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CKMS Community Connections for 18 February 2022 with James Blacktop, Marc Reilly, and Adom Postma of The Boys & I

Show Notes

CKMS Community Connections for Friday 18 February 2022 with James Blacktop and The Boys & I (screencap of webconf with James Blacktop playing guitar, CCC logo in bottom left, teal lettering along the bottom)
James Blacktop on CKMS Community Connections, 18 February 2022
(Marc Reilly, the text reads Fellow Jitser)
Marc Reilly
Adom Postma (webconf screencap of Adom with a blurred background)
Adom Postma

The Boys & I are back in the studio! Well, on a web conference, because the CKMS studio is still closed to guests until the pandemic subsides. James Blacktop, Marc Reilly and Adom Postma tell us about their experience with the pandemic, their studio session, working with a producer, being a road band, and give us a brief rundown of upcoming gigs. Nathan Bonassin couldn’t be with us today, there’s that day job getting in the way again.

We play some music from their past appearances on CCC (19 August 2019 and 31 August 2020), James plays a love song for his fiancée Stepaniee (they’re getting married this summer — Congratulations!), and we play the brand new single White Hot which was released today.

The interview starts at 4m50s.


Upcoming Events

  • The Slye Fox

    When: Friday, 11 March 2022
    Location: 4057 New St, Burlington, Ontario

  • EP Release Party

    When: Saturday, 19 March 2022
    Where: Descendants Beer and Beverage Company
    Location: 319 Victoria Street North, Kitchener, Ontario

  • Stoney Creek

    When: April 2022
    Where: To Be Announced

Check The Boys & I Facebook Page for more events.


Download: ckms-community-connections-2022-02-18-episode091.mp3 (54.1 MB, 56m17s, episode 091)

Podcast Index

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Time Title  
0m00s CKMS Community Connections Theme by Steve Todd. CKMS Sunflower logo (yellow petals surrounding a black centre with white wavies all on a teal background)
1m04s That Ain’t Me Anymore CKMS Logo - yellow sunflower with a back centre with diagonal wavies on a circular teal background, transparent background to corners
Live, On-Air, In-Studio Recording

19 Aug 2019
4m50s The Boys & I were in Chalet Studio in Uxbridge from September to November to record an EP, Ignite with 5 tracks. Worked with staff who recorded That Ain’t Me Any More, but learning all about distribution and marketing. On the web conference with James Blacktop (vocals), Marc Reilly (guitarist), Adom Postma (bass). Everyone is excited to be playing live in front of an audience again. The EP includes another track, Book Of Counted Sorrows, written during the pandemic. Marc created the riff, James wrote the lyrics.
10m54s Book Of Counted Sorrows CKMS Logo - yellow sunflower with a back centre with diagonal wavies on a circular teal background, transparent background to corners
Live, On-Air, In-Studio Recording

31 Aug 2020
15m04s Marc says the music in a minor key with an interesting riff sounded sad, fitting with the pandemic. Started as a remote collaboration, passing music and lyrics back and forth before working together. The full EP, remaining four songs will come out together on 18 March 2022, Book Of Counted Sorrows will be the second single off the EP but released on the same day. Introducing Nathan Bonassin (drummer) can’t make it due to work. James working on another song, Old Fashioned Kind Of Love, a summertime love song. We’ve been playing Lay Down Easy at the station.
22m34s Lay Down Easy CKMS Logo - yellow sunflower with a back centre with diagonal wavies on a circular teal background, transparent background to corners
Live, On-Air, In-Studio Recording

31 Aug 2020
26m18s Why release a song in Winter? We all need a bit of White Hot in the winter. But it builds up an audience for summer concerts. There’s a concert from 8pm to 10pm tonight (Friday, 18 February 2022) at Descendants brewery; James lists other upcoming events. How far do The Boys & I travel? Welland, Oshawa, usually within about an hour and a half. They’ve been approached to join the “Extreme Tour”, with shows throughout the United States. But 2020 and 2021 happened. Maybe this summer. Is streaming worthwhile? Not as a revenue stream. But it helps get gigs. James promised Stephaniee to play a song live on the air, the song they will dance to at their upcoming wedding.
32m25s Here I Stand
Live, On-air
Stephaniee and James Blacktop staring into each others eyes
Stephaniee and James Blacktop
36m24s Discussing James and Stephaniee’s wedding. Looking forward to the honeymoon in Europe. Adom and Marc leave the lovesong writing to James. This studio session was a totally different experience than the one in 2020. The band had a producer that nitpicked technique to get the best out of the band. That has affected the live performance, but they sneak in some of the old-style riffs, the “OG Version”. But no background vocalists! White Hot came out today, eagerly looking forward to streaming hits. James quit smoking and has improved his vocal range, looking to increase his repertoire to take advantage. James tells us the inspiration for White Hot — James didn’t think it was very good, but Adom recognized it as a banger right away. Bob heard White Hot as the theme on Wide World Of Motorsports, but without James’ singing!
51m17s White Hot The Boys & I | White Hot (an angel  playing a piano on fire)
on Spotify
54m43 The Boys & I are coming back to CKMS Community Connections for the EP release on 18 March 2022. We say our goodbyes, and Bob reads the end credits.

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Bonus Footage

YouTube: CKMS Community Connections for 18 February 2022

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YouTube: White Hot from The Boys & I / James Blacktop

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