December Fees

Hi Programmers!
First of all great work to our garage sale crew! $72 bucks is pretty good for people taking stuff that we want out of our space to make it look nicer in there!
Second, with December approaching this FRIDAY! please try and get your year end Cheques in! Some programmers have a difficult time getting in to the station during the Christmas and New Year Holidays so possibly submit your January Show Fees as well! January is always the most difficult time for the station. Usually due to rent increases.
Anyways Please try and get your show fees in! I hate sending out the Christmas emails of shows that are way behind.
Last, I wasn't able to get to the bank during November so I will be making a deposit Thursday night for all the November cheques and then sometime the week after for the December fees!
If there are any issues please let me know!

Rob "DJ" Steel – 100.3 SoundFM
CKMS Board Member

283 Duke St W, Unit 114b
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
N2H 3X7

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