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CKMS Community Connections for 29 April 2024 with Scott McGovern of Waterloo Arts and Culture Industries

Show Notes

A man with white hair wearing headphones at a microphone with the CKMS-FM logo on it.
Scott McGovern

Jenniefer Stronge and Bob Jonkman talk with Scott McGovern of the City of Waterloo Arts and Cultural Industries about upcoming events taking place in Waterloo.

The interview starts at 3m44s.


Upcoming Events

We’re listing only the events where Radio Waterloo is participating, for the full City of Waterloo events list see


Download: ckms-community-connections-2024-04-29-episode156-Scott-McGovern-of-Waterloo-Arts-and-Culture-Industries.mp3 (49 MB, 53m19s, episode 156)


Time Title Album Artist
0m00s Theme for CKMS Community Connections ccc CKMS Sunflower logo (yellow petals surrounding a black centre with white wavies all on a teal background)
CKMS Community Connections
Steve Todd
0m54s Waiting Arms Hyness | Waiting Arms (B&W letters in squares, somewhat mixed up)
3m44s Scott McGovern introduces himself: For the last two years he’s the Festival and Events Specialist at the City of Waterloo. Scott is a 30-year alumnus of CKMS! He remembers the walls of vinyl records, letting DJs play whatever they wanted, music you would never hear on mainstream radio. A portal into alternative music! Talking about the purpose of community radio. Coming up to the busy season for Scott; lots of interesting programs and events, sometimes two a week! Scott organizes the “Campfire Series” on Waterloo Public Square, eight throughout the summer, 6pm to 8pm. Hyness plays on 10 July 2024. The first event will be a Campfire session on Wednesday 8 May 2024, with Sammy Duke and Gerima Harvey.
10m58s Just Breathe Speed Of Life | Sammy Duke (stylized illustration of a pale pink moon over orange mountains with a dark red river running through them)
Speed of Life
Sammy Duke
15m24s Other events are one-off (annual) events, like Winterloo, where Scott met Bob Jonkman this past January. Open Streets on 15 June 2024 is another annual event, and Radio Waterloo will be there too! And DJ Denim will be playing Live-To-Air at the Art Market, 5:00pm to 9:00pm on Friday 31 May 2024.

Clarissa Diokno is playing at the second Campfire event from 6:00pm to 8:00pm on 22 May 2024.

19m19s Any Other Way Any Other Way | Clarissa Diokno (Clarissa Diokno, a woman with long black hair wearing a red blouse stands in front of a pink backdrop)
Any Other Way
Clarissa Diokno
22m21s Clarissa’s music is perfect for the vibe Scott is trying for at these events. Scott and his team have some set annual events, like this year’s Community Picnic on 1 July 2024 in Waterloo Park West, another Radio Waterloo Live-To-Air event. Yet another annual event is Day of Play on 10 August 2024. Lumen is the biggest event each year, a one-night celebration of light-based installations. And there are the “affiliate groups”, like Busker Fest, the Uptown Jazz Festival, Royal Medieval Faire. Some started as City events and became so big that they formed their own organizations. The City of Waterloo still helps with logistics such as using City facilities and road closures, making sure that they provide what Waterluvians have come to love and expect.
25m18s What can we expect on July 1st? The student-run Canada Day celebrations came to an end in 2018, and the City of Waterloo saw that would leave a huge vacuum, so they decided to take it on. It now take place in Waterloo Park by the bandshell. The highlight of the night is the choreographed drone show, with a live soundtrack.

Introducing Nicolette and the Nobodies.

28m22s Don’t Know Nicolette and the Nobodies | The Long Way (a woman wearing a white dress and a straw hat sitting in a wicker chair beside a plant)
The Long Way
Nicolette and the Nobodies
30m58s The event on 1 July is branded as a Community Picnic, it isn’t a super traditional Canada Day celebration. Last year the audience was estimated at 15- to 20 thousand people.
32m26s There are eight campfires in the square. Scott can’t reveal names yet, but it will be great. There will also be three Art Markets, very popular with audiences as well as local artists and craftspeople. And Scott announces that on 31 May there will be an Art Market and a Celebration In The Square to show off the new improvements such as the water feature and the shade structures. And the new artwork on the Events trailer will be unveiled. There will be remarks from the Mayor and others, followed by music from Anet Hector.
37m04s Weatherman Weatherman | Hyness (B&W negative image of three people with plants and birds in the background)
38m40s Jenniefer thanks Scott for the city creating a nice atmosphere and caring about the quality of life for city dwellers. Scott says he appreciates that, Waterloo is a special community to get behind the arts and culture that exists here. Not all cities do it to this extent. Scott sees is as supporting the mental health of the community.
43m44s Show Up Nicolette and the Nobodies | The Long Way (a woman wearing a white dress and a straw hat sitting in a wicker chair beside a plant)
The Long Way
Nicolette and the Nobodies
47m28s Scott is looking forward to the point where everyone has done their work, and the events come alive.
50m30s Artists come to the Scott’s attention through calls for submissions that are open to anyone — there’s a lot of interest, so not everyone is accepted. Other artists are selected for specific things. It’s a huge range of new people, and people the city has worked with in the past.
51m53s Jenniefer gives the end credits.

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