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CKMS News – 2021-07-25 – Continuing to support survivors of sexual assault through pandemic spike

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Host: Sherice Alishaw

CW: This episode features discussion of sexual assault.

Through the pandemic survivors of sexual assault in the Waterloo Region have been increasingly accessing available supports.  

On this episode of CKMS News, we interview Andrea Arthur-Brown, the Director of Services for the Sexual Assault Support Centre Waterloo Region. We discuss what it is that the Sexual Assault Support Centre does, the rise of sexual assault within our region, and the rise in individuals seeking support for sexual assault. We also talk about how we as a community can reduce the instances of sexual assault within our community. 

This program is a part of the “Local Journalism Initiative” grant project and is funded by the Community Radio Fund of Canada, the Government of Canada and the CKMS Newsroom. 

Check out the archived versions of this program and other episodes on radiowaterloo.ca/news, and other stories commissioned under the Local Journalism Initiative at canada-info.ca

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