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CKMS is the “Sound of the Community”. CKMS strives to provide a voice so that members from various backgrounds can reach their respective community bringing the region of Waterloo together.

The following is a “how to” about how you can better use CKMS. Whether it be “submitting music” or “starting your own show”, this is the area that you want to check out!

YouTube: How to use the new libretime system

YouTube: Tagging Radio Podcasts

YouTube: How to install MIXX & Set up to REMOTE BROADCAST

YouTube: How to use MIXX – Intro Tutorial since I am just learning too!

YouTube: How to run a radio program from the CKMS Studio

YouTube: Phone Interview SET-UP at CKMS Radio Waterloo

YouTube: Extra AUX-IN thru the Turntable mixer

YouTube: How to set up your Laptop with Audacity:

YouTube: How to use Audacity in the Studio to Record your show as a Podcast

YouTube: How to post a Podcast onto the Radio Waterloo website

YouTube: How to program a show from the comfort of your living room using LibreTime:

YouTube: Basic: How to operate the in-studio video switcher to broadcast video

YouTube: Advanced: How to operate the in-studio video switcher to broadcast video

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