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Host Your Own Show

Do you need a gift idea?

If you need an idea for giving, then buy a “host your own show” certificate. Your gift recipient will get to host a half hour show of content they like. They pick the music and what they want to talk about.

If a friend needs a gift idea, then suggest a certificate for that birthday or office exchange.

Want a unique team building package for your office team? Buy a bunch of certificates.

Do you want to support community radio? Then buy a $25 membership to Radio Waterloo and you get a half hour show where you are the host.

Whatever your motivation… you’re supporting community radio and have the unique chance to be on the air at CKMS‑FM 102.7 for $25, at the same time.

To purchase HYOS gift certificates buy a membership or contact the Programming Committee at

If hosting your own show has given you the radio bug, you can start your own regularly scheduled show!

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