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CKMS Community Connections for 11 November 2019 with Frank Reid and Graham Hafey

Show Notes

Frank Reid

Frank Reid

Frank Reid is a Canadian veteran, who now volunteers at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa. The interview with Frank Reid starts at 16m50s.

Find Frank Reid on Facebook: Frank Reid

White lapel poppy with the word 'Peace' at the centre
White Peace Poppy

White Poppies

The white poppy symbolizes peace. It is meant to remind us of the civilians that are killed in war — over 90% of the casualties in recent wars are civilians, not military troops. The white poppy shows us that we embrace a culture of peace, not the glorification of war. And the white poppy honours those people who practice that culture of peace by refusing to participate in military service.

In Canada Peace Poppies Vancouver have been distributing white lapel poppies. You can order from their website, White Poppies.

The book discussed is Disarming Conflict: Why Peace Cannot Be Won on the Battlefield by Ernie Regehr, not Tom Regehr. My apologies for the error.

Graham Hafey

Graham Hafey

Graham Hafey is a Canadian veteran who now runs V2V Black Hops Brewery in Victoria, British Columbia.

The interview with Graham Hafey starts at 39m33s.

Logo: Black Hops Brewing Company V2VFind V2V Black Hops Brewery online at

Twitter: @HopsV2v

Podcast Index

  • 00m25s: corTR/ST from the Destroyer II album
  • 03m55s: Shame — TR/ST
  • 11m52s: In Flanders Fields — John McCrea, read by Bob Jonkman
  • 13m05s: Favourite BoyHalf Moon Run
  • 16m50s: Interview with Frank Reid
  • 26m19s: Drop Me InParagon Cause
  • 29m42s: I Waited — Paragon Cause
  • 32m38s: White Poppy discussion
  • 38m13s: Fade AwayTamara Maddalen
  • 39m33s: Interview with Graham Hafey
  • 50m57s: Devil At The Back DoorBobcat Bartolo
  • 51m53s: ArmourBridal Party from the Too Much album
  • 58m10s: I’ve Known No WarJ.P. Mortier from the Nation Of Iron album


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Bonus Footage

YouTube: CKMS Community Connections for 11 November 2019

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