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AWH Takeover #5 Featuring Steve Castellano aka Electtronica Sperimentale

In this episode of my radio take-over podcast I just got a whole bunch of cool new modules: Pittsburgh Modular Giraffe, Intellijel Quad VCA, Expert Sleepers Disting MK1, Erica Synths Pico LFO/S&H, ADDAC Dual Filter and 4MS Row Power (not racked yet) I chat about these and try to quantize a random sample & hold in the background while talking about “The Modular Journey” that many people speak about.
The featured solo artist is Steve Castellano aka Elettronica Sperimentale. Check out his bandcamp page and support his music here:
Check out his Youtube channel here:
This episode was broadcast on CKMS 102.7FM Radio Waterloo: Original Air Date: Feb 25th 2023

AWH Take-Over #4 Featuring Coy Haste aka Brad Weber

In this episode of the AWH radio take over, I’ve got my Moog Mavis connected and a second NiftyCase connected with the NiftyEars and I’m still working on a new album live on the radio while talking Modular Gear and featuring solo artists. This episode’s artist is Brad Weber aka Coy Haste from many bands that I am a fan of. To hear more of his music go to the Coy Haste Bandcamp here:

Or Check your his Youtube page for Coy Haste and Pick A Piper here:
   / @pickapipercoyhaste  

This episode was aired on CKMS:
   / @ckms1027fmradiow…  

AWH Radio Take-Over 1 Featuring Cara Leigh

In this radio podcast I was playing with my NiftyCASE and my brand new Mutable Instruments Plaits module. I was also using the Cre8Audio Chips Module and a few LFOs from the Function Junction and the behringer 150.

The featured solo artist is Cara Leigh. Check out her Youtube Channel here:…

Check out her music at her bandcamp page here:…

AWH Takeover #4 featuring Brad Weber

I have moved into the second dimension with my our Modular journey and incorporated a Moog which I am exploring but an very new with. This is also an entry level Moog – The Mavis. Still very cool.  In this episode I feature Coy Haste aka Brad Weber. A super cool musician originally from Waterloo, now TO. I’m not sure that he uses Eurorack but he does have a lot of weird tech that I dont know what it does other than making great music! Check it out in the podcast here:

Then check out for more AWH takeovers.

Visit also: Coy Haste Bandcamp

Concept Album – Death Breath

This past week on Mano A Mano we inducted another great album into the Concept Album hall of fame. This week it was another Giraffes? Giraffes! album. Their most recent which was just released this year. In addition there is something very different about this album from all past G?G! albums! Check it out in the podcast here:

If you want to find out about all the other albums featured in the background visit:


AWH Take-Over with Cara Leigh

I took over the Mano A Mano show trying to create a little jam with my Eurorack to create new content for a forthcoming album. At the same time I decided to feature another solo artist Cara Leigh whom I worked with on Robot Apocalypse. If you are a huge fan of oscillators this is the podcast for you!

Little Payne – Listening Party & Concept Album Hall of Fame Induction

A week or two ago we did our first listen to the newly released Limblifter album. We made a scary discovery during the listening party that this could be the last Limblifter album. Maybe we interpreted the wording wrong. Join us, take a listen to this album. Give it a purchase – We were right, it is fantastic!

To see all the other albums that make-up the Concept Album Hall of Fame Collage visit our site here:

20 years Out of Focus

In 2002 Cyanide Kiss released their first demo CD. Created in a basement studio created with minimal effects and all running through a tape machine for playback/input separation. 20 years after this first music release Rob & Jeff McKenna combine solo audio projects Audio Boffins and All Weather haulage to create a combination track that can be heard at the Mano A Mano Bandcamp page.

Download Both albums free here:

Play It Forward

In this Experimental Radio Podcast Series each episode will feature a different band who will select three other bands that they enjoy.

Mano A Mano will contact all the selected bands and if they reply, a continuation branch from this episode will be created with that band as the feature along with their three selections and so on and so forth….

A branch dies when a band does not reply, chooses an already selected band or the mentioned band cannot be found.

Hosted and produced by Mano A Mano. DJ’d and directed by bands.

Mano A Mano with Gary Cain

DJ Steel of the Mano A Mano show met virtually with Gary Cain. It was previously established and proven on the Mano A Mano show that Gary Cain is the 4th best guitarist in the WORLD! Here is the raw interview where we talk about how Gary got playing Blues guitar, his influences and how to get to the next level with your guitar playing and more

Radio podcast available at


Hug of Thunder and The Marble Index

Here is the full podcast from Sat May 2nd! Two great albums were added to the Concept Album Mosaic. Check out the albums here then go buy all these bands merch!

Album:  Hug of Thunder
Artist: Broken Social Scene
Year: 2017
Notes: Hug of Thunder is the fifth studio album by this amazing Canadian indie rock musical collective. With all the amazing collaborations this is an exciting album with many different sounding tracks depending upon who is collaborating!

Album:  The Marble Index
Artist: The Marble Index
Year: 2004
The Marble Index is a Canadian rock band from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The group formed in 2001, and comprised Brad Germain, Ryan Tweedle, and Adam Knickle. The band is named after the album The Marble Index by Nico! We opened for this band onetime…not really but we played at the same venue on the same night!

Check it out in the podcast above and then go support these two amazing CANADIAN bands!