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CKMS Community Connections for 31 December 2021: KWCon Music!

This week I’m playing KWCon music, that is, music by local musicians from Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Wellesley, Wilmot, and Woolwich (and maybe some who have friends and relations in the area)… This is all new music from 2021, or newly discovered in 2021. Sadly, I’ve only got an hour, which covers barely half of the KWCon musicians I discovered this year. So that means there’s not enough time to provide bios or background information.

I hope this Covid is done soon. I want to bring all these musicians into the studio for interviews and maybe a Live, On-Air, In-Studio performance.

And for any musicians in Waterloo Region I’ve missed, drop us a line at with an MP3 of your music or a link to a download site, and we’ll get your songs on the air. I’m about six months behind in replying to e-mail, so please be patient. Or even better, join Radio Waterloo as a member, Start Your Own Show, and put Waterloo Region’s music on the air!



Time Title Album Artist
0m00s Theme for CKMS Community Connections ccc
CKMS Community Connections
Steve Todd
0m44s It’s Christmas Time It's Christmas Time | Written by Brian Chris | Illustrated by Brittany Barr (illustration of a blue snow globe full of children tumbled about on a red background) Brian Chris, featuring Amanda MacDonald and Brady Chris
3m57s The Christmas Song (picture of Josh David wearing a suit jacket sitting in front of trees) Josh David
6m46s Hold Me Close Amanda Kind | Hold Me Close (photo of a purple christmas tree ornament with a candle inside) Amanda Kind
9m40s I Will Stand I Will Stand | Tania Joy (portrait of Tania Joy on a dark background)
I Will Stand
Tania Joy
13m07s Dirty Water Photo of JP Sunga at a microphone holding a guitar
17m53s Sandalwood Southbound | Sandalwood (illustration of a man's head wearing glasses, all onpastel blue and pink background) Southbound
22m18s BAD BAD | Clarissa Diokno (Clarissa Diokno standing on stairs leaning against the wooden railing)
Clarissa Diokno
25m39s You & Me & Everything You & Me & Everything | the macqueens (Kris and Liv MacQueen on a subway platform beside a train)
You & Me & Everything
The MacQueens
28m51s Poor Man’s Dreams 1993 Hypnotic Mirage (blue water and waves) Hypnotic Mirage
32m43s Scuppernong and Fooferaw The Raoul Santodomingo Experience (nightscape of a carnival with fireworks, surrounded by the text in a circle around it)
The Raoul Santodomingo Experience
The Raoul Santodomingo Experience
38m49s Decompress (a pirate holding a paddle standing in the water at the end of a wharf) Michael Masurkevitch
43m14s Fly Away Child Fly Away Child | Sammy Duke (black silhouttes of birds on a white background) Sammy Duke
46m49s Sanctuary Sanctuary | Taylor Davison (Taylor Davison upside-down lying in leaves)
Taylor Davison
51m11s Gone With The Wind Gpne With The Wind | Eryn Young (blue and white clouds, cursive black letters) Eryn Young
55m35s Extro Credits   Bob Jonkman
56m21s Standing Around (streaks of colour with lens flare)
Petty Halfwit

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