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Funding Drive 2022

August 2022 – As CKMS enters its 45th year on the FM airwaves, Radio Waterloo is pleased to announce the Friends Of CKMS Funding Drive (August 14th to 27th both inclusive). The drive aims to raise a minimum of $10,270 to support the ongoing operations of our non-profit, volunteer-run, community radio station.

We are counting on your support!


Radio Waterloo evolved from the Broadcasting Club at the University of Waterloo which was operating in the early to mid 1960’s. CRTC-licensed since 1977, CKMS is 45 years on the FM airwaves!

The radio station is entirely run by volunteers and does not receive any ongoing funding from the government or universities. The majority of our operations are funded by the on-air hosts and donations from the community. The station provides a unique service to the KW region by being a voice on radio for the different cultural communities and alternate content not available on commercial radio.

Radio is a resource. With most people having access to a radio, the FM broadcast is a powerful tool to connect listeners with programs. CKMS wants to enable content creators in KW to be heard on FM. We provide training and facilities for anyone to operate their own show and the freedom to choose their own content (within CRTC regulations).

CKMS is a leader in Canadian radio. We were one of the quickest stations to adapt to the lock down, enabling shows to get back on air from home studios streaming to our transmitter via the internet. And due to our cooperative funding model, our broadcast maximizes content by not depending on advertising. We also broadcast online and can do video streaming from our studio.

Why should you give?

By giving to CKMS, you ensure a solid platform on which our community can stand. You put radio in the hands of people, so that the innovative ideas and rich experiences of Kitchener-Waterloo can be expressed. You enable the alternative to a platform that is dominated by the same old songs.

Be sure to mention your favorite show when you pledge!

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