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2nd Annual Beer Tasting Competition

ContestantsThis past #COTM marked the “Second Annual Beer Tasting Competition”. Reigning Champion DJ Plan B was in studio competing to defend his title as the Worlds best Beer sampler. DJ Mattador who was also at the last competition was on hand to try and bounce back from his performance in last year.

In addition to these two athletes, DJ Jazzy TBD and DJ MuuTuu (aka DJ Reliable Son) won their way through the beer drinking ranks in the region for a chance to take on the champ.

The Brewery this year was the Block Three Brewing Company based in St. Jacobs Ontario. The representatives from the brewery were DJ Froyo and DJ KFBass (whose DJ names are awarded during the competition).

The Mano A Mano show tried to throw off the athletes by having them do the beer tasting competition in extreme temperatures however DJ Plan B was not phased as he took home the championship for the second year in a row! Check out the podcast below for the exciting festivities, great music selection and plot twist at the very end which we hope will be signs of the future! Annual Beer Tasting Competition.mp3


Block 3 Feature: Ian Somers Somers Feature.mp3

Above is our feature presentation of Ian Somers music from various different bands he has worked with. As one of our favourite musicians we are happy to bring to you his new track “All Failures” in the above podcast and since that podcast he has released one other track that can be heard here:

Block three Feature


MAM: Mothers Day Selection pack

The Day after Mothers day we talked about our mothers days whereas the Lost Indie City prepared their list before the big weekend we were discussing it post party! It gave a whole different perspective on the wonderful day as the DJ’s of Mano A Mano were about to talk about specific heart felt moments from the day.

  1. Mother Mother – The Sticks
  2. Lunchmoney Lewis – MAMA
  3. Stella Ella Ola – Proud Mother Stomp
  4. Sun Kil Moon – I can’t live without my Mothers love
  5. Daft Punk – Motherboard
  6. 2Pac – Dear Momma
  7. LACKOFSLEEP – Mother | Son | Ghost
  8. Said the Whale – Mother

Robot Apocalypse: Block Three Feature

Robot Apocalypse Evan
We recently had Evan from the Robot Apocalypse Collective in the CKMS Studio to share some Block Three Brewing Company Kind Street Saison’s, talk about new collaborations and where he gets inspiration for this exciting collaborative project. In addition to playing a few Robot Apocalypse tracks the Mano A Mano DJ’s play a throwback Song from Evans former band “Run Down Royalty” from when they were in the CKMS studio Years ago.


Frightened Rabbit: Block Three Feature

Block three FeatureDJ AdRock’s favorite band in the world is Frightened Rabbit. If you follow the Mano A Mano show on twitter @mamradio you will have probably seen how excited he is for this new album. In this podcast we feature a few of these brand new tracks and some oldies in this Block Three Brewing Company – Three Block Feature of Frightened Rabbit.

MAM: Mammal Theme playlist

For Season 10 of the Mano A Mano show we are going to be mirroring The Lost Indie City’s themes with an additional stipulation that we cannot play the same songs that they chose. Here is the Mano A Mano mammal list:

  1. The Jimmy Chamberlin Complex – Loki Cat
  2. Little Suns – Black Elephant
  3. Manitoba – Skunks
  4. The Manvils – Lions of a lost Toungue
  5. The Mark Inside – Lime Green Monkeys
  6. Melissa Auf der Maur – Lead Horse
  7. Prairie Cats – Meanest Genius
  8. Unicorns – I was born a Unicorn
  9. Ryan Dahle – Lion Piano
  10. The Wet Secrets – Animals in Disguise
  11. Holy F – P.I.G.S.
  12. HonHeeHonHee – A is for Animal

Mano A Mano’s “Going Solo” Set list

In our first ever “Case of the Mondays” Monday the Mano A Mano program celebrated it’s 10th Season on CKMS. DJ Jeff E Jeff was in the station with DJ Steel as an homage to day one season one when it was these two DJ’s who battled out “Instrumental Music”. On this first #COTM the Mano A Mano DJ’s mirrored The Lost indie City’s Theme of “Going Solo”. Without seeing the Lost Indie Cities set, Mano A Mano only had two repeat solo acts.

  1. Matthew Good (of Matthew good band) – Advertising on Police cars
  2. Dave Monks (of Tokyo Police club) – gasoline
  3. Jimmy Chaimberlan (of Smashing Pumpkins) – Life begins again
  4. Courtney Love (of Hole) – Mono
  5. Dan Auerbach (of black Keys) –
  6. Ryan Dahle (of AOE and Limblifter) – sixes and sevens
  7. Thom Yorke (of Radiohead)- The Eraser
  8. Billy Corgan (of Smashing Pumpkins) – The Camera’s Eye
  9. Rob Zombie (of White Zombie) – superbeast
  10. Melissa Auf der Maur (of Hole, Smashing Pumpkins) – followed the waves
  11. David Usher (of Moist) – Alone in the Universe
  12. Michael Jackson (of the Jackson 5) – bad

Mano A Mano Netflix selection

For tonight’s Mano A Mano theme we chose our songs based on some great Netflix programs we have been watching. Here is the list of great shows and great songs to compliment them!

Tell us your thoughts and Netflix favourites by tweeting at us: @mamradio

  1. “TV Tunnel” by Shy Child from their album: please consider our Time – generic Netflix support
  2. “Inner Attitude Gage” by Robot Apocalypse in support of the new Marvel show Jessica Jones
  3. “Spider Man 79” by Veruca Salt in support of Spiderman (Alim’s favourite superhero)
  4. “V” by 5th Project – in support of V for Vendetta, The Mindy Project and Luther
  5. “Philadelphia” by Will Curry and the Country French in support of Its always sunny in Philadelphia.
  6. “Dismantling Frank” by Bonobo in support of the the movie Frank.
  7. “Bag of Hammers” by Tao in support of Property Brothers
  8. “Wheat Kings” by The Tragically Hip in support of Making a Murderer
  9. “Karate Space Tiger vs. The Humpin Jumpmaster (swordfighting in the jungle) by The Wet Secrets in support of Blackfish, Cosmos and The Tiger and the Monk


The Sonic Tapestries of The Alpacas

This podcast and video have been a long time in the making. This was filmed as Radio Waterloo was leaving the 108 King Street Studio Location. Because of that the audio is a bit glitchy in the podcast but as you can tell in the video above the harmonies provided by the Alpacas were unwavering.

Check out this amazing band in the video above and podcast below.


Rock Cut Feature: Rosedale + Love to Air!



Rose Dale front man Mike Liorti was in the Mano A Mano studio for what has now been renamed as a “Love to Air” performance.

Mike came to us all the way from Toronto and was so good that he was even able to change up his acoustic set to take requests of songs he had not intended to play and pulled out a few unreleased tracks too! Check out the podcast above and make sure to check out Rosedale at Maxwell’s concert and events hall on November 8th.


Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld

Colin Stetson is a past Mano A Mano “Rock Cut Feature Band of the Week” and is featured in an episode of the “Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff” (Mano A Mano’s Radio Comic that features only CDN content)

So, when this new Colin Stetson collaboration with Sarah Neufeld came into the station it immediately peaked our attention. After one listen it is amazing! Check out the new material above in our podcast and if you haven’t see what Colin Stetson can do check him out in the video below:

Rock Cut Video: For Esme “You”

Coming up on July 24th is the WAYHOME music festival! The line-up boasts some great musicians from across the content including one of our past feature bands: For Esme

This podcast was released a while ago when we found their vinyl in the station! We were thrilled to test out the vinyl and find a rich combination of atmospheric sounds combined with great song writing. For Esme has just released a new track and is set to release a new album called “Sugar” later on this year. The new track is called “You”. This months Rock Cut Video is “You” by For Esme. Check it out below!

Rock Cut Feature: Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Godspeed You! Black Emperor is a band that is near and dear to our hearts. They are the one of the first bands that we featured on “The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff”, our Audio Comic that features great Canadian Bands. As such, when we saw their new album ‘Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress’ we knew we had to release it on the same day that we closed out The Electrifying Adventures – Canada Day!

Sit back and enjoy this soundscape! Then go and pick up this album! You will not be disappointed!

Rock Cut Feature: Paul Jago

We found out earlier this year that Paul Jago was going to be releasing some new songs. He just recently put out a few demo tapes! We aren’t sure if he is going to be taking these into the recording studio or not….but we were so stoked to hear these that we had to do a feature. Check them out above!


Mano A Mano’s NXNE Review

Okay so this is less of a review and more a video of one of our favourite performances from the festival. We just got this tech the day before the festival and untested we embarked on the electrifying adventure. Obviously we need to invest in a tripod and a windscreen but this video should get the idea across about how awesome this band is!

Their were soo many bands we had the pleasure of seeing including our shows favourite local band Pick a Piper! But the highlight of this years festival was the band Son Lux who put on an amazing performance! Check out a track here:

Rock Cut Feature: The High Dials

The High Dials are playing the Starlight in Waterloo this Thursday March 19th. We were spinning some High Dials and then got to chatting about what TV show you could hear that track on. We gave Trevor Anderson from the band a call to settle the dispute. Find out what program and hear some more High Dials tracks on the podcast above!

Rock Cut Feature: ttwwrrss

This extremely interesting album came into the station the other day and since we have been interested in many bands that have removed the vowels from their names we checked it out. The first great thing about this band was that they are from our old stomping ground of “The Hammer” (Hamilton for those not from the hammer or those who did not know it is sometimes call that for some reason)

Secondly, it is some damn great music! It is darker electronic music that has some wicked hooks to it! Some songs have elements of piano that complement the electronic songs – check it ttwwrrss in the podcast above!

Then go to their bandcamp page here and get more of their music!

Episode 4: “The ManoKnight Attack” #DJJEJ

Yesterday on the Electrifying Session we re-released the Episode 4 of The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff so that it could have a home here on SoundFM. Get ready for the Season 2 promo!!!!

The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff Season 1 by Mano A Mano Episode 4 Artwork by Tim Jefferies: Episode 4

Music in order of appearance by:
1) Pick A Piper
2) Islands
3) Mystery Track
4) Controller Controller
5) Kanada
6) Drew Smith
7) Miramichi
8) Hot Hot Heat
9) The Mounties
10) Caribou
11) Spooloops
12) The Wet Secrets
13) Broken Social Scene

Episode 3: “A Villain is Born” #DJJEJ

The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff Season 1 by Mano A Mano

Episode 3 Artwork by Becka Kinzie: Episode 3

Music in order of appearance by:
1) Magneta Lane
2) The Blue Seeds
3) Quarterback
4) Melissa Auf der Maur
5) Parks and Rec
6) Cyanide Kiss
7) Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs
8) 54-40
9) Canadian Winter
10) Death From Above 1979
11) Dirty Ghosts
12) Always Sun Orange
13) Crystal Castles
14) Age of Electric
15) Arkells
16) Silverstein
17) Crop Failure
18) Pick A Piper