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I AM EVERYTHING – Ep 3: State Of I (Ft Under Stolen Skies) (11.06.20)

  1. Travis Scott – Franchise (Remix)
  2. ’68 – Nervous Passenger
  3. Under Stolen Skies – State Of I*
  4. The OBGM’s – Karen O’s
  5.  KRS One – MC’s Act Like They Don’t Care
  6. Bedhead – Fight No More
  7. Busta Rhymes – Strap Yourself Down
  8. No Warning – The City
  9. Fever 333 (Ft DMC)– Like An Animal


  1. Royal Blood – Troubles Coming
  2. Kid Bookie – Whos Next
  3. Jhenny Beth – Flower
  4. Bring Me The Horizon (Ft YUNGBLUD) – Obey
  5. Idles – Danny Nedelko
  6. JPEGMAFIA – Bald
  7. Palaye Royal – Fkn With My Head
  8. Mourn – Stay There
  9. Marilyn Manson – Broken Needle

I Am Everything – Ep 1: Pilot (10.23.20)

  1. Metz – Wet Blanket (CND)
  2. AC/DC – Shot In The Dark
  3. Bring Me The Horizon – Teardops
  4. Dead Quiet – Forever Unsung (CND)
  5. Kid Karate – Two Times
  6. Monowhales – Take It Back (CND)
  7. Fever333 – Biteback
  8. Disturbed – Sound Of Silence
  9. Joyner Lucas – Things Iv Seen
  10. No Warning – Torture Culture (CND)
  11. Kids See Ghosts – Reborn
  12. Idles – Ne Touche Pas Moi


I Am Everything

I Am Everything is a music talk show about everything and nothing…. Think The Strombo Show meets CBC Q. Your Punk Father Shyun Atøwn will showcase genres like new indie rock and punk and rap, even throwing in some local rock bands that need that exposure. And sometimes you might hear some cool guests along the way. Shy’s objective for I Am Everything is to profile bands that not many know about but mainly to bring back the next great music show since the days of Much Music. He is everything you need him to be and yet nothing at all.

I Am Everything (from the archives) airs on CKMS-FM every fourth Monday from 11:00pm to Midnight.

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