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Advertise on CKMS

So you’re thinking of getting some exposure with CKMS for your event or business? There are many ways that your business can gain exposure with community radio. Here is a “How to” on what each type entails…

 ^  Advertising

Fill out this form:  ADVERTISING FORM

 ^  Show Sponsorship

Connect with a specific show to receive mentions of your business on that show.

How to set up a Sponsorship on CKMS

  1. Visit our shows page or the schedule and look for a show that meets your businesses audience. If you are having trouble finding a specific show please contact the Program Co-ordinator at to help you find a show.
  2. Contact the show producer and set up an arrangement of payment for mentions and associated media.

 ^  Events Listings

Mentions by show hosts of concerts, plays, poetry readings, gallery showings, and other similar events are not ads. If the event listing announcement is recorded, and the event is “for profit” then it will be considered an ad, and advertising rates will apply. CKMS producers and show hosts may mention various events during their shows. If there is an event that you would like promoted please contact a specific show host. The show host may be interested in promoting the event.

 ^  Public Service Announcements

A public service announcement (PSA) is a message in the public interest played without charge, with the objective of raising awareness about a social issue. If there is an event that you would like promoted then create an audio file up to 45 seconds with all the information, and send it to with “PSA” in the subject line. PSAs will be added to our PSA rotation and played at the show hosts’ discretion; there is no guarantee how often a particular PSA will get played.

The staff at Radio Waterloo can assist in producing a public service announcement, including script development. There is a $50.00 production fee.

 ^  Media Reach

Here are some statistics on Community Radio and our broadcast reach:

CKMS-FM broadcasts at 102.7 MHz with 250 Watts from our transmitter in Waterloo. Our broadcast radius is 15km (the 50 μVolt contour inside which there is a “clean” signal, outside that radius the quality of the signal diminishes), with a maximum reach of about 30km towards Guelph. That encompasses a population of about 450,000 people.

The CRTC Communications Monitoring Report of 2020 didn’t provide a “Community Radio spotlight” as their previous reports did, and measures market share in dollars of revenue for commercial radio, which doesn’t fit well with a non-profit community radio.

Previous reports indicated that 88% of Canadians listen to broadcast radio, an average of 15 hours a week. 1.7% of those listen to community radio, so 1.7% of 88% of 450,000 is about 6,500 listeners. A study commissioned by another radio station about 5 years ago indicated there are about 10,000 community radio listeners in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.

CKMS-FM is a terrestrial broadcast radio station concentrating on the local community, so while we provide streaming audio it’s not our main product. We do have Internet streaming at A snapshot of stats in March 2021 shows an average of 3600 daily connections with an average of 4 simultaneous clients, peaking at 43 simultaneous clients. The 2019 CRTC report indicated about 22% of Canadians listen to streaming radio 8.6 hrs/week.

CKMS-FM also has a presence on Rogers Digital Service on channel 946. Rogers doesn’t share listener statistics, but some weekend show hosts report the bulk of their listeners are on Rogers.

In 2020-2021 our website averaged 1425 hits per day from 314 daily unique visitors.

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