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The Gems Of Life Show starts in 1 hour!!!

Super excited for our first episode. Join us and share your comments.

On today’s show we talk about various topics and we invite you to engage with us.

What is your biggest AHA moments in 2020?

What has been your biggest challenge and lessons during the pandemic?

Today’s invitation to smile, be kind and it’s its laughing day, make someone happy today.

Thank you and i look forward to engaging and connecting with you.

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Aspire To Inspire


The Gems Of Life

The Gems Of Life | Aspire To InspireThe Gems Of Life is an uplifting show that brings inspirational real life stories, sharing our core values while igniting conversations that will spark change, and a call to action.

It is about celebrating diversity in our community, engaging in conversations that will tackle issues we all face such as youth crime, adversity, family dynamic, relationship challenges, as well as health and wellness.

It is when we shift how we do things, the things we do also shift, we are here to support and encourage each other to expand our abilities and promote inner growth.
I’m very excited you are able to join us on this journey called life.

Welcome to The Gems Of Life Show, What are you waiting for, come on in!

The Gems Of Life with Fadhwa Yusuf airs on Friday from 6:00pm to 7:00pm.