Readers Delight Hosted by Jody Swannell. Produced by KW Writers Alliance (Book open with glasses laid on a blanket)

Episode II of Readers Delight

Readers Delight with cup of coffee

Download: ReadersDelightEpisode0002.mp3 55 MB, 1h00m02s

Episode 2 of Readers Delight – featuring authors: Ana Dee, Kristopher Mielke and Jennifer Willcock.

Ana Dee read poems from her poetry collection “Untouched: A Poetry Collection”. This book is available on Amazon in paperback. The Genre is: Canadian Poetry.
Kristopher Mielke read from their book “Losing Hit Points”. This book is available on Amazon as paperback or hardcover. The Genre is: LGBTQ2S + Romance for young adults.
Jennifer Willcock read from her book “Into the Forest”.  This book is available on Amazon in paperback and hardcover. The Genre is: YA Contemporary Romance & Fantasy.


Jody Swannell, Jennifer Willcock, Ana Dee and Kristopher Mielke in studio posing
Episode 0002

2 thoughts on “Episode II of Readers Delight”

  1. Whoever that Ana is. She left me in awe. You def have to get her back. Amazing pieces.

    Soothing voice. Great work.

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