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From the Void #4 – July 26th

Tonight is the 4th Episode of From the Void – I am going to focus very largely on the Psychedelic Era. The most accessible experimental period of music. You are going to hear Floyd, the Beatles, Zappa, Brainticket, The Soft Machine, Tangerine Dream and of course, Mike Patton. Pull up a chair and lose your mind with me!!!

Full episodes to enjoy at your leisure–fLGsdUzW5O_9sK_Bzt9fBvBW-GWKBG?usp=sharing

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See you in the Void!

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Electro Experimental

(CKMS sunflower logo on teal background)Electro Experimental plays music from our Digital Music Library tagged with (you guessed it!) “Electro” and “Experimental”. Expect to hear new music, avant-garde jazz, synth-pop, and all the sounds you won’t hear on commercial stations, including selections from 60 Secondes Radio!

Electronica airs on CKMS-FM Wednesday mornings from 1:00am to 4:30am.

Featured image Focusrite Studio Console @ Sound City Setagaya DSC 1931 by JacoTen is used under a CC BY-SACreative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.