissident Selections 3 Electronic/Progressive No
Allen Dobb Alone Together Folk CanCon
Andre Ward Planet Earth – Single Jazz Indeterminable
Romeo Johnson Til Tomorrow – Single R&B Indeterminable
One Ugly Tomorrow Canadian Bacon – Single Rock CanCon
Sam Kruger Burial Grounds – Single Folk CanCon
Gentle Sparrow Whole Folk Will not be added until March 27th CanCon
Norwegian Soft Kitten Aggression Level: Medium Alternative No
Norwegian Soft Kitten Sunshine on Lava Alternative No
Norwegian Soft Kitten On Loan From the Universe Alternative No
Lone Jabroni Align Alternative No
The Adral Project Let Me Go Rock CanCon
Enyonam Self Conscious – Single R&B CanCon
Kristen Miller & Alise Ashby The Gift New Age No
Adjustable Mustard Adjustable Mustard Single Rock No
Just a Leo Change Your Life – Single Electronic No

Here is tomorrow’s Horizon Broadening Hour:


E A P – 1984 (in search of being)
The Adral Project – Lay Down
Sam Kruger – Burial Grounds
Allen Dobb – Daylight’s Burnin
One Ugly Truth – Canadian Bacon
Guy Plecash – You are Good
Parkway Cinema – The Movie Song (Demo)
Jonathan Noel – Life or Death
Jared Esko – Let the Demons Out
Human Renegade – I Wrote This Song Because the Thought of Seeing You Kiss Him Makes Me Sick
Common Goldfish – Siren Songs
Norwegian Soft Kitten – Aggression Level: Medium
Lone Jabroni – Align
Adjustable Mustard – Willie
Colin Lillie – Honkytonk Southern Sky
Mr. Henry – Lone Star
Katie Foote – Spring
Kalle Mattson – New Romantics
Marin Harley & Daniel Kimbro – Chocolate Jesus
Thunderclap! – Hospital Wedding
Mississippi Live & The Dirty Dirty – The Girl Who Never Was
Colter Wall – Ballad of a Law Abiding Sophisticate
Husky – Ruckers Hill
Foreign Diplomats – Lily’s Nice Shoes!
Sego – Psychobabble
Yukon Blonde – Make U Mine
Lyric Dubee – Cheap Wine and Roses
Dave Gunning – a Tractor
Philip Bosely – Fire Never Goes Out
Like Pacific – 105 McCaul St.
Them County Bastardz – Metal for Mark
Kanada Day – Crime Minister

See y’all next time!

New Music Added to Libretime + Horizon Broadening Hour #22

What’s up, y’all? First up, here is what I have added to Libretime since last week:

MED Classic Rap NSFR No
Machine Gun Dolly Until the Grim Reaper… Rock CanCon
The Working Class Restless R&B CanCon
James Struthers James Struthers Other CanCon
Brews Willis Nerped by a Zircon Punk NSFR CanCon
Knotted Cord Polyphonic Beasts Expand in Parallel Rock No
Charlie Mars Blackberry Light Rock Indeterminable
Laugh At the Fakes One Night Only Pop CanCon
Bonn Smith Secret Lives Pop CanCon
Fruit Bats Tripper Indie Rock No
The Hook Up Tomorrow and Today Pop CanCon
Ten Second Epic Better Off Punk CanCon
The Boogieman Jordan Daniel Blues Pops & Jazz Smokes Rock Indeterminable
The Consumer Goods … but we don’t shoot pistols? Indie Rock (probably) CanCon
Handsom Dan and His Gallimaufry The Best There Was Folk CanCon
The Glow Try Rock CanCon
Various Artists Camobear Green Rap NSFR CanCon
Charlie Winston Running Still Alternative Indeterminable
The Agnostic Phibes Rhythm & Blood Conspiracy Campfire Tales Alternative CanCon
Canteen Knockout Broken Down Town Country CanCon
Dog Tooth Violet Dog Tooth Violet Rock CanCon
Johnny Favourite Troubadour Jazz CanCon
Mary Gauthier The Foundling Folk CanCon
Essentials Nothing But Blue Dance CanCon
David Franck Kellar A long way from Minneapolis Pop No
Niktex The Power of Yang FOlk CanCon
Birds of Wales Belgravia Hotel Rock CanCon
Kae Shelby Unbroken Folk CanCon

With that, the CD shelf is finally processed! Here’s tomorrow’s Horizon Broadening Hour:


Kae Shelby – Hurt Too Hard
Slow Down Molasses – No Riots
Kyp Harness – Old Hippie
Aidan Knight – Funeral Singers
Jake & The Fundamentals – 4am Love Affair
Eugene Ripper – Punks and Pushers
Eugene Ripper – Queen Street 1987
Eugene Ripper – It Never Really Happened
Doug Cox & Sam Hurrie – John the Revelator
Natalie Merchant – Lulu
Legere and Legere – Cajun Moon
Peter Willie Young – Standing On the Road, Kicking Gravel
Ben Rogers – Don’t Buy Me Roses
Jeff Buckley – Poor Boy Long Way From Home
No Museums – I Walk With a Fox
Rag Maple – Farewell My Wildwood Flower
Spectre Hearts – How to Look Important in Public
The Karpinka Brothers – Tetherball
Sunrise & Good People – Closer to the Flame
Harlan Wells – Canadiana
Autumn Kings – Runnin From the Police
Foonyap – Neon God
Whitney K – Ode to the Old Ways
Michael Bridge – Tokkata
Tanya Evanson – Riding the Bull Home
Le Vent Du Nore – Entre Ciel et Terre
10,000 Horses – Lets Cry
Ed Henderson – Koa Wood

See y’all next time!

The Clean Up Hour, Mix 257

What’s up, y’all? New Clean Up Hour for y’all a bit early:


Earl Sweatshirt & SK La’Flare – Pre
Lil B – C*caine Blunts
The Cool Kids – IT’S YOURS, PT. 2
Little Simz – I Ain’t Feeling It
Injury Reserve – Plastic Cup
Lil Scrappy & Yo Gotti – Get Right
G Perico – If I Ruled the World (G-Style)
Paul Wall, Devin the Dude, & Curren$y – Crumble the Satellite
ScHoolboy Q & Freddie Gibbs – oHio
Nori – Murangos
Amine – Charamander
Tyga & T-Pain – Celebration
Ariana Grande – the boy is mine
Nori – Girl is Mine
KYLE & Tinashe – Who’s Taking You Home
CASISDEAD & Later – Before This
4batz & Drake – act ii: date @ 8 (remix)
Sy Ari Da Kid – Eye Contact From a Goddess
Flying Lotus & Erykah Badu – See Thru To U
Janelle Monae & Big Boi – Tightrope
Asher Roth, Homeboy Sandman, lojii, & Heather Gray – Heaven
Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip – You Can’t Hold the Torch
R.A.P Ferreira & ELDON – mr. susan type slapper
Jae Skeese, Rome Streetz, Ty Farris, & Superior – Cantonese Characters
LNDN DRGS & Compton’s Most Wanted – Amalfi Drive
Nori – Holloway Road
Statik Selektah & Joey Bada$$ – Life & Times
Elliott Niezel & Moka Only – Float
Ransom & Harry Fraud – The Losses
Rory & Reason – Sobering Thoughts From the Mondrian
Big K.R.I.T – $30
Sunmundi & klwn cat – I Lived
Nitty Scott, MC, Soul Khan, & Akie Bermiss – A Beautiful Struggle

See y’all next time!

New Music Added to Libretime + Horizon Broadening Hour #21

What’s up, y’all? Hopefully you’re enjoying the live-to-air Golden MP3 awards right now. If you’re still hungry for more afterwards, here is the Horizon Broadening Hour a day early. First, though, here is what I have added to Libretime in the last week:

Sound of Lions 11:44 Pop CanCon
Sightlines “Summer” EP Punk Indeterminable
Divine Pocket Bouncers Divine Pocket Bouncers R&B No
Curbside Sofa Curbside Sofa Rock CanCon
Joel LeBlanc & Ken Aldcroft The Long and the Short of It Jazz CanCon
The Shiitake Project 5 Days in Bath Pop CanCon
Mike Janzen Carols Christmas/Holiday CanCon
Acres & Acres Truth & Sky Pop CanCon
Manafest Fighter Religious CanCon
Tough Mitts Tough Mitts EP Electronica Indeterminable
J. Eygenraam Cheap Talk Alternative No
Yes Nice Warm Gun Indie Rock CanCon
Snake River (Mountain Gospel Youth Band Songs No One’ll Hear Alternative CanCon
The Occupational Side Effects Not Your Dealer’s Friend Rock CanCon
Parallels XII Alternative CanCon
Michael Wood Occupy This Rock CanCon
The Beladeans E.P. R&B No
Catgut Fightpicker Indie Rock Indeterminable
Lioness The Golden Killer Rap NSFR (presumed) CanCon
Woods of Ypres Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light Metal No
Divine Fits A Thing Called Divine Fits Alternative Indeterminable
Souls Rest Better Weapon Other CanCon
The Trews …Thank You And I’m Sorry Alternative CanCon
The Veer Union Divide the Blackened Sky Alternative CanCon
Richard Underhill Tales from the Blue Lounge Jazz CanCon
Lucky Widmore Long Time Coming Unknown NSFR (potentially) Indeterminable
Stefan Christoff Temps Libre Jazz CanCon

The good news — I believe the entirety of our in-studio CD shelf will have been uploaded to the system by this time next week!

Here is the Horizon Broadening Hour:


Protosequence – Parasitic
Van Halst – World of Make Believe
Monarch Woods – Nets in the Night
Fayne – Nomad’s Land
Black Crown Initiate – Shape’s Collapse
Kolony – The Trial
Woods of Ypres – Career Suicide (Is Not Real Suicide)
Cannons – State of Emergency
Sal Lima – Goin Rockin
Supermoon – Witching Hour
James Kasper – Old Hearts of Rust
DJ Champion – Julio’s Holy Rodeo
Sam Weber – Buddy
Look Vibrant – Cauliflower
Duotang – That’s What Keeps us Alive
Child’s Play – Love Walmart
Karen Potje – Too Late Too Long Too Old
The Goatbox Rebels – Black Tooth Grin
Matt Patershuk – Little Guitar
Nick Dehod – Death of a Cynic
Rant Maggie Rant – Southwestern Ontario Town
Government Town – Godforsaken Town
Chucky Macdonald – Our Little Friend the Sun
Ron Beer – Hawaii Bound
Emily Millard – Where is God
Velvet Vice – Urban Instinct

See y’all next week!

The Clean Up Hour Mix 256

What’s up, y’all? New Clean Up Hour — mainly just music, been a long week.


Michael Christmas & Chris Crack – Shake Some 4 DOOM
Schoolboy Q – THank God 4 Me
Bow Wow, P*mp C, Short Dawg, Lil Wayne, & Lil Scrappy – 4 Corners
Squidnice – Ain’t No Problem
DMX & Mobb Deep – Boy Back Up
Rihanna, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, & TI – Pour It Up (Remix)
A$AP Rocky – Multiply
MIKE, Earl Sweatshirt, Tony Shhnow, & Tony Seltzer – On God
Freddie Gibbs & Jadakiss – Black Illuminati
Quelle Chris – Obamacare
billy woods & Danny Brown – Year Zero
Pi R 2 (from the film Pi)
Schoolboy Q & Ab-Soul – Foux
Raekwon & 9th Wonder – A PINEBOX STORY
Shawn Chrystopher & Buddy – Who Mad?
Jay-Z & Kanye West – That’s My B**ch
Earthgang – OSMOSIS
Prince Paul – Yes, I Do Love Them H*’s!
Niykee Heaton & Migos – Bad Intentions
Janet Jackson & J. Cole – No Sleeep
Rome Streetz & Boldy James – Stunna
Heems, Lapgan, Sir Michael Rocks, & Open Mike Eagle – Yellow Chakras
Benny the Butcher, Jadakiss, & Babyface Ray – Pillow Talk & Slander
jerry – i’ll say it here
Rome Fortune – No Drugs Anymore
Ab-Soul & Joey Badass – Moonshooter
Erick the Architect & George Clinton – Ezekiel’s Wheel
Elzhi & Georgia Anne Muldrow – Compassion
Derin Falana – Doubt Me When I’m Gone
KING – Hey (Extended Mix)

See y’all next week!

New Music Added to Libretime + Horizon Broadening Hour #20

What’s up, y’all? First up, more music added to Libretime since last week:

The Bros. Landreth Let It Lie Rock CanCon
Notions Pride on my Cufflinks Rap NSFR (presumed) CanCon
The David Rubel Quartet Into the Dark Jazz CanCon
J. Roddy Walston & The Business Essential Tremors Alternative Indeterminable
The Stranglers Giants Indie Rock No
Light Fires Face Dance CanCon
Rob Frayne Dr.EAMBAND Jazz CanCon
Kobo Town Jumbie in the Jukebox Traditional No
Gramercy Riffs Desire Trails Rock CanCon
Various Artists Great Northern Revival Alternative CanCon
Summit Series Shoulder to Shoulder Rock CanCon
Glenn Hall & Bernie Koenig Overheard Conversations Jazz CanCon
Ian Kelly All These Lines Rap NSFR CanCon
Paul Richey Paul Richey and the Fusionauts Jazz CanCon
Lindy Vopnfjord Young Waverer Rock Indeterminable
Paul Federici Now and Then Easy Listening CanCon
Crooked Brothers Thank You I’m Sorry Folk CanCon
Thomas D’Arcy I Wake Up Every Day EP Indie Rock Indeterminable
J Shiltz Still Standing Rap NSFR CanCon
Jennifer E. Brant Resilience Traditional CanCon

Here is this week’s Horizon Broadening Hour, a day early:


Jennifer Brant – Keep Our Water Clean
The O’Pears – Lost at Sea
Tea With Lincoln – Plaster and Paint
Begonia – Hot Dog Stand
Godspeed You! Black Emporer – Fam/Famine
Jerusalem in My Heart – Layali Al-Rast
Kellie Loder – Beneath the Sea
Amreed – Track Two
Harfang – Pleasure
Vaughn Hoy – Great Prayer
Tyson Ray Borsboom – Four Years
Moun Bluze – Elegant Lady with Hat
Icicle – Runaway Train
Sebastian Owl – Bucket List
Zach Slaughter – Her Face Was Pretty
Jordan Klassen – Light in the Evening
Kris Morauo – Get Outta Your Head
Larry Dane – Just Let It Ride
Wil – Seasons
Groenland – The Weather
The Racket – The Ballard of Mikey Finn
Jef Miles – Make Love Like War
Petit Biscuit – Sunset Lover
Alka – We Are Free Forms
Honey Beard – Robot Heart
Adrian Underhill – Cruel
Matthew Chaim – Passion Soda

See y’all next week!

New Music Added to Libretime + Horizon Broadening Hour #19

What’s up, y’all? First up, here’s what I have added to Libretime since last week:

Revenge of the Trees EP Rock CanCon
Ed Henderson Guitar Wall Easy Listening CanCon
Randy Lyght A Return to Romance Pop CanCon
Brahja Waldman Cosmic Brahjas Jazz CanCon
Brahja Waldman Closer to the Tones Jazz CanCon
Monique Angele Monique Angele Pop CanCon
Man Made Lake Zine Rock Indeterminable
Brishen Brishen Jazz CanCon
Scott Cook One More Time Around Folk CanCon
Brendan Benson You Were Right Rock No
Eugene Ripper Fast Folk Undground III quiet light Other CanCon
Shua James The Return of Nigsy Brown Rap NSFR CanCon/KWCon
Adulthood Girlfriend Indie Rock CanCon
Litterbug The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction Alternative CanCon
Brave Parents Someone to Jump Out at You Rock CanCon
Darryl Alexander Sr. Transitions Jazz No
Various Artists Musicworks 147 Various CanCon

Here is tomorrow’s Horizon Broadening Hour:


Nicole Rampersaud – Natural Decay, excerpt
Myriam Alter – No Man’s Land
Joel Kerr – Water Talk
The Christian Overton Quartet – Chasing Ghosts
Anne Lindsay – Roro/Swedish Seven
Kubla Khan – Unemployment
Shadow of Whales – Talk
The Real McKenzies – Drunkards Lament
Dante Matas – Race to a Red Light
The Velvetians – Strange Side of the Street
Dom Mar Kz – If I Was God
Big Pacific – Rockin on the Water
Terra Lightfoot – No Hurry
Ramon Taranco – Devil Can Blues
The New Customs – The Old Farmhouse
Rory Taillon – Warmest Regards
The Utilities – Pigeon
Mon Doux Saigneur – Chaque Matin
Catherine Leduc – La Fin Ou Le Debut
Derwood – Did My Best
Kim Doolittle – Under a Memphis Moon
Ghost Wagon – Yonder Stands Your Juggler
Kendall Patrick – Grocery Store Parking Lot
Zachary Lucky – South Colorado Murder Ballad
Spencer Murray & Pipeslinger – Sheapstealer

See y’all next time!

New Music Added to Libretime + Horizon Broadening Hour #18

What’s up, y’all? First things first, here is what I have added to Libretime since last week:

Pat Metheny Unity Group Kin Jazz No
Stereophonics Graffitti on the Train Indie Rock CanCon
Norine Braun Conventus the Eye of the Heart Rock CanCon
Eightcubed Sheath & Beyond Unknown CanCon
Marinol Nation Suburbia & Minivans Other CanCon
Gruvoria The Sixth Knuckle Jazz No
Moths & Locusts Mission Collapse in the Twin Sun Megaverse Indie Rock CanCon
Eternal Husbands Eternal Husbands Jazz CanCon
Unknown Colour Barely See the Sun Pop Indeterminable
Timegiant A Night to Remember Alternative CanCon
James Vincent McMorrow Post Tropical Indie Rock No
Unwed Mothers Unwed Mothers Rock CanCon
Michael Flynn The First Time the Last Time Folk CanCon
Rebekah Stevens Here I Am Folk CanCon
The Dead South Chains & Stakes Country CanCon
Laney Jones Stay at Home – Single Rock No
Ducks Ltd. Harm’s Way Indie Rock CanCon
Ken Yates Twenty-Three Indie Rock No
Boats Marblemouth Indie Rock Indeterminable
Crossword Different Light Rap NSFR (presumed) No
Mushy Callahan Makings of a Man Indie Rock CanCon
Julia Rose Rewind – Singe Rock NSFR CanCon/KWCon

Here is this week’s Horizon Broadening Hour:


Julia Rose – Rewind
Laney Jones – Stay at Home
The Dead South – Tiny Wooden Box
Ducks Ltd. – Train Full of Gasoline
Bleeding Horse Express – Waiting on the Rapture
Jo Passed – Millennial Trash Blues
Julian Taylor Band – Sweeter
John Paul Kleiner – Someday, Girl
Big Little Lions – Find Your Tribe
Tracy Lynn – Winter Season
Cliff Grant – Stormy Monday
John Lewitt – Sucker Punch
Steve Poltz – Windows of Halifax
Eric Chenaux – Wild Moon
Dorjee Tsering – Tashi Delek
Omhouse – I Have Loved Your Ghost
The Faps – We Make Our Own Gravy
Barbara Lica – The Birds and Bees
Emily Jean Flack – Throwing Shapes
Anything But – Muckenfuss
Les Lepage – Sunset Surprise
Gen Gorman – Joe (You Gotta Save Yourself)
Mike Allen – Murph’s Turf
Catherine M Thompson – Those Tender Lips
Lorraine Desmaris Band – Habanera
Mallory Chipman – Cry for Somewhere
Michael Vlatkovich – The Eventual Supremacy of Reason

See y’all next week!

The Clean Up Hour, Mix 253

What’s up, y’all? New Clean Up Hour, tap in early:


Michael Christmas – Felash
Schoolboy Q – Numb Numb Juice
Kyprios & Moka Only – Vancity Giants Freestyle
Pharohe Monch, Black Thought, Kanye West, & Talib Kweli – Guerilla Monsoon Rap
J. Stone – Numbers Lie Too
BlakRoc, Ludacris, & Ol’ Dirty B**tard – C**chie
Benny the Butcher -TMVTL
Travis Thompson, Logic, & Jake One – 81
Young Black Teenagers – On the DL (Down Low)
Young Black Teenagers – Nobody Knows Kelli
Main Source – H*llavision
Hip Hop Wieners, Gumshoe Strut, Yy, Gruf, Mcenroe, Gordski, Kunga219, & Birdapres – Studio Time
Jeymes Samuel, Adekunle Gold, Kodak Black, & Doja Cat – JEEZU
Ice Spice – Butterfly Ku
Lais & Skizzy Mars – Distance
D’Angelo & Jay-Z – I Want You Forever
Asher Roth & Heather Grey – Ash Roth!
Nonchalant – It’s All Love
Aesop Rock & Billy Woods – Living Curfew
Torae – Pardon Me
Juice & Molemen – Sincerely
AZ – Your World Don’t Stop
Boldy James & Nicholas Craven – Speedy Recovery
Ameer Vann & Merlyn Wood – SONG 2
D12 & King Gordy – Mrs. Pitts
Serengeti – Softball
Little Simz – Far Away
Tate Mcrae – plastic palm trees
Add-2 – Leave a Message
Machine Gun Kelly – Home Soon

See y’all next time!

New Music Added to Libretime + Horizon Broadening Hour #17

What’s up, y’all? You know the routine. First, here is what I have added to Libretime since last week:

Donovan Thorne Come Home and Gone Folk CanCon
Cantor Dust I Can’t Find my Cape Alternative CanCon
Illvibe Proof of Like Rap NSFR CanCon
Arrival of Autumn Shadows Punk CanCon
Mitchmatic A Night Lost Alternative Indeterminable
Chin Injeti The Reverb R&B CanCon
Cowboys in Cardigans Cowboys in Cardigans Rock CanCon
Ought Sun Coming Down Indie Rock CanCon
Young Magic Breathing Statues Indie Rock CanCon
The Royal Iguana Fur Horse Therapy Alternative Indeterminable
The John Holmes Book Club Skin to Skin Jazz CanCon
Frankie McQueen Nightride Alternative CanCon
Eli Bennett Breakthrough Jazz CanCon
Krather Seeing Them Through the Stained Glass Indie Rock (probably) Indeterminable
The Jezabels The Brink Indie Rock Indeterminable
The Reid Jamieson Band Juniper’s Kitchen Rock CanCon
Jay Semko Let the Love In Rock Indeterminable
Written Years The Written Years Indie Rock No
Michael Vlatkovich Here & Here & Here Jazz No
The Rebel Spell Last Run Punk CanCon
Connoisseurs of Porn Dead Pets Indie Rock CanCon
Jon Brooks The Smiling & Beautiful Countryside Folk CanCon
Jooj Jooj Alternative CanCon
Erin Kay Into the Light Country CanCon
Delta Spirit Into the Wide Indie Rock Indeterminable
Enter the Haggis Penny Black Rock No
The Rising Few Sinners on Saint Laurent Rock CanCon
Daily In My Corner Rap NSFR CanCon
Mellowkotzen Underwatermelon Jazz CanCon
Matt Watson From Riches to Raps Rock Indeterminable
Nyssa Shake Me Where I’m Foolish CanCon
Church of Trees Transience Electronic Rock CanCon
The Huaraches Ride! Alternative CanCon
Ken Tizzard No Dark No Light Pop CanCon
Connoisseurs of Porn Falling Down the Stairs Indie Rock CanCon
Ken Stead Unfinished Country CanCon

And here is this week’s Horizon Broadening Hour, a day early if you can’t wait:


Donovan Thorne – See You
Nyssa – Creature 2 Creature
Church of Trees – Lost in the Ether
Fitness – Funny Paper
Matt Steele & The Corvette Sunset – Couchmate Katie
Lucid Diversity – Speed of the Sound of Loneliness
Haley Blais – Seventeen
Quinn Pickering – Miss the Way
Pretty Archie – This Whole Town
Jean Leloup – L’enfant Fou
Allison Lupton – Poverty Knock
Carl Chesna & Co. – Wintertime Greys
Vonreason – Butterflies & Bergamot
Basic White – Long Hair & a Meshback
Lungbutter – Flat White
Rhett Repko – Lately Baby
City on Down – Sunday Rain
Thndr – The Park
Sunday Brave – Bad Woman
Everett Bird – Bucket of Dark Meat
Chastity – Come
The Blaze Velluto Collection – Flower Girls
Nicholas Krgovich – Spa
Ways in Waves – Vacant Drifters
George McMullen Trio – Follow the Bouncing Ball
Avi Granite 6 – When the View Became the Way
David Mott and Vinny Golia – The Power of Two Many
Joshua Gerowitz – Chicken, Cigarette, Bed #2
Tryyo – Thank You For Cleaning Up After the Lunatics

See y’all next time!

New Music Added to Libretime + Horizon Broadening Hour #16

What’s up, y’all? Couple days early again with this post. First and foremost, here is what I have added to Libretime since last week:

Yes Nice White Washed Walls Remix Indie Rock CanCon
FKB 123 FKB Rock CanCon
Ryan Boldt Broadside Ballads Pop CanCon
Shuug and the Temporary Men County Folk CanCon
Vance Joy Dream Your Life Away Indie Rock Indeterminable
John Orpheus John Orpheus is Dead Pop NSFR CanCon/KWCon
John Mann The Waiting Room Pop CanCon
Black Crown Initiate The Wrekage of Stars Metal No
es. Aspire to Inspire Rap CanCon
Rosedale Sampler 2014 Rock Indeterminable
Aqua Alta Dreamsphere Pop CanCon
Alden Penner Exegesis Alternative NOTE: album is incomplete due to CD reading errors CanCon
Catherine Maclellan The Raven’s Sun Country CanCon
Tracy Lalonde Little Letters Alternative CanCon
Elliot Thomas Through the Darkness & Cold Folk CAnCon
The Meds South America Rock CanCon
Gruvoria Space Butter Jazz No
Lucid and the Flowers L.A.T.F 1st EP Dance CanCon
Biblical Monsoon Season Rock CanCon
Ben Stevenson Dirty Laundry R&B CanCon
Lovers Love Haters Lovers Love Haters Pop Indeterminable
Scott Shea Let it Storm Country & Folk No
Kolony Sledge Metal Track 11 may be NSFR CanCon
Coast Redwood Spirit Rock CanCon
Bill Wood & the Woodies Oh Look Rock CanCon
Jay Malinowski & the Deadcoast Martel Indie Rock CanCon
Animal Nation A Great Impression of a Charming Young Gentleman Rap NSFR CanCon
Closer Talker Flux Indie Rock CanCon
Secret Sun Cold Coast Indie Rock CanCon
Concealer Feted:Fetid Jazz CanCon

Here is the mix:


Yukon Blonde – Summer in July
Yamantaka//Sonic Titan – Yandere
Bears in Hazenmoore – Wedding Season
Foxhart Fishman – This Drive Was Planned
Jesse and the Dandelions – Barking Up the Wrong Tree
Noah Zacarin – Small Town Novel
Dana Sipos – Lily in the Window
Ben Kunder – Night Sky
Brother Leeds – Canadian Girl
Waves that Stray – Mr. Wild the Killer Child
Murray Little & Bob Chartier – Grandma’s Pickle Jar
Urkmisher – It’s Only Friday, Jr.
Body Lens – Mikey
The Forks – One Degree
High Parade –This Town
Ensign Broderick – The Bedrooms of My Youth
Deadbeat & Camara – Blue Moon Revisited (Song for Elvis)
Calpurnia – Greyhound
Road Waves – Red Sun Rising
Jay Ross vs. Teekay – Subatomic
Sabo Forte – Ride or Die F Rubix
Astin Clark – Mistresses
Eddie Quotez – Kush and Anime
Ice tha One – In the Paint
Dustin Moore – Letter to my Eight Year Old Self
Philly Moves – Drunk Dial
Haviah Mighty – For Free

See y’all next week!

New Music Added to Libretime + Horizon Broadening Hour #15

What’s up, y’all? Mophead here, a bit early, with this week’s Horizon Broadening Hour. But first, new music I’ve added to Libretime since last week:

Noah Gundersen Ledges Indie Rock No
Christian Overton Quintet The Test Jazz CanCon
Danko Jones Garage Rock! A Collection of Lost Songs from 1996-1998 Rock NSFR (Presumed) Indeterminable
Punch Brothers The Phosphorescent Blues Country & Folk No
Anne Lindsay Soloworks Traditional CanCon
Monarch Woods Tears of Himmeldom Metal CAnCon
Beat Cops Mean Streets Alternative CanCon
Icicle Theorems Electronica CanCon
Mauno Rough Master Indie Rock CanCon
The Cookers Quintet Vol. Two Jazz CanCon
Fingathing And the Big Red Nebula Band Electronica Indeterminable
Fingathing And the Big Red Nebula Band [Disc 2] Electronica Indeterminable
Philly Moves Olga Rap NSFR (Presumed) CanCon
Mike Janzen Trio Metronome Jazz CAnCon
Jason Purcell I want to know Rock CanCon
Shaky Knees 7 Years Pop Indeterminable
Gob Apt. 13 Punk No
Michael Brock Scorpion EP Pop No
Kevin Maimann Death Perception Rock CanCon
Icicle Resurgence Electronica CanCon
Steph Cameron Sad-Eyed Lonesome Lady Country & Folk Unknown
Tony Russo Somewhere There’s a Someone Pop No
Stephen Farrell Stephen Farrell Jazz CanCon
Levi Cuss Night Thief Pop Indeterminable
Split Can’t Get Enough Pop CanCon
Fayne The Queen of Kings Metal CanCon
Sober Becky Odes and Observations Punk CanCon
Brother Neil Bonfire Confessions Country & Folk Indeterminable
The Barr Brothers Sleeping Operator Indie Rock CanCon

Here’s the Horizon Broadening Hour:

Here’s the tracklist:

Baby Cages – All U Want
Bowcott & the New World – Whiskey Riders
Cliff Grant – Life Can Be a Big Struggle
Siskiyou – Her Aim is Tall
Lenore – My Burden’s Gone
The Disgruntled Taxpayers – Fried Chicken Gave Me Boobs
Dog is Blue – Young Pup
The Sylvia Platters – TV Light
Little Kim Rettalick – Catch a Train
Wares – Rice Paper Dress
Lisa Leblanc – 5748 KM
Trigger Warning – Live Improvisation at CJSW
Alpha Strategy – I Smell Like a Wet Tent
Astral Swans – Free Yourself From All Harm
The Bob Hawkins Band – Wicked Ways
Jeremie Albino – Lilac Way
Single Mothers – Across the Couch
Tampa – Vices
Real Ponchos – Sunshine
Atlas: Empire – The Entire History of You
The Weight Band – Day of the Locusts
Fabrizio Cammarta – My Guitar at 4AM
Anba Tonel – Flirtation
Richie Floe – Fimi Time Come
Roots Noir – Adventures in Vegetable Debauchery
The Steady Rebels – Enigma Dub
Wilson Bowes – Meant to Dance
Sugarman 3 – Witches Boogaloo

See y’all next week!

New Music Added to Libretime + Horizon Broadening Hour #14

What’s up, y’all? Mophead here with tomorrow’s Horizon Broadening Hour, if you just can’t wait until 10:00 PM. But first, new music added to Libretime in the past week:

Foreign Diplomats Princess Flash Indie Rock CanCon
Sego Long Way From the Fringe Indie Rock No
Yukon Blonde On Blonde Indie Rock CanCon
Lyric Dubee Black Ice Rock No
Dave Gunning Lift Country & Folk No
Philip Bosley Big Rumors in a Small Town Rock Kinda
Like Pacific Like Pacific Punk No
Them County Bastardz Sick Daze Rock NSFR No
Ken Stead Fear Has No Place Here Country CanCon
Blonde All Cried Out Dance CanCon
Kanada Day Public Service Announcement Rock NSFR CanCon
Eugene Ripper Fast Folk Underground 4.0 Punk/Folk CanCon
Zulus Zulus II Rock No
Myriam Alter Crossways New Age CanCon
Rococode Panic Attack Alternative No
R.T. Music Production All the Way G Rap NSFR No
The Sturgeons This Is Other Unknown
Dave Monks All Signs Point To Yes Indie Rock CanCon
Joel Kerr False Dawn Jazz CanCon
10,000 Horses Le Grand Silence Other CanCon
The Arcs Yours, Dreamily Rock CanCon
No Museums The Malcontents Indie Rock CanCon
Pat LePoidevin Family EP Country CanCon
Silverstein I Am Alive in Everything I Touch Punk CanCon
Calvin Becker Histories of Things to Come Rock CanCon

Here’s the tracklist for the show:

Axminister – Prey
Ominous Eclipse – Break the Chains
Sludgehammer – Broken Sea
Backstabber – Geo Engineering
Bloom Filter – Substantiant
Warcall – The Man Who Suffers
Hydramental – The Mechanics of a Cloud
Indica Records – Flooded Field
Robert C Sumner – Ticket to Ride
Ken Hoyne – Hard-Edged Mama, Hard-Edged Man
Wise Child – Big Lights
Wooden Horsemen – It Don’t Matter
Fever Feel – Flowers for Breakfast
Friends of Foes – Where You Gunna Run
Jade Hairpins – Yesterdang
Area Resident – Halfway Through a Can of Spaghetti
The Lavender Scare – Buried Behind Monet
Golden B.C. – Bored
Carly Dow – Like Coyotes
Eden – Everybody Has Those Days
Efrim Manuel Menuck & Kevin Doria – a Humming Void an Emptied Place
T. Griffin – Copyright Implications
Andre 3000 – Dreams Once Buried Underneath the Dungeon Floor Slowly Sprout into Undying Gardens


New Music Added to Libretime + Horizon Broadening Hour #13

What’s up, y’all? A day earlier than usual (and will be for the next while), here is the new music I’ve added to Libretime since last week:

Aidan Knight Each Other Indie Rock CanCon
The Fundamentals Blues and Rhythm Blues CanCon
Eugene Ripper Hangman Other CanCon
Doug Cox & Sam Hurrie Old Friends Blues CanCon
Natalie Merchant Natalie Merchant Pop Unknown
JoyfulTalk MUUIXX Electronica CanCon
Legere and Legere Acadian Moon Country/Folk CanCon
Peter Willie Youngtree Country Hymns Country & Folk Unknown
Yenta 1 Pop Unknown
Ben Rogers The Bloodred Yonder County/Folk CanCon
Le Vent Du Nord Tetu Traditional CanCon
Various Artists Daptone Gold, Vol. II R&B No
Jeff Buckley You and I Alternative CanCon
No Museums Frightening Camera Alternative CanCon
Various Artists Return of Our Stupid Noise (Squirtgun Records) Rock No
Spectre Hearts Attraction Rock Unknown
Andrew Franey The Stars Shine For You Pop CanCon
The Karpinka Brothers You Can Count On Me Folk CanCon
Sunrise and Good People Closer to the Flame Indie Rock CanCon
Harlan Wells Waiting for June Pop CanCon
James Bruce Moore Soul’s Journey Home Soul CanCon
Autumn Kings Autumn Kings Punk Unknown
Dustin Moore Next Rap NSFR CanCon
Foonyap Palimpsest Rock Unknown
Whitney K Goodnight Rock CanCon
Merganzer Mirror Maze Pop CanCon
Andy Clockwork Scronk EP Dance/House Unknown
Kalle Mattson Avalanche Indie Rock CanCon
Martin Harley & Daniel Kimbro Live at Southern Ground Blues No
Thunderclap! Hellbent for Success Alternative CanCon
Mississippi Live & The Dirty Dirty Going Down Indie Rock No
Michael Vlatkovich Ask 7 Jazz No
Johan Agebjorn Notes Alternative CanCon
Colter Wall Imaginary Appalachia Country CanCon
Husky Ruckers Hill Indie Rock No
Ozone Layer Seawall City Electronic/Indie Rock CanCon

And here is the Horizon Broadening Hour:


Ozone Layer – I Won’t Be Dust
Andy Clockwork – Scronk
Joyfultalk – If I Had Your Address in Chicago
Hello Moth – Evading Eden
Icicle – What Day is Today
Ajungi – Next One
Floes – Last Night (feat. Ghostly Kisses)
Safia Nolin – Lesbian Break Up Song (feat. La Force)
Hush Hush Noise – Friday Morning Hymn
Andrew Vivona – Stay in Time
Sarah Macdougall – Bleeding on the Dancefloor
Farewell Stanleys – Get Better, Cinderella
Mark Schirmacher – No Shirt, No Shoes
Grimskunk – Computer Screen
The Brighton Project – New Orleans is Sinking
The Castor Troys – We Are One
Icicle – JJ3
Strange Breed – Track 2
Sierra Pilot – When the Night is Over
Plants – Black Eyes and French Fries
Marker Starling – Mistaken ID/Crosstown Bulletin
Braden Gates – Catholic School
Shhh! – Sinkhole
Yessica Woahneil – Sun Coming You
David Madras – Porcelain
T. Buckley – Miles we Put Behind
Carl Lorusso Jr. – Six Ton Burden Blues

See y’all next week!

New Music Added to Libretime + Horizon Broadening Hour #12

Hi, Folks, hope y’all are doing well so far in this new year! First and foremost, here is what has been added to Libretime since the last post:

Mon Doux Saigneur Mon Doux Saigneur Traditional CanCon
Big Pacific One Blues CanCon
Alka The Color of Terrible Crystal Electronica No (presumed)
Terra Lightfoot Live in Concert Rock CanCon
Catherine Leduc un bras de distance avec le soleil Traditional CanCon
Derwood Renegade Rock CanCon
Kim Doolittle Into the Blue Blues CanCon
Michael Bridge Overture Classical CanCon
Petit Biscuit Presence Electronica No
Ghost Wagon Crooked and Dark Pop Unknown
Kendall Patrick Peaks and Valleys EP Pop CanCon
Joshua Gerowitz Solano Canyon Jazz No
Spencer Murray & Pipeslinger Sound & Fury Pop CanCon
Zachary Lucky Everywhere a Man Can Be Country CanCon
The O’Pears Like These Nights Rock CanCon
Tryyo Flying Box Jazz No
Tea With Lincoln Broke as Folk Other CanCon
Begonia Lady in Mind Rock CanCon
Protosequence Biophagous Metal CanCon
Godspeed You! Black Emporer Luciferian Towers Post-Rock CanCon
Jerusalem in My Heart Daqa’iq Tudaiq Indie Rock No
Kellie Loder Benefit of the Doubt Religious CanCon
Mike Allen Bob’s Piano Jazz CanCon
Amreed Smitten With You Unknown Unknown
Harfang Laugh Away the Sun Rock CanCon
Eddie Quotez Otaku Rap NSFR CanCon
Ice Tha One In the Paint Rap NSFR CanCon
Catherine M Thompson Cool Cat Jazz CanCon
Vaughan Hoy Great Prayer Rock CanCon
Tyson Ray Borsboom Sinner EP Alternative CanCon
Muon Bluze Quintessence Country Unknown
Icicle Orbit Electronica CanCon
Sebastian Owl Captain Tomorrow & the Dream  Orphans Indie Rock No
Zach Slaughter Nowhere Land Jazz Unknown
Jordan Klasses Javelin Indie Rock CanCon
Lorraine Desmarais Big Band Danses Danzas Dances Jazz CanCon
Jef Miles Love & War Pop CanCon
Kris Muraro Colours Pop No (sorta)
Larry Dane Just Let It Ride – Single Unknown Unknown
Wil Songs Rock CanCon
Groenland A Wider Space Indie Rock CanCon
The Racket The Racket Indie Rock CanCon
Cannons Written On the Wall Electronica CanCon
Tanya Evanson Zenship Other CanCon
Van Halst The World of Make Believe Metal CanCon
Sal Lima Goin Rockin Rock CanCon
Supermoon Playland Rock CanCon
James Kasper Grace Pop CanCon
DJ Champion Best Seller Indie Rock CanCon
Sam Weber Valentina Nevada Rock CanCon
Foxhart Fishman Wreck Room Rock CanCon
Icicle Reverie Electronica CanCon
Look Vibrant The Up Here Place Indie Rock CanCon
Duotang New Occupation Rock CanCon
Hello Moth Slave in a Stone Electronica CanCon
Child’s Play Generation Automation Alternative Unknown
Karen Potje Somebody I Used to Be Country CanCon/KWCon
The Goatbox Rebels Let Us All Bleed Internally Rock CanCon
Matt Patershuk I Was So Fond of You Country CanCon
Nick Dehod Out of Sight Rock No (presumed)
Rant Maggie Rant Latitude Other CanCon
Tim Moxam Soft Summer Country & Folk CanCon
Government Town III Rock CanCon
Chucky Macdonald Let’s Go To War Rock Unknown
Ron Beer From Austin With Love Blues CanCon
Mallory Chipman Nocturnalize Jazz CanCon
Emily Millard By Heron & By Season Indie Rock CanCon
Velvet Vice Urban Instinct Rock Unknown
Slow Down Molasses 100% Sunshine Rock CanCon
Kyp Harness Stoplight Moon Other Unknown

And here is tonight’s Horizon Broadening Hour is you need to access it when it’s not airing:


Elisa Thorn – Sun Shadows
Elisa Thorn’s Hue – Magnolia
The Heartaches String Band – Lonesome Moonlight Waltz
Les Finnigan – Lullaby for a Bunny
Brian Baggett – Behind Blue Eyes
Dizzy – Bleachers
Bernice – One Garden
Joanne Lurgio – In the Garden
Trampoline – Emily’s Tea Party
Loic Zev – Winterhearted
Tragedy Ann – Neon & Velour
Tim Baker – Strange River
David Kaufman – Who Was Old Hannah?
The Hearts – Dead and Gone
Wellbad – Bad Day for the Blues
Ursidae – almost love
Whitebeard – Bent Out of Shape
Jon Brooks – Song of the Mournful World
Luke Maynard – Shades of Summer
Crybaby – Oh (the Buffalo Song)
Touching God – Messiah, Dismissed
I.R. Idiot – House of Stairs
Dave Chose – Chilling
Defend the Rhino – Somber Mafia
Stephanie Boulay – Le piege
Lutra Lutra – Psychopath and the Philosopher
Brian Holden – Storm Comin
Ariel Posen – Better Late Than Never

See y’all next week!

New Music Added to Libretime + Horizon Broadening Hour #11

What’s up, y’all? It’s ya boy mophead. First and foremost, I forgot to post what was added to Libretime last week, so I have some catching up to do here.

Sludgehammer Antechamber Metal CanCon
Jean Leloup L’etrange Pays Traditional CanCon
Allison Lupton Words of Love Folk with Elements of the Irish CanCon
Carl Chesna & Co. Prayer to the Black Madonna Alterna-Folk/Americana/Rock No
Vonreason Boughs & Eros Folk CanCon
Basic White The Second Half Rock CanCon
Lungbutter Honey Indie Rock CanCon
Rhett Repko Lately Baby – Single Rock Unknown
City on Down Used to Be Young Alternative/Synth-Pop No
THNDR Plus Electronic CanCon
Sunday Brave Taking Over Alternative No
Mark Schirmacher Bird in Your Tree Pop No
Everett Bird People Person Indie Rock CanCon
Chastity Death Lust Indie Rock CanCon
The Blaze Velluto Collection Weatherman Indie Rock CanCon
Avi Granite 6 Orbit Jazz CanCon
Nicholas Krgovich Ouch Indie Rock Unknown
Ways in Waves Bloodless Arches Rock CanCon
Bleeding Horse Experiment Going South Rock Unknown
Jo Passed Their Prime Indie Rock CanCon
Julian Taylor Band Avalanche Rock CanCon
Deer Tick Hit Kringles Rock (Christmas) No
Vintage Lapointe No Forgiveness Within Me Unknown Unknown
Matthew Chaim Homemade Unknown Unknown
John Paul Kleiner Intercity Rock CanCon
Big Little Lions Alive and Well Country/Folk CanCon
Tracy Lynn The Young Old Woman Country/Folk CanCon
Cliff Grant Sweet Lover Woman Indie Rock No
John Lewitt All Good Things Country No
Steve Poltz Shine On Pop No
Among the Automated Schematic Electronic Unknown
Benedikt Fascia Alternative Unknown
Eric Chenaux Slowly Paradise [EP] Indie Rock CanCon
Dorjee Tsering Thank You Canada Traditional CanCon
Omhouse Eye to Eye Rock CanCon
Jay Ross vs. Teekay Str8 6 Shoota EP Rap NSFR (likely) CanCon
The Faps Grimelda Punk CanCon
Barbara Lica You’re Fine Jazz CanCon
Various Artists New Soul R&B CanCon
Backstabber Conspiracy Theorist Metal CanCon
Emily Jean Flack Throwing Shapes EP Country/Folk CanCon
Anything But Do or Try Rock CanCon
Les Lepages There’s Two Sides to the Story & Then There’s the Truth Country CanCon
Sabo Forte The Most Obvious Loophole Hip Hop NSFR CanCon
The Steady Rebels Common Ground REggae CanCon
Gen Gorman For a Friend Rock Tracks 5 contains the word “sh*t” in the opening second CanCon
Astin Clark Love & Self-Loating Hip Hop NSFR CanCon
Bloom Filter Bloom Filter Metal CanCon
Adrian Underhill CU Again Alternative CanCon
Haviah Mighty Flower City Hip Hop NSFR CanCon
Honey Beard Dreamless Sleep Alternative CanCon
Kubla Khan One of These Days Alternative CanCon
Busty and the Bass Uncommon Good R&B CanCon
Ramon Taranco Desperate Love and Devil Can Blues Blues CanCon
Warcall Invaders Metal CanCon
Mary-Catherine Pazzano You’re Gonna Hear From ME R&B CanCon
Shadow of Whales What we Do Rock Unknown
The Real McKenzies Two Devils Will Talk Punk CanCon
Saltland A Common Truth Indie Rock CanCon
Dante Mantas Midnight Sun Pop CanCon
Eamon McGrath Tantramar Folk CanCon
The New Customs All Walls Fall Rock CanCon
Rory Taillon Only Whispers Alternative Folk CanCon
The Utilities Heavy South Folk CanCon
The Velveteins Slow Wave Indie Rock CanCon
David Mott & Vinny Goila “Have You Heard?” Jazz Unknown
Dom Mar KZ Destiny Rock CanCon

Next up, here is tonight’s Horizon Broadening Hour:


Manitoba Hal – 30 Odd Days
Manitoba Hal – When Leadbelly Walked the River
Unfaithful Servants – Baracuda
The Marrieds – Lying Next to Me
Katherine Fischer – Mess for Two
Son Roberts – Not ‘Nuff Night
The Bluesland Horn Band – Stone Man Blues
The Sturgeons – Drunk On Wine
The Black Fever – Marketing
Eamon McGrath – Yellow Sticker on an Empty Fridge
Eamon McGrath – This Town Dies When Festival Season Ends
Deep Cover – Nature Makes a Scene
Bridal Party – Jukebox Cutie
Science is Fiction – Getting Late
Fred Fortin – Redneck (Microdose)
Bretton Lee John – Hospital Coffee
Ken Stead – Be Peaced
The New Project Alternative – Sunshine & Lies
Carter & the Capitals – The Roller
Andre Akinyele – Call Me
Busty and the Bass – Dance With Someone!!! (Live from London)
Busty and the Bass – Dead Poet
Mary-Catherine Pazzano – Manhattan/New York State of Mind
Exdream – $exdreams$
Josh Ritchie – Paid What I Owe
Ostrea Lake – Grind Your Teeth
Adrian House – Short Back & Sides
Shotgun Jimmie – Tumbleweed
The Jump Off – Pasture
The Fizzgigs – End of the World
Rachelle Van Zanten – Peace for the Children

Heads up that The Horizon Broadening Hour is not on next week, so see y’all in the new year!

The Horizon Broadening Hour #10

What’s up, y’all? Another week coming to an end, another Horizon Broadening Hour. I am changing these posts a bit: I will be posting a stream link as well as the soundcloud, if you cannot wait until 10:00 PM.


Vintage Lapointe – Travels from Winnipeg
Robert Ross – Jack Daniels
Frantically Atlantic – Carleton County Girl
Zachary Lucky – Raining in December
Doug Smith – Pub with No Beer
Jessica Rhaye & the Ramshackle Parade – One More Cup of Coffee
Billy Oxkidd – Hot Pants (You Got It)
Billy Oxkidd – Slipping Away
Chron Goblin – Giving In To Fun
Adrian Chalfour – The Collapse
The Golden Seals – Idiot Kid
Danny Blueberry – One Bedroom Apartment Blues
Matt Zaddy – Little River
Foreign Diplomats – How Cool is That?
Jason Doel – …Long to Reign Over Us…
Nathan Shubert – A Thought, Persisted
Kathryn Ladano – Masked
Justin Wright and Kate Maloney – Flutes
Hellrazer – Necropolis
Greber – Backhanded Interest
Pyramids on Mars – F-22 Raptor
Ooluu – Tickbait
BornBroken – No Stranger to Failure

See y’all next week!

New Music Added to LibreTime + Horizon Broadening Hour #9

What’s up, y’all? You know what time it is. First, new music added to LibreTime since last week:

Jeremie Albino Hard Time Indie Rock CanCon
Bernice Puff: in the Air Without a Shape Electronica CanCon
Single Mothers Through a Wall Punk CanCon
Anba Tonel Bellegarde Other CanCon
Tampa Belated Love Rock CanCon
Real Ponchos Sunshine Other CanCon
Atlas: Empire The Stratosphere Beneath Our Feet Rock No
The Weight Band World Gone Mad Rock No
Billy Oxkidd Slipping Away Country CanCon
Fabrizio Cammarata Lights Indie Rock CanCon
Yukon Blonde Critical Hit Indie Rock CanCon
Yamantaka // Sonic Titan Dirt Indie Rock CanCon
Bears in Hazenmoore Atlas Indie Rock CanCon
Foxhart Fishman Watch it Grow Indie Groove Pop CanCon
Jesse and the Dandelions Give Up the Gold Indie Rock CanCon
Noah Zacharin a STARTLE of WINGS Folk CanCon
Dana Sipos Trick of the Light Country/Folk CanCon
Roots Noir Elevate Reggae CanCon
Ben Kunder Better Human Classical CanCon
Brother Leeds Brother Leeds Rock CanCon
Cal in Red On the Dance Floor Synth-Pop No
Waves that Stray Waves that Stray Alternative Unknown
Murray Little & Friends Lines of Time Country/Folk CanCon
Urkmisher Urkmisher Rock CanCon
Body Lens Body Lens Rock (presumed) Unknown
The Forks Round the Bend Indie Rock CanCon
High Parade The Ocean Indie Pop/Shoegaze CanCon
Farewell Stanleys New Love Pop Unknown
Jason Doell … Amid the Cannon’s Roar Other CanCon
Ensign Broderick Ranger Indie Rock Unknown
Road Waves Red Sun Rising R&B CanCon
Fitness Dash-ing Punk Unknown
Daedbeat & Camara Trinity Thirty Indie Rock CanCon
Lucid Diversity Lucid Diversity Folk/Country/Celtic/Bluegrass/Gospel/Blues CanCon
Matt Steele & The Corvette Sunset Half Girl Half Ghost Rock CanCon
George McMullen Trio Boomerang Other No
Calpurnia Scout (EP) Indie Rock CanCon
Haley Blais Let Yourself Go (EP) Indie Rock CanCon
Quinn Pickering Baby Blue Rock CanCon
Pretty Archie Hanging On Country/Folk CanCon
Coma Cinema Loss Memory Indie Rock No

And here’s this week’s Horizon Broadening Hour:


Mallsex – Thousand Yard Stare
Twink & Moths and Locusts – Year of the Muskox
Atsuko Chiba – Captain Colair
Pink Noise – Goodbye Charlie Brown
Fly Pan Am – Grid/Wall
Gone Cosmic – Misfit Wasted
Emile Bilodeau – J’ai Vu La France
Safia Nolin – J’ai Demande a la Lune
Andrew Vivona – Sunrainday
The Ennis Sisters – Sunken Garden
Gentlemen of the Woods – Beat-up Shack
Amy Nelson – How Do You Paint an Old Fence?
Heather Bambrick – Pat Murphy’s Meadow
Chocolat – Jazz Engage
JV’s Boogaloo Squad – Market Research
Chandelle Rimmer & Tom Van Seters – Moody Hues
The Romance of Improvisation in Canada – Club Café Tango
John Macmurchy’s Art of Breath – WTF
Hard Rubber Orchestra – Movement III (feat. Norma Winstone)
Steve Haines and the Third Floor Orchestra – Harvest Moon (feat. Becca Stevens, Chad Eby and Joey Calderazzo)
Peach Pyramid – Wear Sunscreen
Family Video – Forever Changes Overnight
The Small Glories – You Can’t Be High
The Shang – Whatever Happened to Carol Wayne?

See y’all next week!

New Music Added to Libretime + Horizon Broadening Hour #8

What’s up, y’all? Mophead here, y’all know the routine by now. First and foremost, here’s what I’ve added to LibreTime since last week (note that the last 13 albums listed will be in the database shortly):

Richie Flo Life Love & Music Reggae CanCon (partially)
Nathan Shubert When You Take Off Your Shoes New Age CanCon
Sierra Pilot The Lies We Sell Rock CanCon
Shhh! 32 Original Drawings Alternative NSFR (tracks four and five) CanCon
Yessica Woahneil Quiet Beasts Alternative CanCon
David Madras Early Bird Special Unknown CanCon (presumed)
Les Finnigan Counterpoint Conundrum Other CanCon
Various Artists Inhale Fig 4.0 Alternative CanCon
T. Buckley Miles We Put Behind Country/Folk CanCon
Carl Lorusso Jr. Murder Tools Country/Folk CanCon
Bob Sumner/Robert C Sumner/Ilyz Zalubniak Wasted Love Songs Rock/Country/Folk CanCon
T. Griffin The Proposal: Original Soundtrack Soundtrack No (for the most part)
Chandelle Rimmer & Tom Van Seters Stillness Falls Jazz CanCon
Ken Hoyne Sublime Other No
Wise Child Idle Hands Alternative CanCon
Wooden Horsemen Past Lives Indie Rock CanCon
Fever Feel Fever Feel Rock CanCon
Friends of Foes State of Mind Indie Rock CanCon
Jade Hairpins Harmony Avenue Indie Rock CanCon
Plants What You Forgot Pop CanCon
Area Resident Echolette Pop CanCon
The Romance of Improvisation in Canada The Romance of Improvisation in Canada: the Genius of Eldon Rathburn Jazz CanCon
The Lavender Scare Buried Behind Monet Indie Rock No
John Macmurchy’s Art of Breath Volume 2 Jazz CanCon
Golden B.C. I Don’t Want to Be This Rock/Lo-fi CanCon
Branded Moore No. 2 “The Everyday EP” Rap NSFR CanCon
Carly Dow Comet Other CanCon
Sarah MacDougal All the Hours I Have Left to Tell You Anything Pop CanCon
Branded Moore Low Fidelity Broadcast Rap NSFR CanCon
Eden Demons & Daydreams Pop CanCon
Baby Cages bitter melon Rock CanCon (presumed)
Cliff Grant Life Can be a Big Struggle Blues No
Bowcott and the New World Extended Play No. 1 Rock CanCon
Hard Rubber Orchestra Kenny Wheerler: Suite for Hard Rubber Orchestra featuring Norma Winstone Jazz CanCon
siskiyou not somewhere Indie Rock CanCon
Lenore Every Once in a While Country/Folk CanCon
Brian Baggett Bookmarks Jazz CanCon
Steven Haines and the Third Floor Orchesta Steve Haines and the Third Floor Orchestra Jazz CanCon
Dizzy Baby Teeth Electronica CanCon
The Disgruntled Taxpayer $5 Toaster Alternative No
Dog is Blue Dead and Gone Indie Rock CanCon
The Sylvia Platters Shadow Steps Indie Rock CanCon
Little Kim Retallick Work Week Blues Blues CanCon
Various Artists CJSW 90.0 FM – Invisible Channel – 2018 (Live Sessions Compilation) Disc 1 Rock CanCon
Various Artists CJSW 90.0 FM – Invisible Channel – 2018 (Live Sessions Compilation) Disc 2 Rock CanCon
Various Artists CJSW 90.0 FM – Invisible Channel – 2018 (Live Sessions Compilation) Disc 3 Rock CanCon
Manitoba Hal Blues is in the Water Blues CanCon
Alpha Strategy The Gurgler Pop No (presumed)
Astral Swans Strange  Prison Pop CanCon
The Bob Hawkins Band Special Kinda Love Rock CanCon

And here is tonight’s Horizon Broadening Hour, if you can’t wait until 10:00 PM:


Sandro Perri – Time (You Got Me)
The Bros. Landreth – Vulture Choir
James Hill & Anne Janelle – Ah, Poor Bird
Mappe of – Icovellavna
Mark Perry – Backroad Wave
Mark Perry – West
The Dustbowl Daddies – Please Please Please
The Dustbowl Daddies – Goodbye Great Society
Norine Braun – Sleeping Buffalo
Will Chalmers – Missing You
Deni Gauthier – Silly Boy
Phil Glennie – Something Shattered
Page 38 – Mama June
The Flamingos Pink – College Crush
The Top Boost – She Will Stay
Woodhawk – Violent Nature
Chunder Buffet – Lemon Sleazy
Yes We Mystic – Felsenmeer
Motherhood – Costanza
Black Mastiff – Star Base 77
Iamtheliving & Teon Gibbs – Where Do We Go From Here?
Merkules & Young Buck – Time Goes By
Rawmny Wildcat – Heathy
Branded Moore – Everyday
Branded Moore – Where You at Now? (Exit Only Remix)

See y’all next week!