The protest poster for the February 10th day of action from ACORN. The red text on white background is surrounded with a red and white checkered pattern, resembling a menu at a diner. OUR MENU (OF FAIR FOOD FOR ALL DEMANDS) TAX THE RICH Tax excessive profits made by grocery chains. Best sewed with a side of money going to social programs. CAP FOOD PRICES Cap the price on essential food items, something that many countries in Europe have done. Comes with a side of french fries, as France has negotiated an agreement with supermarkets to offer a selection of items at the lowest possible price. SCHOOL MEAL PROGRAMMING Act on the commitment made in the 2021 Liberal re-election platform to start a national school meal program. MAKE ROOM FOR MORE Take measures to ensure that other smaller grocery stores are able to compete. Available with a wide variety of options.

CKMS News – 2024-02-07 – A Waterloo Sobeys will be served ACORN’s “Menu for Fair Food For All” as part of national protests

CKMS News – 2024-02-07 – ACORN Menu For Fair Food For All

by: dan kellar

On Saturday February 10th, the social and economic justice organisation ACORN is holding a national day of action to “Stop Grocery Giants from Price Gouging”.  In Waterloo, the regional chapter of ACORN is organising a demonstration at Sobeys on Bridgeport Ave.

In a press release ACORN claims that consolidation in the grocery industry is driving-up prices and that “Grocery giants in Canada are on their way to set a new record – $6 billion profit in 2023… [they] are now earning more than twice as much profit as they did before the COVID-19 pandemic.”

This show features an interview with Acer Bonaparte of Waterloo Region ACORN, who discusses the day of action and reviews ACORN’s “Menu of fair food for all demands.” While the office of Minister Sudds gave CKMS News an update on the school food program, Sobeys had not responded to requests for comment when this piece first aired.

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