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Radio Nowhere Episode 38, 11/25/23

Download:, 58m00s, 80.0 MBytes

Facing Bonnacons Of Doom
Ruby Soho Rancid
Back In the U.S.S.R. The Beatles
Boys from Tralee Patty Griffin
Lo/Hi The Black Keys
Hypnotized Fleetwood Mac
Ten Years Gone Led Zeppelin
Stray Cat Blues The Rolling Stones
I Heard it Through the Grapevine Marvin Gaye
Classical Gas Mason Williams
Grey Light of the Moon Alex Seel
You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go Madeleine Peyroux
Ozymandias (with Warren Ellis) Marianne Faithfull
The Boxer Simon & Garfunkel
Surfin the Soil The Peace Leeches

New Music Added to LibreTime + Horizon Broadening Hour #7

What’s up, y’all? Mophead here. You know the routine by now. First, new music I’ve added to LibreTime since last week.

The Jump Off Concrete Other CanCon
Kitty and the Rooster One Gig Hard Drive Alt Rock CanCon
Axminister The Crucible of Sin Metal CanCon
Floes Passionals Pop CanCon
Appleby Ram Don’t Be an Asshole/It’s Rock and Roll – Single Rock CanCon
Andre Akinyele Telegram Mews Funk/R&B CanCon
Justin Wright Music for Staying Warm Classical CanCon
The Fizzgigs Weeeeeeeeeeee… are the Fizzgigs Pop Punk CanCon
Hydramental Synergize, Vol. 1 Metal CanCon
Trampoline Happy Crimes Indie Rock/Progressive Rock/Punk CanCon
Busty and the Bass Live From London R&B CanCon
Various Artists CKXU’s Cosmic Frequencies Alternative CanCon
Safia Nolan Dans le Noir Pop CanCon
Tragedy Ann Matches Other CanCon
Tim Baker Forever Overhead Indie Rock CanCon
David Kaufman Second Promise Other CanCon
The Sturgeons Black and White Country/Folk CanCon
The Hearts Sunshine Other CanCon
Wellbad Heartbeast Rock CanCon
Moby Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt Electronica CanCon
Hush Hush Noise Hush Hush Noise Experimental Pop CanCon
Troll Dolly Heaven’s Mini Mart Folk CanCon
ursidae almost closer Folk CanCon (presumed)
Whitebeard Plaid is the New Black Rock CanCon (partially)
Andrew Vivona Enough Nuance Pop/Folk/Electronic CanCon
Jon Brooks No One Travels Alone Country/Folk CanCon
Luke Maynard Desolation Sound Country/Folk CanCon
Crybaby Still Indie Rock CanCon
Touching God Touching God Punk CanCon
Mark Perry Recollections Rock CanCon
JV’s Boogaloo Squad Going to Market Jazz CanCon
I.R. Idiot Spore Punk CanCon
Dave Chose Dave Chose Rock CanCon
Defend the Rhino Glisten Alternative CanCon (presumed)
Rachelle Van Zanten It’s Christmas in These Parts Christmas Slide Guitar CanCon
Cares Regular Unconcious Experimental Electronic CanCon
Stephanie Boulay Ce Que Je Te Donne Ne Disparait Pas Traditional CanCon
Lutra Lutra Psychopath and the Philosopher Alternative CanCon
Brian Holden Drivin Blues CanCon
Ariel Posen How Long Rock CanCon
Grimskunk Unreason in the Age of Madness Rock CanCon
The Brighton Project When it Rains/New Orleans is Sinking – Single Rock CanCon (partially)
The Castor Troys Legends Never Die Rock CanCon
Marker Starling Trust an Amateur Indie Rock CanCon
Braden Gates Pictures of Us Country CanCon
Exdreams Physical Contact Pop No
The Heartaches Stringband Mrs. Johnson & Mr. Brown Waltz CanCon
Rawmny Wildcat True Colors EP Rap CanCon
Ominous Eclipse Sinister Metal CanCon
Efrim Manuel Menuck & Kevin Doria are SING SINCK, SING (EP) Indie Rock CanCon
Strange Breed Closer EP Punk CanCon
Icicle Silence Electronic CanCon

And here is this week’s Horizon Broadening Hour, if you can’t wait until 10:


Anyma – All My Relations
Ashter Dawn – Shadow Slip
Highly Distorted – Here’s to the Ride
Cares – Collapse Emulator
Moby – Falling Rain and Light
Pallas Athene – The Wall
The Sweet Lowdown – Low Clouds in the Morning
Natalie MacMaster – Fill ‘Er Up For a Set
Zach Kleisinger – Song for TS Eliott
Friends from Church – The Line Is Set
Hinterlandband – Plutononmy
The Montreal Rock Band – Unknown Track
Danko Jones – Lipstick City
Don Brownrigg – Tom’s Diner
Julis Sumner Miller – Hockey, Girls, and Disappointment
Hey Major – Flying Freak Flags
A-sirr – Time Machine
Fly Pan Am – Bleeding Decay
Salt Horse – Sequence 35
The Neutral States – More Stoner Rock!
Common Holly – Joshua Snakes
Clinton Edgebank – Unknown Song
Daniel Monte – Play Your Cards Right
Look Vibrant – God Graced Man Machine
Richard Thompson – The Dog in You
Britt AM – Chicken Suit
Jom Comyn – The Swamp
Moondle – Porb

See y’all next week!

Amid tax increases, Kitchener City Councillors struggle with previous cycling funding commitments, “We’ve gone way too far.”

MP Holmes
Kitchener, ON

City of Kitchener Councillor Bil Ioannidis said that we have gone way too far with cycling infrastructure. The Councillor made the comments at the Finance and Corporate Services committee meeting on Monday, November 20. The committee was reviewing the city of Kitchener’s 2024 draft operating budget that is to go to the mayor for approval in early December. The budget includes approximately $5.5 million to advance the strategic priorities, which were determined in the 2023-2026 Strategic Plan. Some of these areas, and the funding given to them in this budget include:

$700,000 for downtown cycling grid and infrastructure;

$424,000 in traffic calming;

$300,000 trail improvements for the Active Transport plan;

$1.2 million for the Housing for all Strategy;

$117,000 for the Creative Hub;

$173,000 to expand community centre hours; and

$240,000 to launch additional special events, including one new major festival in 2024.

Councillors raised a series of questions about different strategic priority funding options, but it was the competing interests of cycling, trails, and traffic calming that occupied most of the meeting. In addition to Councillor Ioannidis’s remarks, other councillors balked at both the $700,000 given to the downtown cycling grid and infrastructure and the $300,000 for additional cycling and trail connections, while traffic calming, a much more important issue in many of the councillors’ opinions, was afforded only $424,000.

City staff tried in various ways to address the concern about too much attention paid to cycling which came from at least 3 of the councillors attending. Councillor Paul Singh asked where the $700k for the cycling infrastructure came from, and why it had been applied to the cycling infrastructure. First Jonathon Lautenbach, city of Kitchener CFO explained the city’s position and then Justin Readman,· General Manager, Development Services at city of Kitchener, elaborated the funds are the final phase of a long-term capital investment that the city agreed to undertake years ago.

Councillor Christine Michaud also noted that she’s not hearing complaints about cycling but rather about the speed that people drive their cars and the need for traffic calming. City staff said that traffic calming has been funded in the past and what is in the budget reflects what Council has previously agreed to, based on what each area needs. But Michaud reinforced her concerns, and desire for more funding, to contend with traffic calming and reducing drivers’ speed.

Councillors Dave Schnider and Jason Deneault expressed strong interest in improving signage in parks for trails and cyclists. Councillor Schnider noted you can get on a trail and go all the way around the city but there are no signs informing people they can do so. City staff assured Council a comprehensive wayfinding strategy is going to be revealed soon.

Councillors Ioannidis and Margaret Johnston asked about lighting on trails and parks, but were informed that lighting beyond the major trails (namely the Iron Horse Trail and the Spurline Trail) is too expensive.

The Kitchener City operating budget also included funding for new and continuing services and infrastructure. Kitchener City Chief Financial Officer, Jonathan Lautenbach summarised the tax increases for services and infrastructure, which include a 3.9% per year rise in property tax (that’s a $47 rise over last year) and 6.3% increase in utilities (a $77 increase).

Next week is the final week for any changes to the budget. Public are reminded next Monday, November 27, is public consultation night and the Council will also examine the Capital budget on that same evening. For more information on the 2024 operating budget, the city of Kitchener has a detailed description on their website here.


Listen to the show above:

CKMS Community Connections for 20 November 2023: Fundraising Week and KWCon Music

Show Notes

Program Leaderboard | Friends of CKMS 2023 Fall Fundraising Drive | Requiem For Rock $25 | Radio Nowhare $100 | Pressure Drop $365 | Street Hop $45 | Atardecer Ranchero $50 | Mixtape Monopoly $110 | Virasat Radio $625 | Lijepa Nasa $300 | Bandwidth $25 | 81 82 83 84 $250 | AW@L Radio $40 | Father To Son $103 | The Clean Up Hour $500
2023 Fall Fundraiser Leaderboard

Today I play music from Waterloo Region musicians (“KW Content”), and then talk all over it to request donations for our Fall 2023 Fundraiser. My sincere apologies to all the musicians.

No podcast today. Instead, go out and buy the music I played or go to a concert, and listen to the music as it was meant to be heard.



Time Title Album Artist
1m02s Theme for CKMS Community Connections ccc CKMS Sunflower logo (yellow petals surrounding a black centre with white wavies all on a teal background)
CKMS Community Connections
Steve Todd
1m33s Introduction Piece and Hackerboy CKMS Logo - yellow sunflower with a black centre with diagonal wavies on a circular teal background, transparent background to corners
From a Live, On-Air, In-Studio recording.
6m14s Saved Last Chance to Dance | EVO | Eclectic Vinyl Orchestra (illustration of a vinyl disk, lettering in Art Deco typeface)
Last chance to Dance
Eclectic Vinyl Orchestra
9m42s Nothing factory city | art is war (BW photo of a frog sitting on a skull)
Art is War
Factory City
14m11s Wandering
17m54s Ruby Mae Snooky Pryor & Mel Brown | Double Shot! (Snooky playing harmonica and Mel Brown playing guitar)
Double Shot!
Snooky Pryor & Mel Brown
22m53s Pygmy Blow Dart Oktoberfest Cheer | Max the Axe (beer steins being klinked)
Oktoberfest Cheer
Max The Axe
26m38s Repeated Dreams 78 North (white letters on a purple shield)
78 North
31m36s Can You See Me Can You See Me? | Courtney Wolfe (line drawing of eyes and eyebrows with a pink flower all on a black background)
Courtney Wolfe
34m11s Cardinal Red Codename Justine (line drawing of 3/4 of a head wearing a fedora)
Codename Justine
37m52s Never Be Apart
42m40s Snow Came Falling Snow Came Falling | Carla Muller | 50% of proceeds from sales of this single will benefit our local Food Bank | FoodBank of Waterloo Region (photo of ice and snow laden tree branches)
Carla Muller
46m36s Wasting My Time (Alyssa DVM wearing a bright green pantsuit sitting on a black leather couch)
Alyssa DVM
50m11s Miss You Like I Should (double exposure of a man sitting in the grass playing a guitar)
Arih SK
53m43s Simcoe Mud Jay Linden | Ordinary Sunrise (illustration of a banjo with the resonator illustrated in a First Nations art style)
Jay Linden
57m23s CCC Theme while Bob gives the end credits. CKMS Sunflower logo (yellow petals surrounding a black centre with white wavies all on a teal background)
CKMS Community Connections
Steve Todd
58m26s Interlude III bruises | missy bauman (illustration of a rabbit on its back, a person with horns falling down on the rabbit, surrounded by white flowers, all on a tan background)
Missy Bauman

CKMS Community Connections Hour One airs on CKMS-FM 102.7 on Monday from 11:00am to Noon, and Hour Two airs alternate Fridays from 3:00pm to 4:00pm.

Got music, spoken word, or other interesting stuff? Let us know at or leave a comment on our “About” page.

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Bonus Video

YouTube: CKMS Community Connections for Monday 20 November 2023

Show notes and podcast interview content is Copyright © 2023 by the participants, and released under a CC BYCreative Commons Attribution Only license. Copy, re-use, and derivative works are allowed with attribution to Radio Waterloo and a link to this page. Music selections are copyright by the respective rights holders.

The Clean Up Hour, Mix 241

What up, y’all? It’s ya boy mophead here with this week’s Clean Up Hour. Tonight is this month’s All Things Considered — if you can’t wait until midnight, or want to hear the unaired part two, check it:


Part 1
Time & Hope
Walls of Jericho
My Convo
’99 Alive
Think Positive
BATHORY MOTIVES (feat. Shawn Kemp)
Bill Collector
Paragraph of my Life
Solar Plexus
Watermelon & Chicken
Yellow Gold (feat. Michael Millions)
Strange Fruit
I Got Up
Up Up & Away
Good Treatment
A Suggestion From Sloppy Seconds
Buttermilk Pancakes
Cold Coffee
Power Up
The Ferry Song
Number 15 (feat. Drake)
The Burning Bush
Bummin Bogies
One Last Tidbit

Part 2
Season Premiere
More Crack Please
Outta Control
Walkin Funny
Logistics (feat. Daniel Jones)
Burglars + 1 (feat. E-Skummy, Lil Lee, JR the Great, 5Mics, & Radio B)
Get Down
Let It Go
Nuts on a Biscuit (feat. Daniel Jones)
I was supposed to include Hand on the Plow here but I forgot. My bad y’all, the song’s great, go check it. Been a long day.
Grind (feat. Drake)
Mass Book Burning
Chubby Chaser
The Beast
The Slums
Face in the Wind (feat. Radio B)
So What You Sayin
Red Carpet & Velvet Rope
Doobey in the Ashtray 2009
All I Need
AM 2 PM (feat. Drake)
Fishin (feat. Michael Millions)
Radiohead Freestyle (feat. Ricky Ruckus)
Daddy N***a
After School with Snaggle Tooth
My Disposition
Mean It
Wandering Star
Sharkfin Soup
Tower in my Palm
Momma Loves Me (freestyle)
At My Best
Credit (Reese Witherspoon)

For #throwbackthursday, let’s go back to November 22, 2019


Childish Gambino – Move That Dope/Nectel Chrip/Let Your Hair Blow (feat. Young Scooter)
G Perico – All Nighter
Slaughterhouse – RNS
Trouble – Back after Back
EarlWolf – Orange Juice
Casey Veggies – I Be Over Shxt
DJ Quik, Suga Free & Dom Kennedy – Life Jacket
Guapdad 4000, Chance the Rapper & Charlie Wilson – Gucci Pajamas
Hamza & Ramriddlz – Eldorado
JID & TI – Ladies, Ladies, Ladies
Kanye West, Raekwon, Swizz Beatz & Charlie Wilson – Lord, Lord, Lord
Jesse James Solomon – they don’t love you
Earl Sweatshirt – Solace

See y’all on Sunday for the Horizon Broadening Hour! And shoutout everyone who donated to CKMS’s fundraising drive.

LISTEN for Smooth and Contemporary QUINTE JAZZ Saturday November 25, 2023 at 9AM Replay Sunday November 26, 2023 at 4PM

After broadcast on SoundCloud
Patrick LambTailgate SINGLE 2023
Inner City Blues BandFussin and Fightin CITY LIMITS 2023
Ten Karat Gold U and Me and Love
🍁Snaggle Track 5 THE LONG SLOG 2016
🍁Anthony FungHero FOURTH 2023
Elsa Nillson Rock Tree Reprise BAND OF PULSES 2023
🍁Allison Au With The Migrations Ensemble Aves Raras MIGRATIONS 2023
🍁Allison Au With The Migrations Ensemble I Dream A World MIGRATIONS 2023
George Saunders LETTERS TO GEORGE 2023
Andrew Krasinlkov Bloody Belly Comb Jelly BLOODY BELL COMB BELLY 2023
🍁Dave Young & Oscar Peterson OP D 40 YEARS OF JUSTIN TIME RECORDS 2023

Through the Static Episode 19 – 22/11/23

A chill and laid-back evening with laid-back tunes spanning decades and genres. Whether you want neo-psychedelia, classic hip-hop, or indie deep dives we’ve got it here for you! Grab something cozy and check it out.

  • The River – King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
  • On the Run – Fat Night
  • Doo Wop (That Thing) – Ms Lauryn Hill
  • Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey (Medley) – Paul McCartney
  • 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover – Paul Simon
  • Derdimi Dökersem – Altin Gün
  • Everyone You Touch – Shearwater
  • High Horse – Kasey Musgraves
  • Guinesses – MF Doom
  • Be My Fire – The Blue Stones


Drew Rouse on the Regime with Yenny – Part 1/3 – Includes his song: “The Mountain”

Touring artist, singer/songwriter: Great Canadian! First Nations corraborator and advocate. Shot a documentary from horseback to support the Xeni Gw’etin First Nations people in British Columbia [posted on YouTube: Cayuse: In The Valley Of The Wild Horses – Drew Rouse 2005].


Touring artist, singer/songwriter: Great Canadian! First Nations corraborator and advocate. Shot a documentary from horseback to support the Xeni Gw’etin First Nations people in British Columbia [posted on YouTube: Cayuse: In The Valley Of The Wild Horses – Drew Rouse 2005].

Drew Rouse!

From the Void #73 November 21th

Welcome to Episode #73 of From the Void

Tonight is all about Opeth!!!

My new podcast with Co – Host Peri Urban is on YouTube, it’s called The Listening Eyebrow and its about deep listening to good music.

ALSO!!! I released  a new album. Everything, Vol. 3 Spotify, You Tube23 and Bandcamp or where ever you stream your music!

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See you in the Void!

IG fall funding drive 2023
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CKMS News 2023-11-21 – ACORN Ontario’s Rental Registry

CKMS News -2023-11-21- ACORN Ontario’s Rental Registry

by: dan kellar

Waterloo – Over 8,000 renters have registered their units with ACORN’s Rental Registry since the grassroots social and economic justice organisation launched their map based online database at the end of the summer. ACORN Ontario told CKMS News in a statement that “the rental registry will track rising rents across the province.” which they say will “lead to better, publicly-available housing data that can help protect and create more affordable housing”.

Today’s shows features interviews with Acer Bonapart, the chair of ACORN Waterloo Regionwhich since its launch earlier this year, has focused primarily on tenant rights and housing issues. Additionally, CKMS speaks with Geordie Dent of the Federation of Metro Tenants’ Associations (FMTA), a non-profit organization founded in 1974 which advocates for better rights for tenants.  The show also includes comments that the ACORN Ontario chapter provided to CKMS News. 

ACORN Ontario told CKMS News that the registry was created by the Montreal based non-profit Vivre en Ville,  saying  “The registry was first introduced in Quebec and has over 30,000+ rents voluntarily registered. The rental registry is easy, quick and secure as it was designed to be compliant with SOC2 cybersecurity standards., standards that meet requirements for governmental use.

According to, which has for years tracked such data, average rents across the country are still rising at over 100$/month, with a one bedroom apartment in Waterloo averaging 1,944$ a month in October.  Two bedroom apartments are now averaging 2,543$ a month, nearly a 15% increase from last year at the same time.  

While many provinces have some form of rent control, in Ontario since Doug Ford dismantled the existing system in 2018, that control comes in the form of a 2.5% maximum allowable increase to the rent after a 12 month period. 

However, the Landlord and Tenant Board, an arm of Ontario’s legal system, often allows this maximum to be exceeded after being convinced by a landlord’s request. As Geordie Dent explains, the board approves the above guideline increase “in the neighbourhood of 90-95% of the time”. Additionally, the maximum increase also does not apply between tenants, meaning the landlord can increase the rent any amount they want on new tenants once the old ones move out.

The Landlord and Tenant Board does not specifically track how often they approve AGIs and their 2022-2023 report has a lot of incomplete data. A brief review of cases  by CKMS News centering on Above Guideline Increases on the Canadian Legal Information Institute, where all such cases are listed, reveals the 10 most recent cases were all decided in favour of the landlord, with the majority declaring: “The Landlord justified a rent increase above the guideline because of capital expenditures.”  

 While above guideline increases continue to have harmful effects on renters, ACORN Ontario told CKMS News the registry will provide “Greater transparency for renters so they can make informed decisions about where they choose to live”.  The statement concluded “Better housing data can help inform stronger affordable housing policies like those supported by Ontario ACORN’s ‘Real Rent Control’ Campaign. Over time, the registry will clearly show that rents increase astronomically in between tenancies on units that aren’t subject to rent control, and as a result of above guideline rent increases. These loopholes in our current rent control laws create incentives for landlords to renovict or demovict their tenants or neglect repairs until tenants get fed up and leave”. 


Radio Nowhere Episode 37, 11/18/23

Download:, 58m01s, 80.0 MBytes


Baby Won’t You Let Me Rock n’ Roll You Ten Years After
Rosalie Bob Seger
Sweet Wine Cream
Moon Draws Water The Blueflowers
Unforgiven Apocaliptica
Chick Habit April March
Pyro Kings Of Leon
I Scare Myself Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks
I Want You Bob Dylan
Old Times Good Times Stephen Stills
New Speedway Boogie Grateful Dead
Cocaine Blues Dave Van Ronk
Welcome To Mali Amadou and Mariam
What Is Hip? (Live) Tower Of Power

New Music Added to Airtime + Horizon Broadening Hour #6

What’s up, y’all? You know the routine by now. First and foremost, here’s what I’ve added to LibreTime since last week:

Billy Oxkidd You Got It Country CanCon
Manitoba Hal Vintage Blend Country/Folk CanCon
Ooluu Diluvian Metal Indeterminable
Danny Blueberry Isolation Alternative CanCon
The Unfaithful Servants The Unfaithful Servant Country/Folk CanCon
Natalie Macmaster Sketches Celtic CanCon
Matt Zaddy Be Rock CanCon
Brett Sangster Reverence Jazz CanCon
No Museums The Artifact is Nothing Rock CanCon
Merkules Special Occasion Rap NSFR CanCon
Foreign Diplomats Monami Indie Rock CanCon
The Black Fever Unarticulated Wants Indie Rock CanCon
Eamon Mcgrath Guts Country/Folk CanCon
Bornbroken The Years of Hard Truths and Little Lies Metal CanCon
Elisa Thorn Selenotropic Improvisational/Experimental CanCon
Deep Covers Deep Covers Electronic/Shoegaze CanCon
The Marrieds Heavy Hearts Country/FOlk CanCon
Katherine Fischer Wildflower Heart Country/Folk CanCon
Bridal Party Too Much Pop CanCon
Science is Fiction Don’t Everybody Thank Me At Once Rock CanCon
Fred Fortin Microdose Rock (presumed) CanCon
The Sweet Lowdown Low Clouds in the Morning Classical CanCon
Joanne Lurgio Crossing Jordan Religious Unknown
The New Project Alternative What You Get Other CanCon
Carter & the Capitals Carter & the Capitals Funk CanCon
Bretton Lee John Find Yourself Missing Grunge/Blues/Folk CanCon
Son Roberts Three’s a Charm Blues CanCon
Josh Ritchie Louder Rock CanCon
Ken Stead Civil War Roots Rock CanCon
Ostrea Lake Don’t Sway Above Me Indie Rock CanCon
The Bluesland Horn Band Keep It In the Shadows Blues CanCon
Adrian House Lookin Up Folk/Pop CanCon
Shotgun Jimmie Transistor Sister 2 Indie Rock CanCon
Chocolat Jazz Engage Jazz CanCon
Ajungi Ajungi Pop NSFR CanCon
Elisa Thorn’s Hue Flowers For Your Heart Other CanCon
Andre 3000 New Blue Sun New Age/Ambient No
Kevin Drew Spirit If… Indie Rock CanCon
Ani Difranco Reveling/Reckoning Indie Rock CanCon
Arih SK Hold it Together Indie Folk CanCon

And here is tonight’s Horizon Broadening Hour:


Arih SK – Lawnchairs (The Backyard Party)
Dave Debenham – Two Step
Emile Bilodeau – Petite Nature
Thierry Larose – De La Perspective D’un Vieil Homme
Luka Kuplowsky – City By My Window
Dave Cherub – Patio Nights
Satellite & The Harpoonist – Ballet in a Phone Booth
Tom Boy – How to Become a Drug Dealer
Madison Violet – Seal My Fate
No Museums – A Rotten Summer
No Museums – The Mail Train
Fools Like You – My Girlfriends Girl
Dylan Hennessy – Your Hero
Finny McConnell – a Pair of Brown Eyes
Frog Eyes – Your Boss’s Shirt
Museum Pieces – Death is Not a Destination
Hollis and the Widows – Gemini Moon
Paul Keeling – El Captain Cook
The Gloaming – The Lobster
Icicle – Trans-Siberian Express
Cares – Submerged Houses
Kent Sangster – Parisian Summer
Huttch – Zack Caught a Fish
Killing Clarence – No One Here is Saving Me
Problem Patient – ECT
Reays – Lemondrop Girl
Micah Erenberg – Sunspill

See y’all next time!

CKMS News – 2023-11-17 – Reviewing the effects of the financialisation of housing

CKMS News – 2023-11-17 – Reviewing the effects of the financialisation of housing

by: dan kellar

Waterloo – On Oct 30th ACORN, the grassroots social and economic justice organisation with chapters across the country, delivered over 400 tenant testimonials to federal liberal MPs including Waterloo’s Bardish Chagger. This action coincided with ACORN’s national housing spokesperson Tanya Bukart giving testimony to the National Housing Council’s review panel on the financialisation of purpose built rental housing.  Bukart’s testimony highlighted the effects on renters created by the stress of living in a precarious housing market, which has been transformed over the past decades, into an investment industry with profit seeking constantly driving up housing and rental prices.

Today’s show features interviews with Acer Bonapart, the chair of the Waterloo Region chapter of ACORN, and Mike Morrice, the Green Party MP for Kitchener Centre, who has been pressuring the government over the ongoing crisis in the affordability of housing in Canada since being elected in 2021.  Additionally, Geordie Dent of The Federation of Metro Tenants’ Associations (FMTA), which advocates for better rights for tenants, adds comments on the financialisation of housing.

For the purposes of this review, the National Housing Council is using the Federal Housing Advocate’s definition of the financialization of housing which is “the growing dominance of financial actors in the housing sector, which is transforming the main function of housing from a place to live into a financial asset and a tool for investor profits.”  The definition continues “These may include asset management companies, hedge funds, pension funds, private equity funds, real estate investment trusts (REITs), real estate operating companies and sovereign wealth funds.”

The National Housing Council, which refers to reports commissioned by The Federal Housing Advocate adds “The financialization of purpose-built rental housing has been linked to a range of negative impacts for renters, such as evictions, rising rents and reduced building services and maintenance.” On this point the National Right to Housing Network, a grassroots tenants rights organisation also focusing on the national panel explains “Financialization of housing refers to the treatment of housing primarily as a financial asset and tool for maximizing investor profit at the expense of human rights among tenants and tenancy-seeking individuals.”

The show focuses on the financialisation of the housing market, immediate steps which could be taken to start addressing the affordability crisis, and the longer term role of government in creating and maintaining an affordable and quality housing supply to meet the needs of growing populations.


LISTEN for Smooth and Contemporary QUINTE JAZZ Saturday November 18, 2023 at 9AM Replay Sunday November 19, 2023 at 4PM

After broadcast on SoundCloud
Charles A Kelly Sunseeker SINGLE 2023
🍁Snaggle Lagaan THE LONG SLOG 2016
Rainforest Band Smooth Sexy GOOD MEDICINE 2023
🍁Jeff Pike Sunset On LA SINGLE 2023
Ilya Serov Champagne Sky SINGLE 2023
🍁Jocelyn Gould The Kicker SONIC BOUQUET 2023
🍁Mali Obomsawin Odana SWEET TOOTH 2023
🍁Mali Obomsawin Fractions SWEET TOOTH 2023
Halie Loren Waiting in Vain 40 YEARS OF JUSTIN TIME RECORDS 2023
Michael Paulo Here Is Happiness SINGLE 2023
Rebecca Jade Bottle Up Magic A SHADE OF JADE 2022
Brad Alexander Saturday Night Groove SINGLE
Gregory Amos Goose Bumps SINGLE 2023

The Clean Up Hour, Mix 240

What’s up, y’all? It’s your boy mophead here with the latest Clean Up Hour, albeit a bit later than usual — if you missed the show when it aired, though, here it is for you:

Here’s the tracklist:

The Game – LA Times
Westside Gunn & DJ Drama – Suicide in Selfridges
Hemlock Ernst & Height Keech – 40z on the Front Porch
Benny the Butcher – Sly Green
Obie Trice, Kurupt, Bizarre, MC Eiht, Spice 1,& Mrk Sx – Greatest
The Alchemist & Conway – Phil Drummond
Lloyd Banks – Dangerous Minds
Aesop Rock – Time Moves Differently Here
Big Boi, Konkrete, Big Gipp, & Ludacris – Tomb of the Boom
Mr. Muthaf***in Exquire (HUGHIE!) – The Letter P Freestyle (Sean Price, MF DOOM, & DJ Kay Slay)
Buck 65 – Drumlord
Lil B – Sk8 or Die
Lil Wayne & Euro – Tuxedo
Bas & Adekunle Gold – Khartoum
Pink Panthress & Ice Spice – boy’s a liar pt. 2
CASISDEAD – Pineapple Juice
Rick Ross, Wale, Meek Mill, & The-Dream – Fine Line
Larry June & Schoolboy Q – Pop Out
Domo Genesis & Fly Anakin – I See U, Doing U
Michael Christmas & BhramaBull – Rents Due
Andre 3000 – Love Hater
Charlie Kosei – Que Sera Sera
Pink Navel & Kenny Segal – Character Select
Substance Abuse – No Guarantees
Drake – 8am in Charlotte
Mariah the Scientist – Bout Mine
jerry (Hodgy Beats) – When you willingly
Alias – December 26, 2002
Jeezy – Since Pac Died
Wiki & Tony Seltzer – Golden Child
Paradime – Make My Way

And for #throwbackthursday, let’s throw it back to November 19, 2021:

Tracklist (RIP Too Poetic):

Just When You Thought It Was Over
Constant Elevation
Dangerous Mindz
Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide
Killing Fieldz
We Run S**t
Today’s Mathematics
Here Comes the Gravediggaz
Rest in da East
Defective Trip (Trippin)
From the Darkside
Guard Ya Shrine
Twelve Jewelz
Gotta Stay Strong
Deadliest Biz
Hidden Emotions
End of da World
The Night the Earth Cried
Burn Baby Burn
1-800-Suicide (New Vocal Version)
Alone in the Graveyard
One Life (The Last Emporer feat. Too Poetic & Esthero)
Mommy, What’s a Gravedigga? (RZA Mix)
Bang Your Head

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CKMS News – Report and support: Responding to hate motivated incidents in Waterloo with the coalition of Muslim Women

CKMS News – 2023-11-16- Report and support: Responding to hate motivated incidents in Waterloo with the coalition of Muslim Women

by: dan kellar

Waterloo – With the recent release by the city of a new guide to navigate and report incidents of hate and discrimination in Waterloo, the Coalition of Muslim Women Kitchener Waterloo have yet another tool to offer from their growing kit to combat rising incidents of hate and discrimination.  The group worked with city staff and other community partners such as the Community Justice Initiatives, as well as the regional police services to create the guide, which  highlights the group’s online “Hate or Discrimination Documentation and Reporting Service” which is accessed at and receives hate incident and discrimination reports from across the country. 

This show features an interview with Sarah Shafiq, the director of programming and services for the Coalition of Muslim Women KW, an organisation which is described on its website as “a small, but mighty group of racialized Muslim women that have been standing up to hate, discrimination, Islamophobia, and gender-based violence since 2010.” 

The Interview focuses on the services that the group offers, the partnerships with the city of Waterloo and the regional municipality, and the surge in reports of anti-Semitic, anti-Palestinian, anti-Arab, and Islamophobic incidents reported in the past month.  Shafiq also mentions the feelings of disappointment and fear members of her community are experiencing, bringing up memories of the post 9/11 era of profiling and discrimination. 

This recent surge in hate incidents reflects the past several years of data available from both the Coalition of Muslim Women and Statistics Canada.  According to statscan, in 2022 police-reported hate crime incidents in Waterloo Region doubled to 144 events, representing 22.7 incidents per 100,000 of population, more than double the national average of 9.3 incidents per 100,000 of population. These numbers add to the 38% increase in hate crimes reported nationally in 2021, compared to 2020 data. 

The 2022 Snap Shot of Hate in Waterloo Region produced by the Coalition of Muslim Women shows a wide gap between the number of police reported hate incidents and the number of actual incidents which take place, with only 10 of 97 incidents that were reported to them ever being reported to the police.  With the new guide, the online reporting tool, and the other services offered by the Coalition of Muslim Women, Sarah hopes people will be comfortable in reporting incidents of hate and discrimination and be able to access the other services and supports the organisation offers.


Through the Static Episode 18 -15/11/23

Today we start and end with some classic indie, and have an awesome 80s synthy dance party in the middle! Super fun late-night listen (or for any time of day), listen below!

  • Your Ex-Lover Is Dead – Stars
  • Favourite Boy – Half Moon Run
  • Come On Forest Fire, Burn the Disco Down – Rae Spoon
  • Blue Monday – New Order
  • Living On Video – Trans-X
  • Smalltown Boy – Bronski Boy
  • World in my Eyes – Depeche Mode
  • Subdivisions – Rush
  • Arias and Symphonies – Spoons
  • The Way We Get By – Spoon
  • Expert In A Dying Field – The Beths

Kitchener Mayor announces new housing incentives and new relationship with the performing arts in State of the City address

MP Holmes
Kitchener, ON

In his annual State of the City address, on Thursday November 9, Kitchener Mayor Berry Vrbanovic made several new announcements, including new incentives to build affordable housing in the city.

Starting in 2024, the city of Kitchener, with the help of the federal government, will offer incentives to to build not-for-profit, supportive, and affordable rentals or affordable coops units. The initiative is meant to help construct more than 500 new affordable housing units and will cost over $5 million. These incentives consist of matching grants at $5,000 per unit to subsidize early-stage development costs. No-interest loans of an additional $5,000 per unit will also be available from the city. The mayor said more information will be release about this new initiative over the next few weeks.

This housing announcement comes on the heels of the previous announcement by Federal Minister Sean Fraser that $42.4 million of funding from the Government of Canada’s Housing Accelerator fund will fast track the construction of 1200 new local homes by early 2027. See the announcement here.

The Housing Accelerator Fund was launched by the Federal government in March of this year to assist municipalities to increase the housing supply.

The Mayor told the crowd how Minister Fraser noted that Kitchener has the most significant growth rate of any Housing Accelerator Community in Canada, of which there are about 500.

Other announcements the Mayor made in his address include changes to the community centre model to reflect changing and more diverse neighbourhoods and to help newcomers become more connected to community. The mayor talked about the city’s efforts to build a creative and ideas hub downtown and also announced a new relationship structure between the city and local performing arts organizations. This new structure consists of the city playing a larger part in the operations and promotions of the performing arts groups in order to boost tourism.

The mayor listed ongoing environmental goals such as increasing the tree canopy to 30% in all neighbourhoods by 2050 and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, namely by converting city-owned combustion engine vehicles to electric vehicles. He also noted plans to add a major new park near the Grand River, but did not provide additional details.

Despite talking in depth about housing, the idea hub, the environment and changes to community centres and the relationship with performing arts venues, the Mayor did not talk about the affordability or growing homelessness crises.

The ceremony was held at the Kitchener Market and featured videos with residents and each of the councillors talking about what has been accomplished in the past year.

A complete recording of the State of the City event can be found here. To learn more about the City of Kitchener’s 2023 – 2026 Strategic Plan and its vision for 2043, visit

Listen to the story above

CKMS Community Connections for 13 November 2023: Fundraising Week, with guest Jack Bishop of the KW Santa Claus Parade

Show Notes
Jack Bishop (a man wearing headphones and a blue golf shirt with a Lions Club logo sits at a microphone in front of a CKMS 102.7 banner)
Jack Bishop

Bob Jonkman makes a fundraising request for a new audio board, and talks to Jack Bishop, the chair of the KW Santa Claus Parade about this Saturday’s parade and the preparations that go into it.

The interview starts at 5m17s.

Online: The Lions Club of Kitchener

Santa Needs You! | Santa needs you to help make the 2023 KW Santa Claus Parade happen! | Saturday November 18, 2023 | Volunteer Today! | Students can earn volunteer hours! Adults can also volunteer! (Santa Claus holding a poster a la Kilroy Was Here, with a Santa Claus logo in the top left corner)

Upcoming Events


Download: ckms-community-connections-2023-11-13-episode146-Fundraising-Week-with-guest-Jack-Bishop-chair-of-the-KW-Santa-Claus-Parade.mp3 (57.4 MB, 59m46s, episode 146)


Time Title Album Artist
0m00s Theme for CKMS Community Connections ccc CKMS Sunflower logo (yellow petals surrounding a black centre with white wavies all on a teal background)
CKMS Community Connections
Steve Todd
0m53s Believer Deceiver (torso view of two people exchanging a package, while one person surreptitiously reaches for the other's wallet)
Space Kitchen
5m17s Jack Bishop tells us when and where this year’s KW Santa Claus Parade takes place: Saturday, 18 November 2023; it begins at 10:00am at the corner of Frederick Street and Weber Street, and continues up Weber Street to Erb Street in Waterloo. Why so early? The Toronto Santa Claus parade is on Sunday, and the KW parade is always the day before. The route has changed from north-to-south along King Street to south-to-north along Weber Street, it’s because of the ION tracks and wires. Any wires on this route can be dealt with. It’s about an hour trip, with the head of the parade arriving at Erb just as the tail leaves Frederick.
8m15s The KW Santa Claus Parade is a community parade, for community groups to show their involvement to the public. There’s no limits to the groups that want to enter. There are fees, because it costs about $25,000 to put on the parade: policing costs, paying the marching bands, and other costs. The community groups pay a fee of $300, commercial entries pay $500. There are other thoughtful community people that sponsor some bands. Jack may still be able to squeeze in one or two last-minute entries if you contact him right away! There are about 80 entries, including community groups, marching bands, clowns. Jack is still looking for volunteers to help out, there are lots of costumes available. It’s a good role for young people; it’s a good experience. To enter, click on the 2023 Parade Registration Here button on the Lions Club’s Santa Claus Parade website.
13m44s Jack tells us what happens when people sign up for the parade. There’s a meeting for volunteers on Friday night, where they get outfitted with a costume. Then people come back at 8:00am on Saturday and get slotted into the parade. Jack makes it sound easy, but he’s been doing to for a while. There are about ten core people who manage the event, but it grows just before the event. Planning starts in the summer, and it takes four of five months. Working with the City, there’s an all-services meeting: fire, police, ambulance, transit… The same people are involved in the Oktoberfest Parade, good practice for the Santa Claus Parade. Jack organizes the order of the entries; it’s mostly random. But Santa goes at the end, the main sponsor goes at the start, the bands need to spaced out. Jack has had 15 years of experience. The parade was going for 25 years before the Lions took over, so it’s probably existed for 40 years.
20m10s I’m Here I'm Here | Josh Taerk (man sitting on a park bench facing away from the camera. There is a dead-looking tree in front of him)
Josh Taerk
24m13s IG fall funding drive 2023 Some of the buttons and lights on the sound board don’t work, so Bob makes a pitch for a new audio board. You can help by making a donation at
26m11s Jack explains how the parade logistics are organized. The floats line up at Frederick and Weber all the way back to Edna Street. Just before the parade starts there’s a Santa Claus Run, hundreds of runners all dressed in Santa Claus suits. A Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer inflatable float leads the way. When it (and the other inflatable floats) get to the rail overpass and other overhead obstructions the float is pulled down out of the way. The inflatable snowman is 20ft tall, others are only(!) 15 feet. The obstructions are pretty consistent over the years, so people get to know the route. Jack makes the organization sound easy, but reminds parade participants to arrive early to get on the float well before it leaves. At the destination there are buses to take people back, the floats need to arrange their own transportation back. The bands have their own buses, assembling at The Aud then picking up the band members at the end.
35m15s Jack says that booking marching bands has been a big problem. All the drum and bugle corps are gone! Some companies that sponsored bands are gone, and the organizers are gone. It takes a lot of dedication, a lot of money, and a lot of experience to manage a marching band, and people have gone on to other things. Covid has been a big factor too. Small bands, rock bands, just don’t participate much in parades. The Regional Police have a marching band, but only participate in the Oktoberfest Parade, not the Santa Claus Parade. Band members are getting older, and it takes a lot of stamina to march for an hour carrying an instrument and huffing and puffing into a trumpet or clarinet. Jack is always an organizer, but has never marched in a parade. He knows lots of people, which helps getting sponsorships. There are not many people who like to ask people for money. Bob is asking for donations today too, but with inflation people are not donating as much as they used to. Jack finds that getting permits from two City municipalities and one Regional municpality is easier year after year, there are lots of volunteers, no paid staff, to do that.
42m44s Hobo Waltz (single) Chris Temple
45m12s Jack has been up since 3:00 in the morning, working on parade stuff. The line-up keeps changing! Jack finds there can’t be too many people working on one job, better to have one person do it. And that’s Jack.
46m32s The Lions Club was formed just over 100 years ago in Chicago, the Lions Club of Kitchener was chartered in 1937. The Lions Club, right from the start, has been involved in vision-related issues. Helen Keller challenged the Lions to be the “Knights of the Blind”. There are about 25,000 members across Canada, every small community has a Lions Club. They do screening of kindergarten kids, kids who have never had their eyes checked. The Lions are tied in with the optometry school at the University of Waterloo. They have refractors used for testing. Kids are referred to optometrists, but not all kids actually follow up with appointments. The Lions will buy glasses for kids who need the financial assistance. The Lions Clubs have just created two new districts, and want to take this project across the country. Another major project is guide dogs for the blind, started in 1985. That’s expanded to hearing dogs, diabetic-sensing dogs, stress-relief dogs. There’s a school in Oakville for the finishing part of training a client with their dog. It takes a month to get trained! People can apply to the Lions Foundation of Canada in Oakville through
54m17s Another major project is the Citizen of the Year. This year’s recipient is John Tibbits, president of Conestoga College. He’ll be in the parade as a celebrity! The award is in May, the search begins in January. There’s a selection process, nominators have to write a letter to say what the nominee has done, then a selection committee makes the decision.
55m30s Bob thanks Jack, gives the credits, and introduces the last musical selection.
56m27s Hey Allie autogramm | Music That Humans Can Play (photo silhoutte of four people dancing, they're coloured in vertical pink stripes, with a teal background)
Music That Humans Can Play

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Download: ckms-community-connections-2023-11-13-episode146-Fundraising-Week-with-guest-Jack-Bishop-chair-of-the-KW-Santa-Claus-Parade.mpg, 959 MBytes, 56m57s

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From the Void #72 November 14th

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