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Wadio Wam! Episode 11 – Mother’s Day

Hey everyone! Very special episode for Mother’s day, with my own mom coming on the show! We picked some of our favourite songs and shared some memories of them.

Unfortunately there seemed to be a problem with the broadcast of the episode as it was airing, so if you hear me mentioning technical issues that is what that is mentioning! I have tried to remove as much of the rambling as possible. Wam On!

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Wadio Wam! Episode 9 – Summer Hits!

Hey everyone! Sorry for delay in uploads that last few week – things have got busy with school wrapping up, so we’re gonna hit you with 3 uploads for episodes 9, 10, and 11 tonight. This here is episode 9, where Sam and I go over some songs we expect to play all summer! This will also be his last show of the summer as he’ll be back home. The following episodes will be me and surprise hosts! Anyways, here’s summer hits, Wam On!

Also, the first song or two you will here Nickelback over it. Our apologies, there was an editing mistake LOL

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Wadio Wam! Episode 8 – Sampled

Hey y’all! Hoping you’re enjoying your easter if you celebrate!

Sam wasn’t around last week, but here is last week’s episode where I looked at some of my favourite samples and sampled songs! Pretty fun episode.

This week there will not be a new episode due to Easter and both of us being busy, so we will be replaying our road trips episode from April 3rd, so if you missed it or wanna catch it again live then check it out. Have a great weekend, Wam on!

Wadio Wam! Episode 7 – Roadtrip!

Hey y’all! Here’s last weeks episode where me and Sam looked at our favourite road trip songs. Give it a listen if you’re interested or if you’re going for a nice drive! We have a fun show planned for next week (hint: does that sound familiar?) so be sure to tune in on Sunday at 1PM.  Wam On!

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Playlist’s are live!

Hey y’all!

Just here to update the peoples that our Spotify playlists are officially live! If you now go to an episode’s homepage, you’ll find a link to that week’s Spotify playlist. Hopefully this allows everyone to access the setlist’s they love at the drop of a hat! Thank you for tuning in, if you haven’t checked out Episode 6 yet, I would recommend it, probably one of my favourites yet. Wam on!

Link to our homepage:

Wadio Wam! Episode 6 – Girls Rule, Boys Drool

Here’s the latest show from Wadio Wam, where we looked at some of our favourite women in music! Wam on!

Also, if you’re a Spotify listener, we have a link to this week’s playlist! we’re working on getting the rest of the playlists up, but I will post when it happens

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Wadio Wam! Episode 3 + 4 – The End Of The World

Hey y’all! Here’s our 3rd episode recorded March 6th. Songs for the end of the world! Sorry for the delay with the upload.

By mistake, we forgot to record our 4th show, which was songs for dancing by yourself (I know, I’m just as disappointed as you are), but we’re working on getting our setlist’s/playlists live so if you missed the show you’ll at least be able to see what was played. We got a good show lined up for next Sunday (1-2PM) so be sure to check that one out, but in the meantime here’s songs for the end of the world. Wam on!

Spotify Link for Episode 3:

Spotify Link for Episode 4:

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