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As of Dec 1 2015, The SoundFM studio is located inside the Boehmer Box Factory.

283 Duke St W, Unit 114B
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
N2H 3X7

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    Local Improv Troupe Spoofs Reality TV
    Waterloo, Ontario — March 28, 2017
    Burned through all your Netflix choices? Need your next serial addiction? Join us for
    Peak TV​ — a night of improvised television, live on stage!
    There are two separate shows each night…
    First enjoy a taut murder mystery — Mount View Murder
    Mount View is known as the ​destination for rejuvenation and self reflection. Tourists
    stream in from every corner of the globe to enjoy yoga, hot rocks, psychotherapy,
    kittens, and every therapy practice imaginable. It’s a quiet, peaceful retreat, and the very
    last place you would expect….. MURDER.
    Then, to help you unwind from the tension, we offer you a spoof of trashy reality shows
    — Singled Out​!
    Bi-sexual bachelor William Gregory Baker Jr. has been unlucky in love, and as a middle
    aged man, his choices are getting leaner even if he’s not that picky. We’ve gathered the
    last singles available who are willing to be on a televised love experiment. Find out who
    will win Bill’s heart and who will be “Singled Out​!”
    Note that both of these are stage shows done in the style of television, not actual
    television programs. There won’t be any cameras.
    Catch Peak TV on the 2nd Thursday of every month from April through August.
    Admission is $10. Shows are held at the Button Factory Arts Building, 25 Regina Street
    South in Waterloo. For more information, contact

  2. Hi I’m interested in hosting a radio show. Tentatively called “rockers with walkers”. Could you send me info on how to apply? Thanks

  3. Hello,

    Do you have a song list? Could you please tell me what song was playing at 10:04 pm yesterday (Tuesday November 15th)? It was amazing!!

    Thanks so much,


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