Episode 66 Challenge

In episode  66 there are four tracks I’ve played before. The first person to correctly identify ANY ONE of the four songs AND in which previous episode, number or date, I played it will win the challenge.

Entries must be logged via a detailed comment on the show’s FB page. The winner will be the quickest one to post a correct answer as determined based on the date and time stamp on the FB comment.

The challenge will close a week after the original airing of this show.

The show is played on three stations as well as the podcast so you must include where / how you heard it so I can determine the speed that you posted it. Remember its not the first correct post but the quickest post. You dig?

So what’s in it for you? Well, the winner will get to play DJ for the day by picking the Playlist for a future show. How cool is that? DJ for a day!

OK? Got that? Identify the repeated track, when it was previously aired and log your entry on the FB page within a week.

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