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Instructions for remote broadcasting during the Covid-19 studio closure (requires login)

CKMS is the “Sound of the Community”. CKMS strives to provide a voice so that members from various backgrounds can reach their respective community bringing the region of Waterloo together.

The following is a “how to” about how you can better use CKMS. Whether it be “submitting music” or “starting your own show”, this is the area that you want to check out!

See also the YouTube Playlist: Training

Remote Kits how to set up and integrate with MIXXX

YouTube: Hot to set up the remote broadcast kits

Remote Broadcast Kits

YouTube: Hot to use the remote broadcast kits

Libretime & Remote Broadcasting

YouTube: How to use the new libretime system

Tagging Radio Podcasts

YouTube: Tagging Radio Podcasts

Installing MIXX

YouTube: How to install MIXX & Set up to REMOTE BROADCAST

See also How To Remote Broadcast

Setting up a sweet mix with MIXX

YouTube: How to use MIXX – Intro Tutorial since I am just learning too!

CKMS Radio Basics - How to do a radio program

YouTube: How to run a radio program from the CKMS Studio

Extra AUX-IN thru the Turntable mixer

YouTube: Extra AUX-IN thru the Turntable mixer

Podcasting with Audacity

YouTube: How to set up your Laptop with Audacity:

Podcast Recording

YouTube: How to use Audacity in the Studio to Record your show as a Podcast

How To Post a Podcast with SoundFM

YouTube: How to post a Podcast onto the Radio Waterloo website

Radio Waterloo - Airtime 'How To'

YouTube: How to program a show from the comfort of your living room using LibreTime:

Basic Video Setup HowTo (part 1)

YouTube: Basic: How to operate the in-studio video switcher to broadcast video

Advanced Video Setup (Part 2)

YouTube: Advanced: How to operate the in-studio video switcher to broadcast video

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