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CKMS Community Connections for 31 August 2020 with James Blacktop and Marc Reilly of The Boys & I

Show Notes

James Blacktop wearing headphones
James Blacktop
James Blacktop joins Bob Jonkman in the studio, and Marc Reilly is on the phone as we talk about The Boys & I and the upcoming release of their first single, That Ain’t Me Anymore.

The interview starts at 4m08s.


That Ain’t Me Anymore (Lyric Video)


Download: ckms-community-connections-2020-08-31-episode057.mp3 (56.6 MiBytes, 59m00s, episode 057)

Podcast Index

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The Boys And I
The Boys And I in the studio on 19 August 2019: Adom Postma, Marc Reilly, James Blacktop, Luke Ducharme.
  • 0m00s: CKMS Community Connections themeSteve Todd
  • 0m23s: Angel In DisguiseJames Blacktop
  • 4m07s: James Blacktop is the first musical guest to come back for a repeat visit; talking about recording the single That Ain’t Me Anymore; this is a single, no EP yet; James and Marc Reilly playing a few gigs; That Ain’t Me Anymore is Marc’s first commercial recording. Introducing the band: Luke Ducharme, percussion, has started a family and has left the band, Nathan Bonassin is now the drummer, Marc Reilly is lead guitar, Adom Postma is the bass player. James introduces Lay Down Easy.
  • 11m56s: Lay Down EasyJames Blacktop, Live, On-Air, In-Studio!
  • 15m34s: That’s new music! Going from idea to production; talking about collaboration; mentioning Book of Counted Sorrows; Marc’s inspiration for music combines with James’s music; writing down the music; James gets the lyrics first, notes some chords, than passes to Marc to flesh out the music; introducing Book Of Counted Sorrows.
  • 23m40s: Book Of Counted Sorrows – performed by James Blacktop, music by Marc Reilly, live, in-studio
  • 27m47: Origins of Book Of Counted Sorrows; James Blacktop’s studio equipment, and on live gigs; cancelled gigs and internet gigs; starting live gigs again with plastic screens separating musicians from the audience; toying with new songs during quarantine.
  • 38m40s: Lovers In A Dangerous TimeJames Blacktop, live, in-studio
  • 43m40s: Playing cover songs at live gigs; releasing That Ain’t Me Anymore on all the usual online and streaming locations; practising when not performing; Adom Postma on YouTube Chat; trying collaboration software during quarantine; the story behind That Ain’t Me Anymore; a brief listen of last year’s studio recording; alterations to the song since last year; James and Marc chat while Bob finds the track to play.
  • 53m45s: That Ain’t Me AnymoreJames Blacktop and The Boys & I
  • 57m56s: End credits

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Bonus Footage

YouTube: CKMS Community Connections for 31 August 2020

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