A sidewalk after a snowfall, where half of the walk has been shoveled, another part in the distance has not been shoveled.

CKMS News – City of Waterloo offers free sidewalk and windrow snow clearing to eligible residents

MP Holmes
Kitchener, ON

The City of Waterloo is offering a free assisted sidewalk and windrow snow-clearing service for eligible residents who are unable to clear their sidewalks and windrows during the winter months. Earlier this year and after obtaining community feedback on how to proceed with future snow clearing in the city, City Council decided to open applications for a trial snow-clearing service.

Tiffany Smith, Manager, Senior Services and Community Services at the City of Waterloo, explained who the program is meant to help, how to apply, and what the future plans are.

Demand has been high and the city has quickly received applications for half of the forty spots available. Smith explained how this initiative is the first of a four year phase-in program that will see snow-clearing services expanded. Council approved this plans in a May 2023 meeting. A synopsis of this report can be found at EngageWR. There are plans to assess the program and gather further input from homeowners and the community after this first trial season.

As a part of its current snow-clearing responsibilities, the city clears multi-use trails and paths around the city, as well as walkways and bike lanes. City plows also currently clear about 85 km of sidewalk in and around various city parks and facilities

Applications open until October 31st and can be found online here.

You can listen to the show above:

2 thoughts on “CKMS News – City of Waterloo offers free sidewalk and windrow snow clearing to eligible residents”

  1. The article mentions the City of Waterloo offering free sidewalk and windrow snow clearing, thanks. What criteria or eligibility conditions are outlined for residents to avail of these services?

    1. Hi: The City of Waterloo has an application form for snow clearing assistance that lists the criteria:


      From that page:

      You can apply for the program if you meet all of the following criteria:

      1. Must be age 65 years or older, have a disability, or live with someone with a disability which prevents snow removal.
      2. Must be a Waterloo resident.
      3. None of the people in the same household are physically capable of snow removal.
      4. The total household income for all people living on the premises aged 18 or over must not exceed $46,000.
      5. Agree to a waiver of claims against the city concerning any property or other damage that might arise from the services provided.

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